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Guide to the Best Airplane Seats on Seat Map

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Aircraft Seat

When flying, your choice of plane seats determines your level of comfort, legroom, and view. There is no one-size-fits-all seat on every aircraft or cabin, but you can pick the best seat for you with the plane seating map.

First Class airplane seats provide more legroom and are more comfortable than Economy Class. Therefore, if you’re flying economy, it’s important to select and reserve the right seat. If you suffer from flight sickness, need more legroom, or want to enjoy the scenery while flying, this article will help you pick the best seats on a plane.

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There is more legroom in First Class plane seats and they are suitable for people with long legs. The seats at the emergency exit offer more legroom than other ones, depending on the aircraft. However, if you decide to choose any of these seats, be aware that it has extra space in case of evacuation in an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, you may be responsible for other passengers, but the flight attendants will provide you with instructions on how to open the emergency exit beforehand. Besides that, the seat has ample legroom for long-haul flights and reduces muscle and knee cramps.


Airplanes seats by the windows offer the best flying views. Nevertheless, you might end up staring at a wall on some planes depending on the seating arrangement. So, don’t rush off to reserve a window seat because some of them don’t have an open window.

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To have the best scenery, you have to take a look at the seating arrangement of the aircraft type which is available online and pick a seat by a window. Also, you might want to avoid seats by the wings of the plane as they would hinder you from taking in the scenery or pictures of the amazing scenery.

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Flight sickness

Despite picking the First class plane seat and popping travel tablets before departure, you might still feel your stomach tighten or your head swell. The secret to minimizing travel sickness is to pick seats above the plane wings with less turbulence impact.

The reason is that the airplane’s center of gravity is near its wings, hence turbulence is least felt on those seats above or close to the wings. Besides, seats in front of the plane are good alternatives if the seats above the wings are not available.

Pick the Airplane Seat on the Seating Plan

Picking the seat before your flight date cannot be overemphasized especially for long-haul flights. Airplane seats differ from cabin to cabin and also in comfort, perks and legroom. First Class offers more comfort and perks than Economy. Seating plans differ for different aircraft, hence the best way to pick the right seat is not only to consider the price of the ticket but also to study the plane seat plan.

The airline seating map is usually available when booking flights online or through an agent. However, the airline seating plan gives you a layout of the plan, the number of seats in each cabin, and the location of the toilets, exit door, and gallery. Yet, the easiest approach to pick the best plane seat is by visiting flight review sites that show you the layout of aircraft and user reviews for different seats.

Besides, the first thing to consider is your comfort, especially for long-haul flights, and perks like audio, TV, or power as some cabins lack power ports. Additionally, you might want to avoid seats close to the toilets and gallery as they are uncomfortable and offer less legroom. Rather, pick seats by the window, in the aisle, in front of the plane, or by the exit door as they offer more comfort, legroom, and storage space.

Reserve the Right Seat on Aircraft Seating Chart

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Reserving the best airoplane seats can be daunting. Most airlines give you the option to reserve your seat online after payment depending on the airline you pick.

While this appears to be the safest way to get the right seat, it is not guaranteed as some airlines may decide to change the aircraft type. Moreover, the airline system may change, and decide to relocate the seat you chose to another passenger. Let’s assume none of that happens, here’s how to reserve the right aircraft seats.

Some airline companies allow you to reserve a specific seat on the airline seating map if you have a preferred seat in mind. However, this service comes with an extra fee depending on the price list of the airline. Most airlines do not allow passengers to choose their desired seats in advance for free.

Nevertheless, if they allow seat selection in advance, you can pick your preferred seat on their website while paying for your ticket. Afterward, you must check in online to secure your reserved seat as the airline is not obliged to reserve the seat you picked at the time of booking. Most airlines’ online check-ins are open twenty-four hours before the flight’s departure.

Also, if you do not see the airplane’s seating plan during or after paying for your ticket, that means the airline does not allow advance seat reservations for that flight. Yet, you might still be able to request the seat you want by reaching out to the airline personally. If you are interested in emergency exit seats in aeroplane, some airlines may not allow you to reserve them online. In that case, you have to change the seat you picked or the one assigned to you at the check-in counter.

Having reserved your seat using the seating chart, you can see what you have picked on the eTicket which is available on the airline’s website. However, if you don’t like the seat you reserved for some reason, some companies allow you to change your reserved seat at an additional fee.

Secure Air Plane Seats

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A plane seating plan shows you the good and worse seats so you can secure the right airplane seat for your flight. Your comfort is the most important thing to consider when picking the right seat for your next flight. Invariably, seat width and pitch are the two parameters to look out for on the plane’s seating plan.

If you compromise on legroom, not only will your leg keep hitting the seat in front, but it will affect your productivity in the case of a business trip. However, if you are traveling for a holiday or need to move around during your flight, consider picking an aisle seat. These seats give you easy access to overhead storage and the toilet. Also, securing an aisle seat saves you the disturbance from fellow passengers going to the toilet.

Additionally, securing an aisle airline seat means you will be among the first batch of passengers to descend the plane when it lands. Moreover, you have to be careful not to get your stuff knocked over by passengers or to disturb the crew members who frequently ply the aisles.

Furthermore, you might want to secure a plane seat by the window if you intend to enjoy the plane’s scenery or want to avoid the disturbance in the aisle. If you have a connecting flight to catch, you might want to secure a seat in the front row of the cabin. This allows you to descend the plane quicker depending on the airplane as some disembark using the back row. Also, front rows are usually quieter since the plane’s engine is located at the back of the plane.

Finally, if you fly frequently with a preferred airline, consider signing up for their frequent flier program to earn air miles and additional benefits. You can reserve special airline seats — exit rows and bulkheads — in advance depending on what airline you prefer. In addition, frequent fliers can upgrade their seats at the counter.

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