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Heathrow Terminal 3: Departures and Arrivals Guide

Heathrow HLR Terminal 3
Heathrow Terminal 3 stands as a bustling gateway to London, proudly serving as one of the premier hubs within the vast network of Heathrow Airport. Since its inauguration in 1961 under the name “The Oceanic,” this terminal has undergone significant transformations to meet the evolving demands of air travel. Renamed Terminal 3 in 1968, it has remained a pivotal point for global connectivity.

With its recent renovation in 2007, Terminal 3 now sprawls across an impressive expanse of nearly 1.1 million square feet, offering modern amenities and streamlined services to its passengers. Among its notable features is the distinction of hosting the first moving walkway in the United Kingdom, a testament to its pioneering spirit in enhancing passenger convenience.

In its journey towards modernisation, London Heathrow Terminal 3 has continually adapted to accommodate the latest advancements in aviation technology. The extensive £110 million refurbishment from 1987 to 1990 marked a significant milestone in its development, followed by the substantial investment of £105 million in 2006 to facilitate the operation of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, a testament to its commitment to supporting the latest aircraft innovations.

Today, LHR Terminal 3 stands as a vibrant hub of activity, catering to the needs of approximately 18 million travellers annually. Among its esteemed tenants are members of the International Airlines Group, including British Airways and Iberia, alongside other prominent airlines affiliated with the Oneworld alliance. Notably, Virgin Atlantic calls Terminal 3 its home base, further solidifying its status as a cornerstone of global air travel.

Its strategic location within Heathrow Airport ensures seamless connectivity to destinations worldwide, making it a preferred choice for travellers seeking efficiency and comfort. With its modern facilities, efficient services, and a diverse range of airlines, Heathrow Terminal 3 continues to uphold its reputation as a premier gateway to London and beyond.

Airlines Operating at Terminal 3 Heathrow

T3 Heathrow hosts a variety of airlines, with Virgin Atlantic as the main operator. Other major users include American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Iberia, and Qantas, mainly for long-haul flights. British Airways, Finnair, and Iberia handle short-haul flights from this terminal.

During the pandemic, Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport accommodated Air France and KLM after the closure of Terminal 4, but they returned to Terminal 4 in March 2023. Terminal 3 is a key hub for Oneworld alliance members such as American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, and SriLankan Airlines. British Airways also operates some flights from Terminal 3 since Iberia’s move in July 2022.

For SkyTeam alliance, Terminal 3 LHR hosts Aeroméxico, Delta Air Lines, Middle East Airlines, China Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. Delta consolidated its operations at Terminal 3 in 2016 to improve connections with partner Virgin Atlantic. Emirates is the primary non-aligned airline at Terminal 3, with other non-aligned carriers like Beijing Capital Airlines, Iran Air, Rwandair, and Vistara also serving from there.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Departures Timetable

This comprehensive Heathrow T3 Departures Timetable serves as a vital resource for travellers embarking on journeys from this bustling terminal. Specifically designed to provide passengers with crucial flight details, it ensures a seamless and organised departure process. Each entry within the timetable encompasses essential information, facilitating travellers’ navigation through their departure schedules with ease and efficiency.

To navigate through this Terminal 3 Heathrow departures timetable effectively, passengers can refer to the columns containing pertinent flight information. These include the scheduled departure time, the specific date of the flight (such as 24th April), the IATA code representing the destination airport, the destination city or airport, the unique flight number assigned by the airline, the name of the airline operating the flight, and the current status of the flight. The status column plays a pivotal role in providing real-time updates on flight departures, indicating whether the flight is on time or delayed, along with the estimated departure time. This ensures passengers stay informed and allows them to plan their time accordingly, ensuring they are present at the boarding gate promptly.

In essence, the Terminal 3 Departures Heathrow Timetable at Heathrow Airport not only streamlines the departure process but also enhances the overall travel experience for passengers. Its user-friendly layout and up-to-date information contribute to a stress-free journey, allowing travellers to embark on their adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

Passenger-Friendly Heathrow Departures Terminal 3

Departing from Heathrow Terminal 3 is an experience crafted for passenger convenience. Arriving by car, coach, or taxi, travellers are dropped off directly outside the terminal. Those arriving by train, underground, or bus are deposited at the central bus station between Terminals 2 and 3, with clear directions to departures from Heathrow Terminal 3.

