BA 777-300ER Seat Map

Boeing 777-300ER British Airways Overview

The latest version of BA 777-300ER introduces passengers to a comprehensive array of accommodations across four distinct classes. Each aircraft in this fleet features a sophisticated Wi-Fi system, providing passengers with uninterrupted connectivity throughout their journey.

In terms of in-flight entertainment, British Airways has collaborated with Panasonic to offer passengers an exceptional experience driven by the cutting-edge eX3 system. This system guarantees access to a diverse range of content from the moment passengers step on board until they disembark. Moreover, the strategic placement of the IFE boxes on the BA 777-300ER seat map ensures unobstructed footwells, enhancing passenger comfort and allowing for a more relaxed travel experience.

Regardless of whether passengers choose First, Business, Premium Economy, or Economy Class, convenience is at their fingertips. All seats are equipped with individual universal power outlets, ensuring that devices remain charged throughout the flight. Additionally, the availability of USB-A sockets provides added convenience, accommodating a variety of electronic devices. British Airways’ unwavering commitment to passenger comfort and satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the journey on their BA Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

British Airways 777-300ER Seat Map

BA 777-300ER Seat Map

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First 78 22 14
Club World 72 20 56
World Traveller Plus 38 18.5 44
World Traveller 31 17.5 185

Seat map key

BA 777-300ER Seat Map


In the First Class cabin on the BA 777 300ER seat map, passengers can experience a luxurious and comfortable journey with a range of premium amenities:

  • There are 8 spacious suites available, which can be transformed into fully flat beds measuring 79 inches in length and 22 inches in width (between armrests).
  • Each suite comes with sliding privacy doors, offering passengers a private and intimate space throughout the flight.
  • Passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment on a static 23-inch HD touch screen display that provides content from gate to gate.
  • For personal storage, passengers have access to a dedicated locker.
  • Passengers can stay connected and keep their devices charged with two USB-A ports and a universal AC power outlet.

The First Class are designed with a focus on ergonomics to provide exceptional comfort and support in all seating modes, whether in an upright landing position or when fully converted into a flat, sprung diaphragm bed. These suites are exquisitely finished in hand-double-stitched leather and feature polished lacquer-finished tables. The bed’s innovative layout ensures that when in bed mode, the seat cushions, padded armrests, and footstool all align horizontally with the surrounding padded surfaces, creating a spacious and inviting sleeping area.

British Airways Boeing 777-300ER seat map

Suites 1A, 1E, 1F, and 1K have the galley, restroom, and an exit row located in front of them. While these seats offer certain advantages, such as extra legroom due to the exit row, it’s important to be aware of potential increased foot traffic and noise in this area.

For passengers travelling with infants, Suites 2F are specially designed with a bassinet. This thoughtful feature provides a comfortable and convenient option for parents, allowing them to keep their little ones close and secure during the flight.

Club World

The 76 Club World Suites on the Boeing 777-300ER seat map BA come with sliding privacy screens and can easily convert into a spacious 79″ flat bed, providing a comfortable 21″ width between armrests. You’ll also find a vanity unit and mirror for your convenience, along with secure storage options for personal items, including low-level storage suitable for smaller belongings like water canisters.

Additionally, there’s dedicated space beneath the footrest to store your shoes. The suites are equipped with a static 18.5″ HD touch screen display and feature two USB-A ports as well as a universal 110V AC outlet, delivering up to 125 Watts of power.

In this BA 777 300ER Business Class, suites boast a privacy screen door, acoustic lining, and an ergonomically designed retractable bi-folding tray table. Furthermore, noise-cancelling equipment is seamlessly integrated into the seat for your comfort and tranquillity.

Boeing 777-300ER seat map BA

For passengers seeking extra privacy, the Center E/F seats come with sliding divider screens. In addition, the food service is efficiently staged from a single galley located at the front of the forward cabin.

Club World is situated immediately behind the First cabin. In this section, all the suites are excellent. The suites in the middle of the cabin face each other, creating a comfortable seating arrangement, while the solitary seats are positioned towards the windows.

Specifically, seats 7A, 7E, 7F, and 7K are located in the last row of this British Airways 777-300ER Business Class. These seats offer an advantage as they provide ample space, with easy access to the galley, restrooms, and the exit row located behind them.

World Traveller Plus

World Traveller Plus offers 40 seats arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration, ensuring a comfortable and spacious seating arrangement. Each seat boasts a 38″ row pitch and a generous 18.7″ seat width for your comfort.

You’ll enjoy entertainment on a pivoting 12″ HD touch screen display, and there are USB-A and a universal 110V AC outlet, capable of delivering up to 125 Watts of power, at your disposal.

The Recaro PL3510 seats on the BA Boeing 777-300ER seat map are designed with passenger comfort in mind, offering an 8″ recline, a 4-way adjustable headrest, and a retractable bi-folding table. Additionally, you’ll find two USB-A sockets, one Universal 110V AC socket delivering up to 125 Watts, and RCA ports for your convenience. Noise-cancelling equipment is thoughtfully integrated within the seat for a peaceful journey.

In the front row, specifically Row 30, seats come equipped with video displays and footrests integrated into the seat body, enhancing your in-flight experience. Standard seats feature pedal-style footrests attached to the seat in front, along with adjustable seat-back-mounted video displays for your entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that seats 30A, 30E, 30F, 30J, and 30K on the Boeing 777-300ER BA have bassinets positioned in front of them, making this row an ideal choice for passengers travelling with infants. However, for those without infants, this row might not be the most suitable option.

On the other hand, seats 34ABDEFGJK are located in an exit row with a restroom situated behind them. It’s important to note that this area may experience some noise, so passengers sensitive to noise disturbances should consider this when choosing their seats.

World Traveller

In World Traveller on the British Airways 777-300ER, you’ll find 132 seats arranged in a 3-4-3 configuration, ensuring a spacious layout for passengers. Each seat offers a 31″ pitch and a comfortable 17.1″ seat width.

Entertainment is provided through a pivoting 10″ HD touch screen display, and you’ll have access to a USB-A port and a universal 110V AC outlet capable of delivering up to 125 Watts of power.

The seats in this cabin offer a 5″ recline, along with a versatile 4-way adjustable hammock-style headrest and a retractable bi-folding table. Additionally, each seat is equipped with a USB-A socket and universal 110V AC sockets, capable of delivering up to 125 Watts of power.

For passengers seated in row 40 at the front of each cabin, there are video displays integrated into the seat body, enhancing your in-flight entertainment experience. Standard seats feature adjustable seat-back-mounted video displays for your convenience.

BA Boeing 777-300ER seat map

In the middle seats, you’ll find movable armrests, providing flexibility and comfort. It’s important to note that all seats in this cabin are designed to recline as standard, offering added comfort during your journey.

It’s important to consider that seats 40ABCDEFGHJK on the British Airways Boeing 777-300ER seat map are among the most crowded in the cabin. This is because they are situated near a restroom and an exit row. Additionally, seats 40E and 40F have bassinets in front of them. Passengers seeking more privacy should avoid this row, but this is an excellent choice for travellers with infants.

Passengers should be aware that seats 49C and 49H might experience people inadvertently bumping into them since there are no seats directly behind them.

Lastly, the very last row of the BA 777 300ER, consisting of seats 52ABDEFGJK, is not the most desirable choice. These seats are located in close proximity to a large area containing a galley, restrooms, and an exit. Consequently, they may experience more noise and foot traffic, making them less comfortable for some passengers.

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