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Wizz Air Seat Map

Wizz Air Seat Map

Wizz Air Seating Plan

Wizz Air, a notable airline, upholds a consistent and efficient single-cabin layout throughout its fleet. It doesn’t operate Wizz Air Business Class but focuses predominantly on Economy Class seating for its passengers. However, the specific configuration of seats on the Wizz Air seat map can vary depending on the aircraft employed for each journey, ensuring optimal use of space and passenger comfort based on the aircraft model in use.

Wizz Air seats guarantee customer comfort in the Economy Class cabin by offering seating with standard pitch and width. The airline admits that in-flight entertainment may not be provided on all flights. As a result, travellers are recommended to bring personal gadgets loaded with their chosen entertainment selections to ensure a pleasant voyage. Built-in entertainment screens change depending on the aeroplane’s model, but they all provide a unique experience throughout flights.

Wizz Air provides several essential facilities to its customers to improve their flying experience. These often include complimentary onboard periodicals to keep passengers entertained during the flight. Travellers can purchase various food and beverage items for nourishment, adjusting their choices to their interests. Furthermore, restrooms are readily available during the flight, improving passenger convenience. Passengers can also bring their own non-alcoholic beverages and food items on board, following airline standards and providing a personal touch to their experience.

Wizz Air Seat Selection

When you purchase your ticket to board the Wizz Air plane, you can select your preferred seats by paying at the time of reservation. If you do not reserve a seat during the booking process, the airline will randomly assign you one during check-in time, which takes 48 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. For a more in-depth understanding, review the detailed policies provided below:

  • The cost of choosing a seat varies depending on the options you select throughout the booking process. After your Wizz Air seat selection, the associated cost will be clearly stated in the Payment Summary box.
  • Except for seats in the first row and those with extra legroom, WIZZ Go members have free seat selection. On the other hand, WIZZ Plus members have a free seat selection, including front-row seats and seats with extra legroom.
  • When you decide to purchase a seat while reserving your flight, you’ll be able to complete the check-in procedure as early as 30 days before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • Suppose you have already finalised your ticket purchase and the check-in process. In that case, you still have the flexibility to select a seat of your preference through the online platform, allowing you to do so up to 3 hours before your flight’s designated departure time. This means that even after your initial Wizz Air seat allocation and check-in are complete, you can still tailor your seating arrangement to your liking before embarking on your journey.

Wizz Air seat selection

Do you have to pay for seats on Wizz Air?

When booking with Wizz Air, you can pay to personalise your seating arrangement. This lets you select the seat that best meets your preferences and needs. If you do not select a seat during the booking process, they will allocate one for you during Wizz Air check-in without seat selection process, which takes 48 hours before your flight’s departure.

On the Wizz seats map, you can identify your preferred seat selection throughout the booking process. After you’ve made your pick, the cost of each option will be revealed in the Payment Summary box. Furthermore, if you purchased one of the Wizz Air bundles before making your ticket, you will be glad to hear that you can select your favourite seats at no additional cost.

How to Select Wizz Air Seats

When buying your Wizz Air ticket, you can select your preferred seat in two ways: during the initial booking process or at the check-in step. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your seat selection:

During Initial Booking

You can see the airline’s seat plan by selecting the “add on” feature while booking your flight. This allows you to select the seat that best suits your needs. If you want to change your seat, you can do so during the Wizz Air check-in free seats process.

Selecting Your Seat Later

If you do not select your seat upon booking, you can do so later by following these steps:

  • Launch your favourite web browser and navigate to www.wizzair.com, the official Wizz Air website.
  • Locate and click the “check-in and bookings” option on the homepage.
    Enter your confirmation code and last name when requested, then click the submit button.
  • A full airline seat map will be displayed, allowing you to select your desired seat. Please hover your mouse over a seat to see its matching pricing.
  • Once you’ve decided on a seat, go to the payments page to complete the process by completing the required payment, if any.

You can ensure that your Wizz Air flight experience is tailored to your seating preferences by following these simple steps, whether you make your pick at the initial booking or Wizz Air choose seats later during the check-in procedure.

Sitting Together

This option is available for bookings with at least two adults, ensuring a pleasant experience for partners travelling together.

  • When selecting the Basic fare, the “Sitting Together” product can only be added after reservation.
  • You can purchase this product during the original booking stage, ensuring that you and your friend will travel together.
  • This option costs 20 EUR for each leg, ensuring that both adults have the luxury of sitting together during their flying experience.
  • If your trip includes a return flight, remember that the “Sitting Together” package must be ordered for both legs.
  • While you won’t be able to choose exact seats using this option, you will be guaranteed seats next to each other, improving your travel experience.
  • Seats here are assigned during the check-in procedure.
  • It’s vital to note that the seats included with the “Sitting Together” offer are not premium.
  • Online check-in becomes available 48 hours before the scheduled departure time for travellers who choose this option.
  • You can make memorable memories when travelling together by adding the “Sitting Together” option to your Wizz Air booking while enjoying the comfort and convenience of sitting side by side.

Sitting With Infants

Sitting With Infants

  • Infants under the age of two may sit on the lap of an accompanying adult. This ensures that the youngest flyers have a close and secure experience.
  • Just one infant is authorised to sit in any row on either side of the aisle to ensure safety. This considerate arrangement avoids overcrowding and ensures the newborn and the accompanying adult have enough space.
  • When many infants are on board, the cabin staff may need to adjust seats to accommodate everyone comfortably. This is done to create a peaceful and safe environment for all passengers.
  • Children over the age of two are expected to have their seats. This precaution ensures that each child has space and is securely attached during the flight.
  • Due to safety concerns, infants and children are not authorised to sit in the Front Row or Extra Legroom seats. Wizz Air Plane seats C and D on the last row are likewise prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Do you have children under the age of 14? Wizz Air recognises how important it is to keep families together. During the Wizz Air free seats check-in process, random seat assignment considers the requirement for children to sit with at least one accompanying adult. If space becomes restricted and adjacent seats for an accompanying adult are unavailable, the onboard personnel will happily help with reseating the youngster. This ensures families can travel together and have a pleasant and unified experience.

Special Wizz Air Plane Seats

The Front Row and Upfront seats are deliberately placed towards the front of the Wizz Air plane, allowing customers to be among the first to depart after the plane touches down. These sought-after seats offer a quick and easy evacuation, boosting your overall travel experience.

For those looking for a more comfortable flight, Extra Legroom seats provide more space for your legs to spread out, making your travel more calm and pleasurable. These seats are thoughtfully placed in the emergency exit row, providing security and comfort.

However, specific conditions must be completed to occupy these particular seating possibilities, and passengers under the age of 16 are prioritised for safety.

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