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Jet2 Seating Plan

jet2 seating plan

Overview of Jet2 Airlines

British low-cost leisure airline, Jet2 operates both regularly scheduled and charter services out of the United Kingdom. As of 2022, it ranks as the UK’s third-largest scheduled airline, after EasyJet and BA. Part of why this airline is so popular is because of the impressive Jet2 seating plan.

Jet 2 Airline has a central office at Leeds Bradford International Airport. Other operation bases include Manchester, Newcastle, London–Stansted, Birmingham, East Midlands, Bristol, Edinburgh, and Glasgow airports.

Jet2 Air operates in 70 European countries, with Spain, the Mediterranean, France, Greece, Italy, and Turkey as its major hubs. It has nine bases across the United Kingdom and others in Spain. The airline holds a Type A Operating License from the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority to transport people, freight, and mail using aircraft with 20 or more seats.

Jet 2 Airlines had 82,931 flights in 2019, recording over 14 million passengers. In 2019, the airline received its 34th Boeing 737-800, bringing its total number of aircraft owned and leased to 100. With the agreement with Airbus, the company is adding more aircraft to its impressive fleet. It is acquiring Jet2 Airbus A321neo planes to replace the older Boeing 757s.

Types of Jet2 Plane Seats

Jet2 Extra Legroom Seats

Jet2 Extra Legroom Seats

Every Jet2 plane inside features a variety of seats with additional legroom. You will see these seats in the Jet 2 seat plan during the booking process. You can also find them in the front or center of a Jet2 plane.

This plane also gives passengers the control to decide where they sit. You can reserve the best Extra Legroom seats on Jet2 during the booking process or online via the airline’s website. You can also request the Extra Legroom seats at check-in for an additional charge. Some Extra Legroom seats are also Emergency Exits Seats; therefore, there are restrictions on the persons that can sit in the section.

Jet2 Emergency Exits Seats

According to the Jet2 plane seating plan, Emergency exit seats are available on each flight. These seats typically have more leg space, giving passengers more comfort. However, those who choose the Emergency exit seats must comply with the European Aviation Safety Authority for safety reasons. Currently, these types of passengers are not allowed to board the Emergency exit seats:

  • Minors younger than 14 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Passengers who are mentally impaired or disabled
  • Anyone with a medical condition or bodily injury
  • Passengers who need seat belt extension
  • People with a limited grasp of the English language.

Jet2 Extra Legroom Seats

Passengers must be physically able to assist when needed to sit in the Emergency exit seats of a Jet2 plane. A good grasp of English is also essential to ease communication in emergencies. If the flight attendants feel that a passenger is not suited for these seats, they can reassign them.

Classes on Jet2 Seat Plan


The Jet2 Airline, like many budget competitors, operates sole cabin aircraft. The sole cabin option on Jet2 is the Economy cabin. Like most airlines, it chose to adopt a simple cabin structure — a 3-3 configuration.

Online check-in and seat selection are also accessible for those flying in Economy cabins, and passengers may order hot meals and champagne before takeoff.

You do not need to worry if you forget or cannot pre-order lunch; the Skyshop sells beverages, souvenirs, and food on the air.

Jet2 Seating Plan

The interior Jet2 planes seating plan is impressive; the Economy seats are spacious and designed to keep you comfortable during your flight. While Jet2 does not provide a dedicated Premium Economy cabin, all seats in the plane feature expanded legroom. You can reserve your preferred seat by looking up the Jet2 planes seating maps ahead of your flight or during check-in.

How to Pre-book Jet2 Seats

You may need to sit with your family, friends, or group, which most budget airlines don’t guarantee. Therefore, pre-booking online is the best way to ensure you sit with the people you want in your preferred seat. If you are looking for the best couple seats in Jet2 planes inside, there are “together seats” in the jet 2 plane. You can find these seats behind, in front, or across the aisle.

You can reserve a seat on the Jet2 airplane by visiting their website. On the site, click on “Manage My Booking.” The cost of seats on the plane depends on your departure and destination.

If you cannot book the seat in advance, you can choose your preferred seat at the departure point or online via the Airline’s website. But your choice will depend on what is available. On the other hand, you may not like your seat after you have booked it. Fortunately, you can change them easily. However, this swap will attract additional charges.

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