The terminal is meticulously zoned from A to G for check-in, guiding passengers to the correct area according to their airline. Security checks are performed on the first floor, easily reached by lifts, escalators, or stairs above the check-in zones.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 departures area is interspersed with digital screens displaying live flight information, including gate numbers and boarding times. For more personalised navigation, travellers can use the ‘Heathrow Airport Guide’ app to plan their journey and receive live updates on their flight.

Intuitive visual symbols are employed throughout the terminal to facilitate navigation. There’s also special assistance available for those who may find the airport experience overwhelming, including passengers with sensory processing needs, ensuring a smooth passage through the terminal.

Customer service is a clear priority, with passenger ambassadors ready to answer queries and provide aid. Security procedures are communicated clearly, helping travellers to progress swiftly and without fuss.

For families and individuals seeking respite from the airport’s hustle, facilities such as the Soft Play Area and the Quiet Rest Area near gate 24 offer a sanctuary.

In essence, LHR T3 departures process is seamlessly orchestrated to ensure a tranquil and efficient beginning to any journey.

Heathrow Arrivals Terminal 3 Timetable

The Terminal 3 Heathrow Arrivals Timetable is an essential resource for passengers awaiting incoming flights. It provides detailed information about flights arriving at Terminal 3, helping passengers make informed plans for pick-ups and onward travel. Here’s an overview of what the timetable includes:

  • Time: Indicates the scheduled arrival time of each flight, ensuring passengers know when to expect the aircraft to land at Heathrow Terminal 3.
  • Date: Provides the specific date of the flight’s arrival, aiding passengers in confirming the correct day for their travel arrangements.
  • IATA: Lists the IATA airport code of the origin airport, facilitating easy identification of where the flight is arriving from.
  • Origin: Details the name of the city or airport from which the flight originates, offering passengers insight into the flight’s starting point.
  • Flight: Shows the unique flight number assigned by the airline to the incoming flight, allowing passengers to track their flight’s status and find it in the timetable.
  • Airline: Names the airline operating the incoming flight, helping passengers identify the carrier and access relevant services provided by the airline.
  • Status: Provides the current status of the flight upon arrival, such as whether it has landed on time, is delayed, or has any other updates. This real-time information is crucial for passengers planning their pick-up or connections.

Passengers can locate their specific incoming flight by referencing either the destination or the flight number, then reviewing the corresponding details to obtain updates on arrival time and status. Utilising the Heathrow T3 Arrivals Timetable, passengers can ensure they are well-prepared for the arrival of their flight and make any necessary arrangements based on the most current information available.

Navigating Heathrow Terminal 3 Arrivals

Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 3 is designed to be a straightforward process, accommodating passengers from the moment they disembark. Upon touchdown, aircraft are directed to piers where gates are numbered from 1 to 42. From there, clear signage efficiently guides passengers towards the arrivals and baggage reclaim areas.

For individuals with sensory sensitivities, the airport provides detailed guidance on what to expect during their journey through the terminal, including potential overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells. Practical advice is offered, such as the benefits of wearing sunglasses, using ear defenders, and considering exiting the plane last to avoid crowded situations, aiming to make the arrival process more manageable.

At the Heathrow arrivals Terminal 3 area, there are specific lanes designated for UK/EU passport holders and non-EU travellers, with e-passport gates available to expedite the process for eligible individuals. Information screens in the baggage reclaim area clearly indicate where to collect luggage, assisting passengers in locating their belongings swiftly.

For those requiring additional support, Heathrow Terminal 3 provides readily accessible help points and staff members, recognisable in purple uniforms, who are prepared to offer assistance with directions or any inquiries. This robust support system ensures that all passengers can navigate through the airport confidently and access help whenever necessary.

Getting to Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

Official Heathrow Terminal 3 address is Compass Centre Nelson Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 1QG, Great Britain.
Heathrow Terminal 3 - how to get

Train to Heathrow Terminal 3

Reaching Heathrow Terminal 3 by train is both convenient and cost-effective. The Heathrow Express service from London Paddington provides quick journeys, departing every 15 minutes throughout the week. Children under 15 travel for free, and inter-terminal trains between Terminals 1-2-3, 4, and 5 are complimentary. While Oyster cards aren’t valid, booking in advance with Trainline can save you money. London Paddington offers excellent connections to other London stations and major UK cities, making it an accessible option for travellers heading to Terminal 3.

