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British Airways Seat Map Overview

BA Seat Map

british airways seating plan

The British Airways seat map can vary across different aircraft models, as each plane may have a unique seat arrangement. We have compiled a collection of the most popular aircraft models on our website, where we provide detailed descriptions of each plane’s seat map. These seat maps can be accessed at the beginning of the page, allowing passengers to review the specific seating configuration of their flight.

By offering individual BA seat maps for different aircraft models, we aim to assist passengers in understanding the layout of their chosen plane and making informed decisions when selecting their seats. We recognise the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date information about seat arrangements to ensure passengers have a comfortable and personalised travel experience.

Please note that seat maps may vary depending on the aircraft assigned to your specific flight, and we encourage passengers to refer to the corresponding seat map for their specific aircraft model when making seat selections.

British Airways Seat Selection Policy

When travelling with British Airways, seat selection is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the British Airways seat selection policy. Availability of seats determines whether you can choose them or not.

For basic fares, seat selection can be made at the time of booking until check-in opens. However, once seats are assigned by the airline, changes cannot be made.

In case you decide to change seats, the fare difference may result in a lower refund or additional payment, depending on whether the fare difference is lower or higher, respectively.

The airline offers British Airways upgrade seats to enhance the travel experience. These seats provide additional comfort, amenities, and services beyond the standard cabin. Upgrades may include more spacious seating, enhanced onboard services, premium dining options, access to exclusive lounges, and personalised amenities. Upgrade availability and charges may vary. Enjoy a premium and luxurious travel experience with British Airways seat upgrade.

Is it Possible to Select Seats on British Airways Flights?

Yes, passengers have the option to select their seats on British Airways. BA seat selection is subject to availability, allowing passengers to choose their preferred seats if they are available. It is advisable to make seat selections early to secure desired seating arrangements.

How to Choose British Airways Seats

It is recommended by the organisers that individuals select their seats on the BA seating plan as soon as feasible to secure their preferred location and prevent any potential separation from their loved ones or companions.

The availability of complimentary seat selection or the requirement for payment may vary depending on individual circumstances. The most convenient method to verify this information is by utilising the “Manage My Booking” feature of British Airways choose seat.

If you have made a reservation, please follow these straightforward instructions:

  • Access the Manage My Booking portal and log in.
  • Locate your flight number under the section titled ‘Your booking details.’
  • Click on the ‘Seating’ option, followed by ‘View or change seats for this flight.’
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to make any necessary seat modifications.

Is There a Fee for Selecting a Seat?

The availability of free or paid British Airways seat selection is contingent upon various factors, including the type of ticket purchased, the class of travel, and individual circumstances.

For all ticket types except Basic (economy, hand baggage only), seat selection is complimentary when check-in opens, which typically occurs 24 hours prior to departure.

If you have a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only), you have two options:

  1. Pay for seat selection from the time of booking until check-in opens.
  2. Receive a seat assignment for free when check-in opens. However, you can later opt to pay for a different seat, although the selection may be limited.

The cost of seat selection varies based on factors such as seat type and cabin class. Payment can be made using cash or Avios.

Please note that bulkhead seats, which are typically reserved for passengers with disabilities or those travelling with infants (under two years old), may not be available for general selection due to the presence of fold-down cot tables in those areas.

Cabins on BA Airways Seat Maps


In British Airways First Class, the seats are designed as contoured individual units with armrests that measure 22 inches or 55 centimetres. These armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted or widened.

Passengers in the First cabin can indulge in a superior entertainment experience with a larger personal screen for enjoying the latest films and TV programs. They also have access to a new touchscreen handset and state-of-the-art noise-cancelling headphones provided by Meridian. Travellers in First class will now have access to complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their entire flight. This service enables them to stream music, movies, and TV shows, browse the internet, and send emails or messages, all from the comfort of their seats.

British Airways First Class

Club World

BA Club World provides a premium experience that includes dedicated check-in and access to private lounges. Passengers can enjoy spacious British Airways Club World seats that can be transformed into fully flat beds, along with delectable food and drinks made from fresh, local ingredients. Additionally, passengers are treated to luxury bedding, an amenity kit, and a wide selection of in-flight entertainment options.

In Club World (long-haul flights), these so-called BA Business Class seats are designed as contoured individual units, with the armrests measuring 19 to 20.5 inches or 48 to 52 centimetres. Similar to Club Europe, the armrests in Club World are fixed and cannot be adjusted or widened.

The Club World British Airways Business Class seats offer a spacious and comfortable experience, capable of converting into a fully flat bed measuring 183cm (6ft) in length. Passengers can enjoy personalised comfort with a fully adjustable headrest and lumbar support. For entertainment, 12″ flat screens and noise-cancelling headphones are provided to enhance the in-flight entertainment experience. The seat is further enhanced with stylish bedding and amenity kits designed by The White Company, ensuring a luxurious journey.

