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Flightradars24 — the best web-source for checking your flight status in lifetime mode 24/7

When airplanes are in the air, air traffic controllers carry out control over their flights. They need to check the landing of aircraft. At the same time, ordinary people want to make sure of the successful movement of the aircraft, where their relatives and friends are. Convenient and easy-to-use online radar services will help anyone to check the flight status.

They allow to searching the fly of an airplane online in real time and seeing such details as:

  • height;
  • the speed of movement;
  • coordinates of the vessel.

Also, any flight radar’s user can see flight route map in live time mode, flights from more than 690 airlines can be seen on an interactive route map!

Live flight checker is available only if the board is equipped with a transponder-a transmitting device of the ADS-B type, which is in the active mode.

If it is possible to obtain data from specialized Internet resources, fly radar can also provide information about:

  • the type of aircraft;
  • determine which carrier company it belongs to;
  • indicate the point of departure and arrival, and so on.

Radars save all flight data for the past twenty-eight days.

Any airplane radar can be used from a personal computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The visitors have the opportunity to use the service for free for half an hour. To continue watching air traffic in live time mode, you will need to either subscribe to a paid subscription or reload the page and start a new 30-minute session.


Tracking any airplane with flightradars24 all over the globe

Web resource Flightradars24.co.uk — is an information project that allows everyone to check the movement of flight online. Mainly, information on the website is in English, but also German and Russian version exist.

The main audience of this resource are people who love travelling, and everyone who wants to check flights in the air online while their friends, relatives, colleagues or cargo are on the board of the aircraft, etc.

The website contains all the most popular, functional, and accurate online radars for checking live flight information.

The Flightradars24.co.uk — is a flightchecker site where the visitor can choose the most convenient online radar for themselves.

The resource gives an opportunity to use all active flight radars online as well as their comparative characteristics.

At Flightradars24.co.uk you can acquaint with the information on the principles of radar operation, their types, and learn how to use them correctly and effectively.

The most popular flightradars online

The table below shows the most popular Internet radars and their characteristics, having familiarized themselves with which, the visitor can choose the most convenient, allowing determining the location of the selected aircraft.

Radar (Flightchecker)Flightradar24FlightAwarePlane FinderRadarBox24RadarVirtuelCasperFlights
Coverageall over the worldall over the worldall over the worldall over the worldWestern Europe and very few USA, Canada, China, and Japan17 European cities
Language versionsENGEnglish, German, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, ChineseENGENGENGEnglish, German, Dutch, Italian, French
Online radar++++++
Number of tracked aircraft32505297833372631187138465761
Number of tracked airlines96083087294331496
Free using++++++
Number of visitors per month31,79 M20,87 M2,142 M698,02345,20622,779
Regional popularityGreat Britain, Germany, PolandThe USA, Canada, The UKThe UK, The USA, GermanyThe UK, The USA, GermanyFrance, Switzerland, ItalyNetherlands, Germany, Belgium

The main parameters of the flight locator are collected in this table. The submitted information is constantly supplemented and expanded. Over time, customers will have a good opportunity to compare new fright checker with older versions and select an appropriate one.

You can also find out in which languages ​​this or that onboard radar provides information to users, how many people use the service monthly, from where these visitors come primarily, from which region.

It is the coverage and the number of aircraft being tracked that determines the popularity of one or another air-radar service in a certain region. For example, CasperFlights coverage includes 17 European cities, which means that this flight checker is one of the most demand flight checkers in those cities of Europe.

Also, according to the comparative info in the table, it is clear that the largest language support for users (in 18 languages) is provided by the FlightAware tracker, while the remaining air radars show data predominantly in English.

All services, the comparative characteristics of which are given in the table, provide users with a free version of the product, the function of which, unlike the paid one, is somewhat limited.

The Flightradar24 has undoubted advantages over other radars. It has the largest coverage, and as a result, the online planes can be displayed in real time in the largest number.

Thanks to such indicators, the Flightradar24 service is the most demanded by the attendance resource, the number of active users of which per month at the moment is 31.79 million people. The most popular resource in the UK, Germany, and Poland and allows tracking 960 airlines.

The Flightradars24.co.uk site displays the most up-to-date information about flights. When new aircraft radars and services appear, the resource data is updated, all necessary corrections are made in them.

What is a flight radar as a service meaning by itself

The idea to install special transmitters on airplanes which will send information on its coordinates and status to the «earth» was proposed by the Swedish company Travel Network.

In 2007, the same company developed and implemented a full-fledged system consisting of 500 transceiver stations around the globe.

These stations are able to track all vessels equipped with a special transmitter. At the moment, their number is about 60% of the total number of air transport.