Tube to Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow Terminal 3 enjoys easy access via the Piccadilly line, providing regular service to central London and beyond. Trains run every ten minutes, ensuring a swift journey of approximately 50 minutes to central London. Operating from 05:00 to 23:30, with a Night Tube service available on weekends, the Piccadilly line offers reliable transportation. Fares start at £5.50, making it an affordable option for travellers.

Car and Taxi to Heathrow Terminal 3

To reach Heathrow Terminal 3, you can opt for driving or taking a taxi, both reliable options. The terminal is conveniently located near Terminal 2 within the airport’s precinct. Drivers can exit the M4 highway at junction 4 or the M25 at junction 15, with clear road signs guiding the way. Using the TW6 1QG postcode for navigation can also assist in locating the terminal.

Another transport option is the bus, with the Central Bus Station serving both local buses and long-distance coaches at Heathrow. Operating 24/7, the bus station is located within a 10-minute walk from Terminal 3, providing convenient access for travellers.

Car Hire Heathrow Terminal 3

If you’ve planned to hire a car, you can complete your final formalities and paperwork at the car hire desks, situated to the left of the exit. Several companies, such as Alamo, Budget, Avis, Enterprise Europcar, National, and Hertz, enable customers to drive away directly from the terminal. However, Dollar, Sixt, and Thrifty offer shuttle services to the collection point, where travellers can obtain their vehicles.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Map

Below, you’ll find the interactive Heathrow T3 map, designed to assist you in navigating your way from the Station to Terminal 3.

Ways to Get from Heathrow T3 to Other Terminals

For Heathrow Terminal 3 directions, the nearest terminal is T2, conveniently reachable within 10 minutes via the pedestrian underpass. You can navigate between the terminals by following signs or using the interactive airport map. If you need special assistance due to mobility issues, feel free to request it.

To access the fourth and fifth terminals, take a shuttle train from Heathrow Central Station, positioned between Terminals 2 and 3. These trains operate every fifteen minutes. Remember, for shuttle train travel, you’ll need a free Inter-Terminal Transfer ticket, obtainable from special machines at the station. Alternatively, you can use a Transport for London Oyster card or contactless payment card for shuttle train travel for up to 20 minutes.

Opting for the Tube will be even quicker, with an average journey of 16 minutes. Passengers using a Transport for London Oyster card or contactless payment card are eligible for a free transfer.

Popular Heathrow Terminal 3 Shops

Heathrow Terminal 3 boasts a diverse range of popular shops, catering to every traveller’s needs and desires. Among the luxury brands, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. offer exquisite fashion items and accessories, perfect for those seeking high-end indulgence. For those interested in premium fragrances and cosmetics, such Terminal 3 Heathrow shops as Jo Malone and Haute Perfumerie provide a luxurious shopping experience.

Fashion-forward travellers can explore such shops at Heathrow Terminal 3 as Ted Baker, Kurt Geiger, and Paul Smith for stylish apparel and accessories, while Sunglass Hut and Sunglasses Boutique offer a wide selection of trendy eyewear. Superdry appeals to those with a penchant for casual yet fashionable clothing.
Heathrow terminal 3 shops
For everyday essentials and travel necessities, Boots, M&S Simply Food, and WHSmith are convenient stops offering a variety of products, from toiletries to snacks and reading materials. Travellers in need of foreign currency exchange can visit Travelex, while Watches of Switzerland provide a selection of luxury timepieces.

Glorious Britain showcases quintessentially British souvenirs and gifts, perfect shops in Heathrow Terminal 3 for travellers looking to take home a piece of British charm. Lastly, for those with a taste for fine spirits, World of Whiskies offers an extensive selection of whiskies from around the world, complemented by World Duty Free’s array of tax-free goods. Whether you’re shopping for luxury goods or travel essentials, Terminal 3 has something for everyone.

Popular Heathrow Terminal 3 Restaurants

T3 offers a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes and preferences. The Terminal 3 Heathrow restaurants can broadly be divided into three groups: coffee shops, casual dining, and specialty eateries.