BA Club World

On selected flights with this British Airways Business Class, passengers are offered the Club Suite experience in the newly revamped Club World cabins. Key features of BA Club Suite include:

  • Direct aisle access from every seat, with a door for enhanced privacy.
  • A larger, fully flat bed measuring 198cm (6ft 6in) and ample extra storage space.
  • Luxurious bedding provided by The White Company.
  • High-resolution 17″ screens offering a wide selection of the latest films and music.
  • Digital seat functions that allow passengers to find their most comfortable position in the BA Club World seats.

Club Europe

In Club Europe (short-haul flights), passengers can enjoy seats with armrests measuring 18 inches or 45 centimetres. While all armrests are liftable, it’s important to note that each set of seats may be separated by a fixed-width centre console that cannot be raised.

The Club Europe, BA Business Class cabin, is located at the front of the aircraft, offering passengers a premium experience. The middle seat in this cabin is intentionally left unoccupied, ensuring that passengers always have the advantage of a guaranteed window or aisle seat.

Key features of your BA Club Europe seat include:

Club Europe, BA Business Class

  • Contoured leather seats with a seat pitch of 76.2cm (30″), designed to provide maximum personal space.
  • Fully adjustable headrests for added comfort.
  • Convenient eye-level magazine storage.
  • Contemporary LED lighting that adjusts throughout the flight, creating a soothing ambience.
  • Complimentary newspapers available on most flights.
  • Dedicated cabin crew members who provide attentive service throughout your journey.

World Traveller Plus

Flying in British Airways World Traveller Plus offers an exciting upgrade, providing a quieter, more spacious, and exclusive experience compared to World Traveller.

Key features of World Traveller Plus include:

  • Wider seats and increased legroom for enhanced comfort.
  • A separate, smaller cabin.
  • Two delicious meals and a complimentary bar service, including signature cocktails or mocktails.
  • A personal entertainment system equipped with noise-cancelling headphones.
  • More generous baggage allowance compared to other travel classes.
  • Priority boarding to expedite the boarding process.

British Airways World Traveller Plus

In BA World Traveller Plus (long-haul flights only), the seats have armrests measuring 18.5 inches or 46 centimetres. It’s important to note that the armrests do not lift, except for certain aisle seats designated for customers who require disability or mobility assistance. Additionally, the armrests in the front row are fixed and cannot be lifted.

The World Traveller Plus, Premium Economy British Airways cabin, provides each customer with a personal flat screen and noise-cancelling headphones, ensuring an immersive entertainment experience. With a vast library of new releases, passengers can easily get lost in a world of entertainment options.

Euro Traveller

In Euro Traveller (short-haul flights), these British Airways Economy seats are designed with armrests measuring 17″ to 18″ or 43cm to 45cm. It’s worth noting that all armrests can be lifted fully, allowing two seats to be used together when needed. This feature provides flexibility and convenience for passengers travelling in Euro Traveller.

British Airways Economy seats

In Euro Traveller, British Airways Economy, passengers can enjoy a range of benefits and amenities, including:

  • Speedbird café menu for pre-flight purchase, with limited onboard options.
  • Complimentary refreshments like water and snacks.
  • Generous baggage allowance.
  • Wi-Fi availability on most aircraft.
  • Access to digital magazines and newspapers.
  • Duty-free shopping from the High Life Shop (pre-purchase required).
  • Comfortable leather seats with adjustable headrests and in-seat power.
  • Personal protection pack with an antibacterial wipe and hand sanitiser.
  • Carbon offsetting option available during the flight.

World Traveller

World Traveller, British Airways Premium Economy cabin for flights beyond Europe.

Key features of your British Airways World Traveller experience include:

  • A variety of fare options without any hidden charges
  • Personal flat screens with headphones
  • A stylish interior cabin
  • Delicious meals and snacks onboard

When travelling in World Traveller BA Premium Economy seats, British Airways offers passengers a choice between two economy fares: Basic and Standard.

British Airways Premium Economy

The Basic fare is the lowest fare option of this BA Premium Economy cabin available on select routes. It includes hand baggage allowance and an allocated seat, making it suitable for those travelling with minimal luggage.

On the other hand, the Standard fare is a fully inclusive economy option. It includes checked baggage allowance and provides passengers with the freedom to choose their own seats. This fare is particularly well-suited for longer journeys, offering greater convenience and flexibility.

What If I Don’t Choose My Seats Now with British Airways?

If you make a reservation on British Airways without selecting seats, BA chooses seats for you. However, it is important to note that if seats are not chosen in advance, there is a possibility of being assigned seats that may not meet your desired preferences or result in being separated from your travel companions.

If the assigned seat does not meet your preferences, you have the option to choose alternative seats. However, for basic fares, seat selection can only be made 24 hours before the flight departure. After that time, changes to seat assignments are not permitted.

What are the Best on British Airways?

When selecting seats on the British Airways seating plan, it is advisable to consider reserving seats in the exit rows as they offer more space compared to other seats. Additionally, you have the option to choose aisle or window seats, as well as seats in the front rows.

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