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Gatwick Airport Car Parking

Gatwick is known to be the second busiest airport in the UK and the eighth busiest European airport from the point of view of passenger traffic. Due to the great number of travellers flying to and from LGW, it’s essential to take care of the London Gatwick parking facility in advance. Doing it beforehand, you get a perfect opportunity to select the most suitable option for your personal needs, whether you need a long-term parking package, a one-day stay or an option to drop your car for just several hours to meet someone or to see somebody off.

It’s always better to choose LGW official parking providers so that your parking place cannot be closer to the airfield! Any car park you choose at Gatwick is not farther than 15 minutes from it either on foot or by regular shuttle buses. Official service providers guarantee you secure parking, your car safety, facilities for blue badge holders, and regular special offers for business travellers and holidaymakers.

London Gatwick Parking options

To release the travellers’ stress from flying Gatwick authorities offer variable parking options in and around the Airports site. The service is provided in multiple variants and can meet any passenger needs, being available 24/7/365, delivered professionally and quickly by Gatwick airport parking.
Depending on the length and aim of your travelling you can select Gatwick short stay parking, long stay parking, premium or valet parking options. To facilitate your choice, we’ve prepared an overview of the LGW airport parking options.

Short stay car parking

Short stay car parking Gatwick
The service is offered by both terminals. You can benefit from this option if you fly away for just a few days, came to drop somebody off or meet. The main advantage is the fact that the Gatwick car parking facilities are situated in close proximity to the terminals. They are ideal for those passengers who travel with children or have much heavy luggage. You need just 5 minutes to reach the needed terminal on foot and check-in.

Using this option, you can park yourself and keep the keys with you. Neither Gatwick South parking nor North of such kind restricts your car stay minimum time. In case you need Gatwick north parking, head to the 5th one, going to the South Terminal use one of the following Car Parks -1st, 2nd, 3rd.
As soon as you arrive and stop at the barrier, your auto number’s plate is scanned, ticket printed and the barrier opened. You can then drive through and park in the bay.

In case the ticket is not printed, please, deal with it before you leave. This ticket is necessary to get your car later on your way back. You can also quote your booking on your email through the intercom at the exit barrier.

As soon as you’ve parked your car you are free to head off to the nearest Terminal to start your journey.

The Short stay car parks offer special blue bays for the blue card holders. Their total number is 55 of them in all three South car parks and 18 in the Gatwick parking north terminal 5 and 6. At Gatwick parking south terminal, it’s better to choose levels 2 or 3 for the passengers with blue badges, in such a way you get same level access to the Terminal. Level 3 of the Car Park 5 is advisable for the same reason at car parking Gatwick North Terminal.

Please take into consideration that trailers are not permitted at all the car parks and that there are height restrictions from 1,8 to 2,1 metres for the vehicles accepted.

The cost of your car short stay at the parking depends on the terminal, day, date and time of your journey, it can vary from 145 to 225 pounds.

Gatwick parking

Long Term Parking Gatwick

Long Term Parking Gatwick
Gatwick long stay parking packages can by right be considered the most cost-efficient option for car owners. It works best for those who fly away for more than several days or travel in peak season and want cheap Gatwick parking. Here you can quickly park up and catch a shuttle bus to the terminal you need for free. The buses leave every 10-12 minutes, so your swift way to your check-in zone is guaranteed. It takes maximum 15 minutes to reach any of the Check-In Zones.

You should keep in mind, that travelling in peak season you can fail to take the very first bus arriving, so allow yourself some extra time to wait till the next bus picks you up.

Family and blue badge bays for the travellers with disabilities can be found at any long stay car park Gatwick.

On reaching the car park just follow the signs and find an appropriate place for your vehicle, note it down to easily find your auto after coming back. Shuttle service runs day and night, so you should not worry, you can take your car any time.

The holders of Blue Badges are offered special facilities and bays at Gatwick airport parking north terminal and south as well. The car parking Gatwick south terminal contains 27 bays and north one 32 bays of such wider bays primarily in Zone A to make loading and unloading of the special equipment easy and trouble-free.

Besides, all the shuttle buses, meet the requirements of the DDA.

The procedures of car park usage are the same: the car number plate is scanned, a ticket printed and the automobile is let in. After leaving your vehicle in an open parking zone, you can immediately head off to the bus running to your terminal.

Gatwick North long stay

Long stay car parking fee is around 80 and depends on multiple factors. It would be better to check the current cost due at the airport’s official site.

Though there are no height constraints for the vehicles at long stay car parks, trailers are not serviced here. All the long stay car parks at Gatwick are well-lit, properly fenced along the perimeter, have entrance and exit barriers and patrolled every 2 hours. Thus safety and security are guaranteed to your vehicle here.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking at Gatwick
Gatwick valet parking is a dedicated service for each terminal. The travellers can entrust their vehicles to the professional operators and head immediately off to check in. Your car will be meeting you in the special parking bay at the time of your arrival indicated in your booking. Your vehicle will be ready for the further journey, so you’ll need no shuttle service and can leave the airport immediately without any delays. All the vehicles are stored in secure airport site safely undercover and delivered to the owners at the agreed time. Your auto and its keys will be safe and secure, besides you can add car care package to your order and get your car cleaned for about 30 or 60 according to the type of package you choose, Gold or Platinum.

The height restriction for Valet Parking is 2m, and trailers are not serviced.

The cost of service should be checked on the official Gatwick site, it varies from £80 to £100.

Besides, Valet Gatwick parking exclusively offers Premium parking opportunities for the travellers at South Terminal, it’s good as well for the Blue Badge holders. The cost of service is around £100.

Premium Parking

Premium parking at Gatwick
It is clearly one of the best opportunities to leave your auto and get same level access to your Check-In Zone. If you fly away for a short break or leave for business affairs just for several days, Premium Parking is your ideal choice. One can park here quickly in one of the wider bays, take the car keys and use the facilities for the blue badges if it’s necessary. Such facilities can be found at the Premium parking level of the third Car Park. A special walkway will lead you directly to the LGW Terminal and you’ll get to it as swiftly as it’s possible.

It’s essential to take into consideration the restriction of 2 metres for your vehicle height and trailers prohibition. The cost of service exceeds £200 and should be checked in advance for the dates of your travel.

Meet and Greet Gatwick

Meet and greet at Gatwick
Both LGW Terminals offer the travellers park and stay Gatwick service but also meet and greet facilities. Some companies like Stress-Free Meet and Greet and 24/7 Meet and Greet parking Gatwick are ready to accept you and find a perfect place to leave and keep your auto for the time you are away.

The sparkings operate 24/7 and offer a first class service to anybody who orders it. The professional operators collect your car away from the airport’s forecourt and return it back just in time for your arrival. The service works perfectly for families, people with heavy luggage, disabled passengers, and those who value their comfort. All the drivers are fully mature, licensed, and insured to drive your vehicles and your car is guaranteed to be kept safe and secure at the properly equipped car parks with lighting, fencing, automated gate entry, and CCTV.

Travelling to and from Gatwick, you should also remember that there are dropping off and picking up facilities offered at the airport. You can drop off your passengers on lower levels of both terminals or drop your vehicle at one of the short-stay car parks if you need some time to wave off or meet your bellowed ones or friends.

Besides, zero-charge is applied to the vehicles staying less than 2 hours at the long-stay car parks, allowing you more than enough time for meeting or seeing off purposes.

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