The ADS-B transmitter is designed to perform a huge variety of functions, for example, this system also deals with:

  • transmission of weather data on board;
  • transmission the status of the aircraft to the “earth” (“damaged”, “captured”, etc).

All information is updated regurarly.

However, for common users all this variety, of course, is not available. The maximum of the accessible data that you can see is the red icon on the air traffic map of flyradar indicating any problems.

Having dealt with the functional, pay attention directly to the flightradar device by itself. So, flightradar is a set of receiving stations that fix how many flights overhead now and also let each customer receive the following data about the necessary aircraft:

  • place of departure and landing;
  • height and speed of flight;
  • the location of the side in degrees;
  • a photograph of the aircraft, its number, and many other useful data that the air-radar receives in real time from sensors located on the aircraft.

Receiving data is carried out by ground stations, the number of which is determined by the coverage of each air radar. The more receiving stations — the more coverage.

Airborne radar types for the aircraft (all flight radar types)

According to the set of characteristics and applications, airborne radars are divided into:

  • Online and offline. The ADS-B transponder installed on board the aircraft transmits data to the earth-based offline radar, which in turn sends information to the online radar. Users of the service can take advantage of the online radar to follow the aircraft by the flight number.
  • Paid and free. Flight radar can be both free and paid for the customer. All the online radars presented on the Flightradars24.co.uk site give the chance to use their main functions, in particular, to watch the live air traffic radar, completely free. Some radars provide more detailed information and functionality for the subscription.
  • For common users and experts. The basic functionality of services is designed for ordinary people, it allows simple and intuitive understanding of the usability of live flight checker. Also, the basic functions will be enough to monitor airlines and airports. So, the user can find out a plane map, which his/her friend or relative flies, to specify the time of his/her arrival. For the experts, radars can offer commercial and highly specialized information. Most often, these are statistical or historical data, as well as the integration of services in the company.
  • For airports and dispatchers. A flight checker is necessary for airports to coordinate actions among themselves and to move airplane in the sky. A ready-made flight checking system, on the basis of which a detailed map of aircraft in the sky is compiled online, can be obtained from the services of online radars together with all necessary aeronautical equipment. On how detailed the live flight map will be, it depends not only on the safety of air traffic but also on the safety of passengers’ lives.
  • For amateur. Online service provides a specific information about flights and air traffics for free.

How to check my flight status: the principle of work of flight radar

As already mentioned above, airborne services operate using the ADS-B methodology. Its essence is as follows:

  1. The aircraft define its location using a GPS-navigator.
  2. The board, equipped with a transponder, broadcasts messages that contain all the data about it. Messages are generated every second, which allows you to create an exhaustive online picture of his/her route map.
  3. The ground receiver gets all the data and transmits it to the online radar server.
  4. On the website of the service, there is a live flight map, which is available for general use.

To the client who decided to use the services of the fly radar, in order to obtain all the necessary information on the board’s travel, it is enough to click on its icon to display the flight following data:

  • name of the carrier company;
  • type of aircraft, its photo, number, and age;
  • airport, from which flew air transport;
  • departure time;
  • destination;
  • arrival time;
  • speed and altitude of flight.

ADS-B-devices are equipped mainly on passenger aircraft. For aircraft belonging to state aviation or special purpose aircraft, the transponder is not always established for security and confidentiality reasons.

The convenience of ADS-B transponders was appreciated by experts and users around the world. So, in America, the representatives of the Civil Aviation Department made a statement according to which, from 2020, appropriate equipment should be present on almost all aircraft in the airspace of the USA.

By the end of 2015, the service of Flightradar24 uses about 9000 devices of the ADS-B type, located in all countries of the world. Transponders receive data from aircraft and automatically redirect them to the Flightradar24 database. Most of the receivers are installed at home by users who are not employees of core companies, and on a volunteer basis, they help check flight status in real time and online.

One receiving device is able to collect data from the aircraft that is located from the transponder at a distance of 200-400 km. The range of equipment is determined by its power and technical characteristics.

Plane radar operates practically all over the world. If it happens that for some reason the server does not receive data from an airplane transmitter over the USA or Canada, it will receive information about the vessel from the US Department of Aviation with a 5-minute delay.

Any user has the right to install an ADS-B receiver, thereby helping the service work not only in his state but also, possibly, in the neighboring, if the range of the device captures its territory. Permission documents for the installation of the receiver are not needed.

The capabilities of the flight checker

The overwhelming part of the flight radar online presented on the site allows you to receive information about the movement of aircraft around the world.
So, Flightradar 24, which covers all countries of the world, tracks aircraft routes over Europe and the USA, South Africa, and Latin America. The number of receiving ground stations is increasing every year, which contributes to the improvement of the service.

