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Birmingham Airport (BHX)

The history of Birmingham airport starts back in 1939, when it was launched under the name of Elmdon airport. Its convenient position (just 1.1 miles to Bickenhill and 8 miles from the center of Birmingham city) promised a commercial success. Still, when England got involved into the World War II, the Air Ministry has taken charge of the airport making it a base point for Royal Aviation and Navy forces.

After the war, the civil flights were renewed. The airport was renamed “Birmingham International” and grew highly popular with UK citizens and international travelers. Upon partial privatization, in 2010, the name was shortened dropping the “international” and signifying the merging of two terminals into a single one.

Birmingham Airport (BHX)

Online Flights Dashboard

For successful stress-free flight, planning and up-to-date information are the crucial factors. Tracing the aircraft landing and taking off you can ensure there are no delays likely to occur, and plan your time in the airport accordingly. 

To have the real-time updated Birmingham airport flights information, check our website. It’s easy to access and navigate, and can be accessed from any point with Internet coverage. The updates are monitored and introduced automatically; so, you’ll have the first-hand accurate information about any flight. Simply follow the link for Arrivals / Departures dashboard (it will launch in a new tab on your browser) and browse the general table or track a particular flight.

The dashboard for airport of Birmingham contains the following data:

  • General Arrivals list;
  • Delayed flights (the estimated time of arrival / departure is shown as well);
  • Cancelled voyages;
  • Voyages on hold;
  • Aircraft that took off already.

Monitor your hauls online

Flying is almost inevitably provokes stress even in those not having the fear for flying. Tickets, delayed flight, connections, baggage, crowded airports, multiple halls and gates can be irritating even for vacation travel. However, our flight tracker can help prepare to the flight and monitor the developments in real time. You can learn about the airport and the aircraft, check the flight status or trace the plane on the map. look at the map below. It shows the air area above the part of European continent, with Birmingham International airport in focus. Check the lower left area on the screen for the buttons “+| and “-”. It will zoom in or expand the map, while right click + hovering the mouse will let you slide along the air area.

What flight details are displayed in the flight checker?

Spotting the aircraft you need with the mouse, you’ll instantly see its tail number. Right clicking on the plane, you’ll see the table on the left with following data:

  • Flight designation number;
  • Tail number;
  • Aircraft type;
  • Destination and departure airport (e.g. BHX airport and AMS airport);
  • Time of taking off and landing;
  • Distance of the route;
  • How much of the distance is passed already;
  • How much is left to go;
  • Current altitude of the plane;
  • Ground speed (in knots, 1 knot makes 1.852 km/h);
  • Credentials.

Airport terminal

Birmingham Airport Terminal

Currently, airport Birmingham has a single terminal formed by former two terminals connected by the Millennium Link building (named so due to the 2000 year of build). The airport operates 48 gates, 20 being located in the former Terminal 2 and 28 – in Terminal 1. 

Upon the creation in 1984, Terminal 1 has seen several expanding projects. Constantly growing passenger and aircraft number made airport management diversify the flow. Since 2018, the original Elmdon Terminal of BHX is serving official and private flights only. 

In 1991, the Terminal 2 was opened, nicknamed “the Eurohub”. Several European airlines including KLM, Air France, British Airways, operated in the T2. The latter airline had been serving multiple domestic and international connections, until leaving the BHX in 2017. In 2018, the BA operation in Birmingham was resumed. 

The terminal separates the check-in zone and other areas, the former being based on the ground floor. Security and other facilities can be found on the first floor.

Birmingham Airport hotel and parking

Hotel stay is a good option for passengers with long waiting period between connection flights. Those wishing to depart refreshed and without hurry might also like the idea of an on-site accommodation. There are three 3- and 4-star hotels at Birmingham airport, with shuttle connection to airport terminal. The hotels offer various facilities including restaurants. 

Hotel parking might be expensive; still, the airport site features large parking lots with different tariffs. Just check which is closest to the hotel you’ve chosen. It’s important to know that shuttles’ prices from different parking areas might vary. If you prefer staying closest possible to the Departures zone, you might like the option of Hilton Garden Inn located within a few minutes walk from the terminal.

Birmingham Airport hotel and parking


The airport features diversified transportation system offering various types of vehicles and connecting the airport with the key travel points: Birmingham city (central part) and International Rail Station. There is no underground connection; yet, the ground transportation is well organized and features minimal delays.

Local bus services

The regular bus routing is a reliable option to get in time to the city or airport. There are two bus stops; check beforehand which one you’re planning to depart from. The tickets can be purchased / booked on the bus company website. Average time spent on the bus makes about 25 minutes.  

Currently, there are four local bus services (transit ones) connecting BHX and Birmingham city / rail station:

  • X1 (going between Coventry and Birmingham), operates at K and J bus stops in the airport.
  • X12 (service for Solihull — Birmingham city), can be accessed via stops K and L.
  • 75 / 75A (route Sutton Coldfield— Birmingham rail station), the stops are NB and SB of  Birmingham Interchange.
  • 966 (route from Erdington to Solihull), can be taken only on Mondays, from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Birmingham Airport bus


Having replaced the maglev train in 2003, the AirRail Link system joined the Birmingham airport train station with the International railway station. The latter is just 10-minute ride away from city center (get the line for the New Street station). 

The benefits of using the AirRail Link make:

  • Free access. No payment required.
  • Fast connection. It takes just about 2 minutes to get to Railway International.
  • Availability. The railway is closed only for two hours a day. It doesn’t operate between 00:30 PM and 03:30 PM.

Birmingham Airport Train


Planning on taking a taxi from Birmingham Passenger Terminal? There is an official taxi lot on-site operating 24 hours a day. The cars can accommodate up to 6 passengers and their baggage, and many can take wheelchairs onboard. 

When ordering a taxi to Birmingham airport, note that there’s only one free drop-n-go area within the airport, and it takes about 10 minute to get there from the Terminal by foot.

Car Hire

Car hire at Birmingham airport might be a good option for passengers having a busy inland schedule. The airport houses seven reputable car renting companies, with desks available behind the immigration check zone in Arrivals area. The assortment of cars can be checked at a separate lot, within 5-minute walk from the terminal.

Birmingham Airport map

The detailed map for the airport area here lets easily find your way within the terminal infrastructure.

Useful information

The year of foundation: 1939
Number of terminals: 1
Location: LAT 52.452381. Long: 1.743507. 8.1 mi to east-southeast from the central point of Birmingham city
Address: 5900 Messer Airport Highway
Birmingham Airport postcode: B26 3QJ
Contact number: +44 871 222 0072
IATA code: BHX
Website: birminghamairport.co.uk

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