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Ryanair Seats Plan

Ryanair Seat Map

Ryanair Airlines Overview

Regarding scheduled passengers, the most prominent European airline is the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair (FR). It began operations in 1985 and has since expanded to 70 locations, with its main hubs in Dublin and London (Stansted) airports.

This airline serves around 190 locations in 30 European countries. To keep costs minimal, Ryanair uses secondary airports. The Ryanair seating plan in all its fleet indicates its position as a major budget transporter in Europe. Its fleet has 318 Boeing 737-800s, with only a single cabin — Economy.

Although there is less legroom, passengers will not face discomfort since the seats do not recline. If the seats in front recline, it will be bad for passengers because it will reduce the already small space. As a budget airline, Ryanair standing seats cut down the cost of traveling, albeit with slight reductions in passengers’ comfort levels.

You cannot pre-book a Ryanair seat, and the airline assigns seats automatically if you do not buy your preferred seat. There is also no benefit of arriving at the airport early to get your preferred spot. Therefore, if you check the seating plan and see a seat you like, you can beat the crowd by paying for it.

On every airplane Ryanair flies, there is a selection of savory and sweet snacks, hot and cold drinks, and alcoholic beverages. You will find more information on food service for sale in the in-flight magazine. However, the Ryanair cabin does not have in-flight TV to keep passengers entertained like in most airlines.

Ryanair Plane Travel Classes

ryanair economy


The Economy cabin of the Ryanair airplane is what you can define as basic. This section of the airline does not require you to pay for seats. However, if you prefer to sit at a particular spot, you can pay to reserve it. For instance, passengers like to occupy the window seats since it gives them a perfect angle to take nice pictures; hence, they pay to reserve them.

Ryanair -Business Plus

Business Plus

There is no dedicated premium cabin nor extra perks like larger seats or complimentary meals in the Business Class Ryanair cabin. However, this cabin comes with certain advantages for its passengers.

Passengers of Ryanair get free airport check-in, ticket adjustments, and priority boarding. Subject to availability, passengers can also get VIP seating. The Ryanair Business Class seats are not as comfortable as one would expect. They have less leg space than in other premium seating.

Ryanair Airline Extra Seats

Since Ryanair UK seats are relatively small, you may want to reserve an extra seat to give you additional space and comfort. You can reserve an extra seat online by booking the first seat with your name, then input “COMFORT SEAT” as the first name and “EXTRA SEAT” as the last name in the extra seat. After registration, your reservation and boarding pass will be EXTRA COMFORT SEAT.

Emergency rows 1, 16, and 17 on the Ryanair plane seating plan are off-limits for reserved seating purchases. It is essential to know that online check-in is available to passengers who wish to purchase an additional seat. When checking in online, both seats must have the same identification information.

Buying an extra seat does not come with any additional luggage allowance, either for carry-ons or checked bags. It suffices to state that no discount applies to reserving an additional seat.

When the reserved and extra seats are not together due to the Ryanair allocated seats algorithm, call customer care or chat with them online.

Ryanair Air Reserved Seating

When making an online reservation, you can pick a specific seat for an extra charge. To make a reservation, go to the “My Bookings” section online or do so during the check-in. From the website, you can choose and pay for your preferred seat. Everyone has their preferences; while some prefer aisle seats, others like the ones close to the window. From the Ryanair seat map, you can identify your best seat.

Selecting and purchasing your preferred seat must be 2 hours before the flight. The three reserved Ryanair plane seats are the following:

  • Extra leg space seats in rows 1, 16, and 17, and seats DEF in row 2
  • Standard seats from rows 6 to 15 and 18 to 33
  • Front seats comprise rows 3, 4, and 5, and seats ABC in row 2

Like most airlines, specific restricted seats are known as emergency exit seats. To occupy these seats, you must show that you can assist in emergency cases. Also, passengers in this section must be ready to take instructions for their safety and that of other passengers. You can find the emergency exit seats in the 1st, 16th, and 17th rows.

To occupy the emergency Ryanair reserved seating, you must fulfill the following:

  • Be at least 16 years
  • Must be capable and ready to assist in emergencies
  • You’re not flying with an infant — this also applies in the 15th and 18th rows
  • You don’t require a seat belt
  • Does not require any special assistance

One thing that makes people like the Ryanair interior is how it makes flying with kids smoother. Generally, traveling with children is stressful. However, to ensure that minors are safe, the airline allows a maximum of two kids in a row.

To save time and stress, passengers can prepay for a seat or check in for their flights up to 60 days before departure; this also applies to Flexi ticket holders. You can pick your seat and choose Ryanair seats for your peers if you are traveling together.

How to Change Your Reserved Seat

Reserved Seat Ryanair
Seat maps that show the Ryanair plane inside indicate passengers’ abilities to reserve an extra seat and get spots when they wish to stay close to friends or family. In these cases, you don’t need to be worried since Ryanair offers you the chance to change your seat.

To make the change, you need to access the airline site. On the site, scroll to the ” Trip Extras” section.” You will see the option to change your seat — click on this option and proceed to choose your preferred seat. You can look at the Ryanair seats plan to get a good idea of where you want to stay. After selecting the spot you feel is most suitable, click on “confirm.”

To make the changes, you will need to pay a certain amount. So, after clicking “confirm,” select “Check Out” and fill in your payment details, then select “pay now” to make the payment and confirm your seat change.

You will still get your new preferred seat when you change your flight. If your preferred seat costs are higher or lower in the new aircraft, you will be charged or refunded.

Free Random Allocated Seating

It suffices to state that selecting and paying for a preferred seat is not a priority. Since the flight is usually for a short distance, you may decide to stay wherever. If you do not reserve a seat, the Ryanair seat plan allocation algorithm will automatically allocate a seat to you.

If you choose not to purchase a reserved seat, check in 24 to 2 hours before your flight, and a seat will automatically be allocated to you without any charge.

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