For travellers looking for a quick coffee or a light snack, there are several familiar and welcoming coffee shops:

  • Black Sheep Coffee: Known for its unique approach to coffee and a variety of blends, perfect for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Caffè Nero: Offers a cosy ambiance, ideal for relaxing before a flight with a coffee and a pastry.
  • Joe’s Coffee House: A friendly spot to grab a freshly brewed coffee and some comfort food to go.

For those with a bit more time to sit down and eat, there are several casual dining options:

  • Spuntino: This eatery provides a relaxed setting with a menu inspired by American comfort food, including burgers and cocktails.
  • The Curator: Known for its varied menu that combines fresh, quality ingredients into hearty meals.
  • wagamama: A favourite for fans of Asian cuisine, offering a range of noodle and rice dishes in a minimalist setting.

For a more unique or refined dining experience, there is some specialty Heathrow T3 restaurants:

  • Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar: Ideal for seafood lovers, offering luxurious options like caviar and smoked salmon.
  • The Evergreen Bar & Restaurant: Offers a comfortable dining environment with a focus on sustainable and wholesome food choices.
  • The Oceanic: Provides a sophisticated dining experience with a menu inspired by the flavours of the ocean.

Whether you’re in a rush or have time to spare, a variety of restaurants at Terminal 3 Heathrow and other dining options ensures that every traveller can find something to suit their palate before their flight.

The Closest Heathrow Terminal 3 Hotels

There are several comfortable hotels near Heathrow Terminal 3, making accommodation easily accessible for travellers.

DoubleTree Heathrow Hotel, just 2 miles from the airport, provides a comfortable stay with convenient access to the Tube, M4, and M25 highways, as well as central London. The H7 bus offers a direct link from Terminal 3 to the hotel in just 20 minutes.

Renaissance Hotel Heathrow, situated only half a mile from the airport, is the closest and the best hotel for Heathrow Terminal 3. Recently renovated, it offers luxurious accommodation. Travellers can take the H2 Hoppa bus, which runs regularly from Terminal 3 to the hotel.

Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, a 4-star inn located a short walk from the airport, offers convenient access for passengers. Red public buses 105, 111, 140, or 285 provide free transfers to the Park Inn, provided the driver is informed of the hotel reservation.

Whether seeking affordable or luxurious options, travellers can find great hotels near Terminal 3 Heathrow to suit their needs.

  • DoubleTree Heathrow Hotel
    745 Bath Rd, Hounslow TW5 9QE, UK
    +44 20 8564 4450
  • Renaissance Hotel Heathrow
    Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AQ, UK
    +44 20 8897 6363
  • Park Inn by Radisson Hotel
    Bath Rd, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0DU, UK
    +44 20 8759 6611

Heathrow Terminal 3 Lounges

Heathrow Terminal 3 boasts two exceptional lounges, recognised for their excellence in providing travellers with a premium pre-flight experience.
Club Aspire Lounge near Heathrow
Firstly, Club Aspire, awarded the prestigious title of “World’s Leading Airport Lounge” in the World Travel Awards 2021, offers a serene atmosphere and comprehensive amenities. Open daily from 05:00 to 22:00, this Heathrow Terminal 3 lounge provides complimentary light meals and snacks, along with a range of soft and alcoholic drinks. Guests can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi, digital reading materials, and access to quiet zones and business facilities. With prices starting from £34.99 per person, Club Aspire ensures a relaxing start to any journey.

Secondly, No.1 Lounges offers travellers a sanctuary away from the bustling terminal. Open daily from 05:00 to 22:00, this lounge provides a peaceful environment with complimentary light meals, snacks, and a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks. Guests can also enjoy movies, major sports games, and access to over 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines. With prices from £34 per person, No.1 Lounges ensures a comfortable and enjoyable pre-flight experience.

Both Heathrow Airport lounges Terminal 3 welcome children and offer a maximum stay of three hours before flight departure. Smoking is not permitted, and guests must remain with their baggage at all times for security reasons. Whether seeking relaxation or productivity, Heathrow T3 lounges provide travellers with the perfect start to their journey.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Parking

Heathrow Terminal 3 car parking
For travellers departing from the LHR, a range of Heathrow parking Terminal 3 options are available, including Short Stay, Long Stay, and Meet & Greet parking services. All car parks at Terminal 3 provide both convenience and security, ensuring peace of mind for passengers.

