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TUI Plane Seating Plan

TUI Airways Overview

The TUI airline receives assistance and resources from one of the world’s largest travel companies because it is a member of the TUI Group. Formerly Thomson Airways, the airline changed its name to TUI Airways in 2017. Now it serves millions of passengers annually from the London Gatwick Airport, its primary base, and others across the UK.

With an armada of roughly 60 aeroplanes, TUI Aviation depends on Boeing 737 and 787 planes to move travellers. Economy and Premium Economy are the two classes on TUI aeroplanes, but they bear different names. The Premium Economy class is TUI Business Class, called Premium Club, while the basic cabin is Economy Club.

TUI Airways

The TUI planes inside seating and aesthetics are comfortable. Passengers can take advantage of various services and amenities, such as extra legroom, priority boarding, and meals served during the flight, depending on the class of travel.

Numerous destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas are included in the extensive route network of TUI Airways. Little wonder it is a popular choice for travellers seeking short-and-long-haul flights across continents.

TUI Airways Travel Classes

The well-known British airline TUI Airways serves a wide range of travel requirements with its extensive network of short- and long-haul flights to worldwide destinations. The airline takes great pride in providing its customers with an outstanding travel experience in any of its three classes: Premium, Premium Economy, and Economy.


Economy Class on TUI Airways is ideal for those on a tight budget because it offers a standard travel experience without sacrificing quality. With a maximum baggage allowance of 20 kilograms, passengers can anticipate a smooth check-in and boarding process.
Beverages, meals, and various in-flight entertainment options are provided on individual screens. Based on the TUI seat plan, passengers on the TUI aeroplane can travel in comfort thanks to the standard seating that includes headrests that can be adjusted.

TUI Premium Economy

TUI Premium Economy

The Premium Economy Class offers passengers a more luxurious travel experience without sacrificing quality. Priority check-in and boarding services are the same for Premium Class passengers and a baggage allowance of up to 25 kilograms. In addition, the journey is made more comfortable by the spacious seating, extra legroom, and reclining seats with movable headrests and footrests according to the TUI plane seating plan.


The Premium class with several exclusive benefits for passengers seeking a luxurious and opulent travel experience. A smooth start to the journey is made possible by priority check-in and boarding, and there is room for an additional 30 kg of luggage. In the Premium seats TUI section, passengers enjoy a fine selection of complimentary beverages and meals and a wide range of options for in-flight entertainment on their screens.

TUI Premium Club seats journey is enjoyable due to the reclining seats, adjustable headrests and footrests, extra legroom, and spacious and comfortable seating. In these seats, which are the equivalent of the TUI First Class seats, there are USB charging ports and an amenity kit with toiletries, earplugs, and eye masks.

Booking TUI aircraft on this Aviation route’s flights is simple and bother-free. The airline’s website is where passengers can book their flights online, and the site is easy-to-navigate for tech enthusiasts and neutrals.

There, they can choose their preferred class of travel and pay for their reservation using various payment options. Passengers can also make flight reservations over the phone or through a travel agency.

TUI Extra Legroom Seats

TUI seats with extra legroom are popular with travellers who value space and comfort on their flights. These seats have more legroom and are typically found in the rows closest to the exit or other areas of the plane with more space. They make it easier for passengers to stretch out and relax while they travel.

If you didn’t already know, extra legroom seats TUI has more seat pitch than other cabins—two extra inches—on all Thomson flights. You can choose to book extra legroom seats. With 18 seats, you’ll likewise have a more incredible determination to look over in contrast with additional room seats. As a result, securing seats together will be simpler if you are travelling with your family.

The Thomson Dreamliner extra legroom seats are in rows 31 to 36 at the rear of the plane, and these seats will vary depending on the aircraft you’re flying on.

The TUI seats with more legroom typically cost more than the standard seats, but many passengers find the extra comfort and benefit well worth it. They are an excellent choice for passengers with medical conditions requiring additional legroom or those who want more space during the flight.

TUI Extra Legroom Seats

TUI Airlines Extra Space Seats

TUI extra space seats are for emergency exits; there are no seats directly in front of them, but as before, only certain people can sit in them.

The TUI planes seating plan shows that rows 10 and 30 on the TUI flights have extra space seats. The 30th row’s side window seats have a lot of legroom, whereas row 10 consists of seats close to the bulkhead. These extra space seats are ideal for those looking to fly comfortably.

You’ll have more options if you go behind a bulkhead, behind a dividing wall, or close to doors for emergency exits. Since there is no seat in front of you, you must store your personal belongings in the provided overhead lockers.

Please be aware that these seats are typically near the restroom, so you might see people waiting near you. But don’t worry; the cabin crew will stop passengers from using the extra space seats as a walkway.

Again, the aircraft’s layout determines where these seats are, but if you are travelling on Thomson’s Dreamliner, they will be in rows 10 and 30. Each person typically pays around £25 for these seats.

Your TUI seat allocation also includes extra space seats, which is a great addition when there are limited seats. You’ll have a better chance of getting the best seats if you book early.

TUI Premium Seats: Upgrades

TUI Airways Travel Classes

TUI allows customers to select their flight seats for an additional fee. This service ensures that passengers will be seated with other passengers and lets them choose their preferred seat location. Families or groups that want to sit together on the plane can benefit significantly from this feature.

To take advantage of the TUI select your seat feature, travellers should follow a standard process. They must first access the “Manage My Booking” section via the TUI website or mobile app. They can select the flight for which they want a seat. Then, they will be presented with seat options based on the route, aircraft type, and travel class.

The available seats and the prices that come with them may vary, but passengers can look over them and pick the one that works best for them.

When making a TUI seat selection, travellers should pay the seat selection fee to affirm their decision. Credit cards and other online payment options are accepted payment methods for the fee. However, it is essential to remember that you cannot choose all seats, and some seats may require an additional fee due to their location or unique characteristics.

Select Seat on a TUI Plane

TUI is a well-known travel company that offers flights to various international locations. On some of its flights, TUI offers premium seat upgrades to its customers to make their travels more pleasurable and comfortable. The passengers’ overall experience is enhanced by these upgrades’ additional benefits and features.

The additional legroom TUI seating plan provided by premium seats is one of the most significant advantages. Particularly on long-haul flights, this additional space can significantly improve passenger comfort.

The priority check-in and boarding that TUI premium seats provide is yet another advantage. Before the rest of the passengers, premium-seat passengers can skip the lines and board the plane first, allowing them to settle in and get comfortable. Because it can help them save time and avoid stress, this can be especially helpful for people with a limited schedule.

Premium catering services are available to passengers in TUI airplane premium seats. During their flight, they can select from various delectable meals, snacks, and beverages frequently served on real crockery and glassware. In addition to enhancing the overall luxury and comfort of the flight, the food and beverage options are typically higher quality and more diverse than those offered to standard passengers.

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