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Jet2 Airbus A321neo Seating Plan

Jet2 Airbus A321neo

Jet2 A321neo Overview

The Jet2 Airbus A321neo, with registration G-SUNB, is powered by a pair of CFMI LEAP-1A32 engines. CFM International represents a collaborative effort between GE Aerospace and Safran Aircraft Engine. The aircraft proudly displays the Jet2Holidays livery, gracing its primarily white fuselage with a distinctive blue tail that showcases a vibrant yellow sun emblem.

Jet2 has ingeniously configured this aircraft with an all-economy class cabin, adopting a 3-3 seating arrangement. Within this cabin, each of the 232 seats offers passengers a generous 29 inches of seat pitch, allowing for ample legroom and a comfortable 17.5 inches of seat width.

The adoption of an all-economy layout by Jet2 serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it enables the airline to optimize its operational costs per seat, thus making air travel more cost-efficient for its passengers. Additionally, this configuration contributes significantly to the reduction of the aircraft’s overall emissions, aligning perfectly with Jet2’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. It’s noteworthy that Jet2 proudly touts the A321neo’s impressive sustainability credentials, underscoring that its per-seat emissions are approximately 20% lower compared to older, less eco-friendly aircraft.

The Jet2 A321neo is widely recognized in the aviation industry for its remarkable efficiency and its penchant for delivering a delightful passenger experience. Its narrow-body design not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for all passengers. The roomy cabin, equipped with contemporary amenities, enhances comfort, while the aircraft’s fuel efficiency and reliability further elevate the overall travel experience.

Safety remains of paramount importance in aviation, and the A321neo doesn’t disappoint. It incorporates advanced safety features, including state-of-the-art avionics and highly responsive controls, ensuring top-notch security for both passengers and crew.

Jet2 A321 Neo Seat Map

Jet2 A321neo seat map

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Economy 28-29 18 232


The A321neo Jet2 exclusively offers Economy class seating, organized in a 3-3 configuration. Within the Economy class, there are various sections to consider.
Beginning with the first row, seats 1ABCDEF, it’s important to note that these seats may not be the most desirable on the aircraft. Positioned at the front of the plane, they are situated in close proximity to the galley area and lavatory, potentially resulting in increased foot traffic and noise. Additionally, these seats lack under-seat storage, and their tray tables are fixed in the armrests, which can limit seat width and make them immovable.

Seats 17AF provide a view of the wing from the window.

Moving on to seats 18ABCDEF, which are located just behind the exit row, it’s worth mentioning that they come with certain restrictions. Due to their proximity to the emergency exit, these seats have limited recline capability. Furthermore, they may experience cooler temperatures, being closer to the exit door. Like seat 17AF, they also provide a view of the wing from the window.

The entire 19th row on the Jet2 A321 neo seat map is distinct as it is surrounded by exit rows both in front and behind it, creating a separate section within the cabin. Consequently, passengers in this row might experience cooler temperatures due to their proximity to the exit. However, seats 19ABCDEF offer extra legroom, though they share the same drawbacks as the front row, including the lack of under-seat storage and the tray table in the armrest, which reduces seat width and limits reclining. Similarly, seat 19AF provides a view of the wing from the window.

Now, let’s explore the following section, commencing with the 20th row. Seats 20ABCDEF offer more legroom, benefiting from the exit row just in front of them. However, it’s essential to be aware that under-seat storage is limited in these seats, and the tray tables present the same constraints as previously mentioned.

For those seated in 20AF, 21AF, 22AF, 23AF, and 24AF, the view from the window includes the aircraft’s wing.

In the case of seats 29BCDE, they form a distinct row on the A321 neo Jet2 seating chart flanked by exit rows both ahead and behind, which can result in cooler temperatures. Additionally, the seat recline in this section is restricted.

Moving on to the next section on the Jet2 A321 neo seating plan, which initiates with the 30th row, seats 30ABCDEF boast extra legroom due to the exit row located directly in front. Nevertheless, akin to previous sections, these seats lack under-seat storage, and the tray tables, embedded in the armrests, remain immovable, potentially reducing seat width. Meanwhile, seats 30AF may offer only a partial or missing window view.

Lastly, the final two rows of the Jet2 Airbus A321neo aircraft, rows 39 and 40, are situated in close proximity to the galley and lavatory. Furthermore, these seats in the last row experience limited reclining, as is common for rear-row seating configurations on the plane.

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