Situated near Terminal 2, Terminal 3 is centrally located within Heathrow Airport. Travellers can easily reach it by following the signs or using the postcode for satellite navigation. Exiting the M4 motorway at junction 4 or the M25 at junction 15 provides direct access.

For parking convenience, travellers have various parking Heathrow Terminal 3 options to choose from. These include Heathrow 5 Star Meet and Greet, Heathrow Aero Park & Ride, Heathrow Good to Go Park and Ride (Terminals 2 and 3), Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3, Heathrow Business Parking T2 and T3, and many more.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Drop Off

At Heathrow Terminal 3, a £5 charge applies each time a vehicle enters the drop-off area. The Terminal 3 Heathrow drop off, conveniently located outside the terminal, offers a quick and easy way to drop off passengers. Payment can be made online or by phone for a single drop-off or for multiple drop-offs in advance. Please note that payment cannot be made at airport ticket machines or within the drop-off zones. Vehicles must not be left unattended, as they will be removed by the police. Remember, each time you re-enter the drop-off area, the charge applies again.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Short Stay

Heathrow Terminal 3 Short Stay car park is just a 2-minute walk from the terminals, perfect for meeting or dropping off passengers and ideal for short trips and business meetings. Advanced booking is available for durations over one hour up to two hours before arrival, subject to availability. Please note that currently, EV charging facilities are not provided in the Heathrow Terminal 3 parking Short Stay, so it’s advisable to ensure your electric vehicle is adequately charged before arrival. However, local charging stations with fast and rapid-charging facilities are available nearby. With quick access to the terminals, 24/7 security patrols, and no need to hand in keys, it offers convenience and peace of mind for travellers. Cancellation is also possible up to 2 hours before the booked arrival time.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Parking Long Stay

Heathrow Terminal 3 Long Stay parking is perfect for trips lasting a few days or more. Book in advance or drive up to any Long Stay car park. Your registration will be recognised at the entry barrier, and a ticket will be printed with your details. Proceed to the designated zone once the barrier opens. Request a pick-up at the bus stops using the intercom points. Enjoy the convenience of shuttle buses to and from the terminals, great value for longer trips, and 24/7 automated barrier access and security patrols. Plus, cancellation is possible up to 2 hours before your booked arrival time.

terminal 3 heathrow parking

Purple Parking Heathrow Terminal 3

Purple Parking at Heathrow Terminal 3 (Velvet Parkig) offers the ultimate convenience for travellers. Upon arrival, their experienced team conducts a swift visual inspection of your vehicle and takes your car key, ensuring a seamless airport experience. Upon return, your car will be waiting in reserved spaces at the Short Stay car park, just a short walk from the terminal, without the need for a call. Enjoy hassle-free Heathrow T3 parking with quick access to the terminals. Plus, benefit from cancellation up to 2 hours before your booked arrival time and receive a 100% discount on the Terminal Drop-Off Charge.

Best Meet and Greet Heathrow Terminal 3

For travellers seeking convenience at parking at Heathrow Terminal 3, Best Meet and Greet Parking stands out. Customers simply drive to the Short Stay car park, where they can leave their keys with the experienced team. From there, the staff take charge, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With no need for transfers, passengers enjoy swift access to the terminals. State-of-the-art drop-off points equipped with 360-degree damage limitation cameras provide added security. Vehicles are stored on-site with regular patrols for peace of mind. Plus, there’s no waiting for your car upon return. However, passengers should note the ULEZ charge if their vehicle is non-compliant and a different exit terminal is selected.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Pick Up

Heathrow Pick Up Terminal 3 service offers convenient options for short stays and passenger collection. For visits under 24 hours, simply drive in, take a ticket, and pay at the pay-on-foot machines. Remember, picking up from the terminal forecourts is prohibited, with unattended vehicles subject to removal by police.

Short Stay car parks, just a 2-minute walk from the terminals, provide near-terminal locations for quick access. Drive-up prices apply, with rates ranging from £7.50 for 0-29 minutes to £17.00 for 1-2 hours. Blue badge holders enjoy 2 hours of free parking.

Long Stay car parks offer free parking for the first 30 minutes, with prices starting at £9.40 for 30 minutes to 1 hour 59 minutes. Shuttle buses run every 10-15 minutes for easy transfers.

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