In comparison, some other radars operate more locally. For example, RadarVirtuel covers only Western Europe and several cities in Canada, Japan, and China. With this coverage, this radar can only control over 13846 aircraft, while Flightradar24 tracks 32505 aircraft.

Examples of using the flight radar services: track all the world’s airplanes online

Clearly, flight radar is a convenient and simple tool that allows watching the live plane map of an aircraft.

So, how can you check the flights in the air now, ask many users waiting for the arrival of friends or relatives at the airport or at home.

Since the online radar service is available not only on personal computers but also successfully works on mobile gadgets, it is not difficult for any smartphone owner to search when the aircraft is expected to arrive.

Withal, the waiting person can determine the current location of the aircraft and find out at which particular point its passengers are now.

Following of the movement of aircraft is a very entertaining process, and the world map of flights is presented on the site of the flight radar, where you can find the required plane by the flight number.

Frequently, the relatives of the crew members of an aircraft observe the movement of the plane. After all, when your loved ones are constantly in the sky, watching their movement through airplane map, you can be sure that they are all right.

Flight radar services are also used by those citizens who plan to fly and want to know the current situation at the destination. Especially such information is relevant in case of weather disasters. After all, because of weather conditions, the flight can be delayed.

Increased attention is shown by users to the airports in the resort cities, which are sent a large flow of tourists. Especially, if in these cities often appeared earthquakes or there is a risk of volcanic eruption and another natural colic.

So, at the end of November 2017, there was an eruption of a volcano in Bali, because of which, not even tens, but hundreds of flights were canceled. In this scenario, a huge number of tourists could not fly home on time. Then many of their relatives quickly received information about the situation in the airport of Bali with the help of the flight radar. And afterwards, they could watch the airplane move with their relatives using live flight radar.

In the history of each online sky radar service, there are a lot of examples when, in connection with certain events from the emergency category, the flow of visitors to their sites increased several dozen times.

All the worldwide flights checkers online

Fligtradars24.co.uk is mainly based on citizens of English-speaking cities. Today there is a rich offer of air radars, which can be used without any problems in English-speaking countries. Check the list below in order to find the best live flight radar in the UK:

  • Flightradar24;
  • FlightAware;
  • CasperFlights;
  • RadarVirtuel;
  • Plane Finder;
  • RadarBox24.

Most English-speaking customers shouldn’t worry about trouble-free use. All flight trackers have clear structure and striking design. This allows discovering easily the required aircraft on the online map and following flights live.

The Flightradar24 contains information only in English and it has an undoubted advantage over the others: better coverage and more tracking aircraft.

To use the services of any aircraft radar and to search for an airplane, it is enough to perform the following actions:

  1. In the search field enter the flight number, the movement of which must be observed.
  2. On the map, the desired aircraft will be indicated in a different colour and information will be provided on its altitude, speed of movement, and time remaining before landing.

Such a simple algorithm of actions can be performed even by a newbie user.

The history of the appearing of the first live air traffic radars

The first radar devices designed to detect airborne objects appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Then they were only experimental samples with limited functionality. Later, ground-based radar stations began to be used in various areas of human activity, mainly in the defense sector.

The incentive for the development of radar systems was the convenience of devices and the growing need for their use. Leading scientists around the world worked on improving radar.

Previously, this type of technology was available only to a narrow circle of the experts, but the regular users could not receive operational information about air traffic radar. The limitation was due to the weak technical capabilities of the apparatus.

With the development of scientific and technological progress in general and Web systems, in particular, common users were able to apply the functionality of online services, and, as mentioned earlier, these services are provided either free of charge or at a low cost.

Service Flightradar24 was founded by two aviators from Sweden in 2006. At first it worked only in Northern and Central Europe, being used by a limited number of specialists. A little later, the founders opened access to the service to a large consumer, and since 2009, every owner of the ADS-B receiver can send flight data to the server.

Two years before the founding of Flightradar24, the online FlightAware radar created by businessman Daniel Baker, began to enable his family to track the movement of private aircraft belonging to their family. It was not long before, and at the beginning of 2005, FlightAware was officially launched and was accessible to users who only needed to know the flight number to get all the live information about it.

FlightAware brought more than a million dollars in revenue to its owner only in the first 18 months of operation. The central office of the service is located in Greenway Plaza — the business district of Houston, Texas, USA.

With the growing popularity of radar, associated with total computerization and the ability to use online services even from a mobile device, their number growing united every year.

The question of how to check my flight status is solved now since this process is available to anyone who is interested in obtaining up-to-date information on the flight traffic of planes in the sky.