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Boeing 737-800 TUI Seating Plan

TUI Boeing 737 General Information

Boeing supplies TUI with narrow-body planes straight from the company’s factory in the US. The new Boeing 737 TUI uses will serve as extra aircraft to handle the demand placed on their earlier 727s for short travel distances.

But not everything about this new aircraft is the first of its kind. For instance, it still has the same cabin width and seating pattern as the Boeing 707. It also has a hydro-mechanical flight system. A look at the TUI 737 seat plan will highlight these resemblances to the keen eye. However, the new 737 has ditched two of the original four underwing turbofans in the engine compartment.

This Boeing 737 plane was first used by Lufthansa in 1968 but has undergone modifications since then. The first was a body-lengthening alteration that birthed the Boeing 737-100/200, which used low-bypass engines and served up to 130 passengers. The next upgrade to TUI 737 was called the 737 Classic and had CFM56-3 turbofans powerful enough to bear the weight of 168 passengers at most.

By the end of the 90s, the ‘Next Generation’ of 737s came out; Boeing assigned this name to the 600 to 900 variants. Later, Boeing made a revised Sky Interior available for the Next Generation. Its standout properties were sculpted walls, upgraded window fittings, more headspace, and LED ambient lighting. These planes had a wider wingspan and an improved cockpit with modern avionics. The cabins hold between 108 and 215 seats. According to Boeing 737 seating plan TUI most recent versions can carry slightly fewer passengers at maximum capacity, but they have high bypass turbofans, hence their 737 MAX names.

Boeing had delivered over 11,000 737s to different airlines by the start of 2023 and is still fulfilling more orders.

Boeing 737 800 TUI Overview

TUI Boeing 738-189

The TUI Boeing 738-189, also known as the Boeing 737 800 TUI aircraft, is a well-liked model for medium-haul flights built to provide 189 passengers maximum comfort and efficiency. The different naming system is because the Boeing 738 is a shorthand form of writing 737-800s, and the 189 at the end signifies the plane’s passenger capacity. Boeing 737-800 TUI, a famous aircraft with a narrow body, offers a variety of amenities to passengers. Seating, entertainment, food and beverages, WiFi, and comfort are among these features.

The TUI Airways’ Boeing TUI 737 800 can accommodate 189 passengers in one cabin. The seats are organized in a 3-3 design with a pitch of 28–30 inches. Movies, television shows, and music are just in-flight entertainment for passengers. They can use the screens or their devices to access the entertainment system.

TUI Airways is proud to offer complimentary food and beverages to its customers. The airline’s in-flight catering team carefully prepares delicious meals, snacks, and beverages to satisfy passengers’ cravings. During the flight, passengers can also select from a variety of snacks and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, depending on their seat in Boeing 738 189 TUI.

The TUI Airways seat Boeing 738 189 has WiFi, so passengers can stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers while they are in the air. It is in addition to the complimentary food and beverages.

Passengers can enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the flight to keep up with their work, watch their favorite show, or chat with loved ones based on the seating chart.

Boeing 738-189 TUI (737-800): Best Seats

Boeing 737-800 TUI Seating Plan


seat plan key

While most passengers enjoy gazing out the airplane window during the flight, those in seat 11A will notice the missing window. Passengers in the Boeing 738 189 TUI who specifically chose this seat for the window view may be disappointed. Based on the seating plan, those occupying seats 12AF may find that the windows in front of them are out of alignment, which could hinder their ability to see outside.

The Economy Class Exit Row of Boeing 738 189 TUI seating plan at 1ABC and 2DEF seats is an excellent option for travelers who want more legroom. Because these seats are close to the emergency exit, passengers have more room to stretch their legs. However, they should be aware that these seats are close to the galley and restroom, posing a potential inconvenience on the flight. These TUI 737-800 seats have a tray table integrated into the armrest, resulting in a fixed armrest and a slight width narrowing. In addition, due to safety regulations, passengers may be unable to store their belongings on the floor during takeoff and landing.

Boeing 738 189 TUI

According to the seat plan, 14ABCDEF in the Boeing 738 189 seats TUI have limited recline capabilities and are immediately behind the exit row. These seats are in front of the exit row, preventing passengers from fully reclining seating. Before choosing them in the TUI 737-800 interior, passengers should know that they may still offer some comfort.

In contrast, seats 1ABC, 2DEF, as well as 15ABCDEF in the TUI Boeing 737-800 provide additional legroom. However, the exit row behind these seats also affects them, limiting their reclining ability. In addition, during takeoff and landing, any floor storage may not be available, as there were seating 1ABC and 2DEF.

Seats 16ABCD of the TUI Boeing 737 800, which are in the exit row, may be an option for passengers who require more legroom. These seats offer more space for extending their legs, settling on them a decent decision for travelers who are worth solace and comfort during their flight.

Passengers in seats 32 ABCDEF in the TUI 737-800 are at its rear. In addition, due to their proximity to the restroom, these seats may cause some disruption during the flight. However, despite these potential drawbacks, these seats may still provide a comfortable flying experience for those traveling short distances or on a budget.

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