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RadarBox24 – A Leader on the Top Flight

RadarBox24 — one of the biggest online airplane tracker

Now with AirNav RadarBox not only James Bond is able to keep an eye on flights data remotely in real-time from all corners of the world.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance − Broadcast) is a technology for tracking aircrafts data e.g. its altitude, speed, direction and an airplane number while its flight.

AirNav is the only one ADS-B network where all framework parts were manufactured by one company, thus for its quality sky is a limit.

ADS-B receivers:

  • AirNav RadarBox Pro
  • AirNav RadarBox 3D

Streaming software:

  • AirNav RadarBox Windows Software

Server software:

  • AirNav flight Data Engine works 24/7 for the last 5 years; is used to processing over 20 million ADS-B messages per day

Finally, we have moved to the crux of the matter − RadarBox24. In general terms, it is a service allowing tracking of any kind of aircrafts’ movement in the airspace. In particular, it is essential for air-traffic controllers due to their job because service obtains more than 20 million messages per day which allow it to complete a detailed online map. RadarBox24 facilitates any customer in obtaining essential details about an aircraft through his/her computer or smartphone in any place at any time.

RadarBox24 monitors

Airline companies

How does RadarBox 24 work?

RadarBox receivers are made to distribute real-time flight data from zillion AirNav servers around the world. On the whole, they are pleasantly cheap (mainly for free), simple in usage and provide data from reliable sources. Note that the RadarBox service retranslates only aircrafts with Credited working ADS-B-transmitters on the board! They are installed on predominantly all civilian airlines planes in contrast to military and state administration aircraft.
To get an online overview of vessel parameters summary: total flight time, speed, and altitude, you should:

  • Navigate around the map on the RadarBox24 site front page;
  • Choose the interested area and to make a close up because it covers a very broad one around your location at given moment;
  • Click the ‘Magnify’ button a plus (+) icon, it will reduce a flight number and give you a clearer view; you need to adjust the map to track the particular flight that you are interested in;

    RadarBox24 also provides its service in the mobile version. When using RadarBox24 on a mobile device, you can zoom in the usual way using the touchscreen.

  • Click on the aircraft in order to get to know its data. If it is a free version be ready to upload a page every 10 minutes.

The Box24 APP has a really cool feature − the skyview, it means that with the help of smartphone you can point at any flight that is passing overhead and immediately get information about it. It is available for iOS devices for $4.99, also you can check it out online for free, but you will not get the skyview. Moreover, you can ask Siri on your iPhone what planes are floating above you at anytime and it will provide you with a list of flights in addition to a position map.

As was mentioned above, ADS-B – it is a system for aircraft movement (turning, climbing, descending over a dedicated radio link) and data (identification, speed, altitude) broadcast. Today it is commonly used by amateurs and professionals in 150 countries. Flight number, altitude, speed are upgraded in real time on your computer. The ADS-B system collects and transmits data in the following way:

Service processes the received data and provides the user with an online flight map.

The ground stations fix the signal and redirect it to the server.

An ADS-B transponder that broadcasts all flight information is pre-installed on board.

In-flight aircraft over satellite communication determines its current coordinates.

What are Airnav RadarBox 24 website capabilities?

On the main page of the Airnav RadarBox website, there is a map showing all airplanes in the air in a current moment.

The screen is divided into two major sections, the online map and information in the table. You can scroll and zoom any area on the Earth. The information area gives an access to live and network aircraft lists and to Alerting and Fleetwatch displays. Also, there is a search bar where you can write necessary flight name.

By hovering the cursor on the aircraft symbols, data blocks will appear with the following data:

  • an airplane side number;
  • an aircraft type;
  • cities of departure and landing in the IATA.

If you click on the airplane image, on the left side of the page a panel will appear, which provides a more detailed report containing the following info:

  • a flight number;
  • an airline name;
  • a boarding number;
  • departure and arrival time (local time) and delays;
  • total flight time (local time);
  • total distance;
  • an aircraft type and capacity;
  • flight altitude;
  • latitude and longitude coordinates;
  • potential noise pollution (flight noise);
  • details on the departure city and destination airport;
  • visual route and view from the cockpit.

While tracking a particular plane it is convenient to hide all other flights from the map, so set the display to show only this flight. Also, you can follow the direct connection between the plane and its destination. Consequently, you can use Box24 to see the distance the plane has already passed and how far it still has to go.

RadarBox24 covering – what can it track?

Airnav RadarBox has covered almost all Europe territory − 90% and has also a profound coverage on other continents. Online data comes from RadarBox and other modes receivers like in the USA where in addition to ADS-B receivers FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) data is used directly.

In total, the service tracks 31,187 vessels of 943 airlines, following flights over 182 countries and the operation of 8,131 airports.

On the ground of this massive data, Box24 creates its online map.

Who uses RadarBox24?

Box24 has a broad target audience because it can assist anybody in any case:

  • Those, who sees off somebody on the plane
    relatives and colleagues can find out distance and the exact time of its arrival at a destination;
  • Tourists
    on the move can check out when the aircraft is leaving;
  • Enthusiasts
    for those it is a hobby, they just monitor the real-time situation with flights;
  • Those, who are going on vacation
    can look for places that will follow their itinerary;
  • Commercial companies
    that use Radarbox to request operational info on the plane movement.

RadarBox24 back in dates – history of the service

Let’s return to the roots of AirNav to prove this bold statement. The first and foremost, AirNav System is a pioneer that created a tool allowing customers to display aircraft data via the Internet. After that, RadarBox becomes its successor and improves this idea involving ADS-B − a brand-new system of aircraft reporting. It provides a worldwide view of flights and much wider coverage area than standard radar. Aviation is a fast-growing industry that is constantly improving. Recently, flight radar data have been available only to professionals, but today, thanks to RadarBox24, it is widely accessible.

About 2000, ADS-B successfully replaced radar (which was created in Britain and stands for Radio Detection and Ranging) attracting with its lower prize and additional technical benefits. Today, ADS-B signal captures an aircraft’s category, location, speed, altitude, and flight number. As a result, ATC (Air Traffic Control) also as other planes, both in the air and on the ground, and even satellites can receive ADS-B signal with all essential info about an aircraft.

Today RadarBox maps are already optionally available in 3D and 2D display based on Google Earth mapping. Also, it is possible to get into a cockpit and savour the view from there or check out all info about a vessel through your phone pointing it at any flight, so-called the skyview. And it is not the end! But how did the story begin?

In those times AirNav Systems produced simply designed software to track planes manually over oceanic areas and monitor airspace.

Now RadarBox offers a complete set of online flight tracking and monitoring tools for both professionals and amateurs. Currently, 15 000 followers track in 150 countries. AirNav had contacts with National Aeronautocs Athority NASA, Discovery Channel, FedEx, Swissport. Because AirNav is used to advocating standards of high quality and innovative approach. This position has been highly recognized and widely covered in mass media.

The current AirNav project is connected with the space-stationed ADS-B in 2018. Any obstacles will not influence signals transmission, thus:

  • it will be possible to track an aircraft even above oceans
  • natural phenomenon will not hinder the signal
  • a picture will be more complete and precise
  • aircraft will not need any special equipment on the board
  • instead of FAA/ICAO/EASA customers can track their fleets through RadarBox24.com Business accounts

What RadarBox24 can track?

An ADS-B transponder (due to its radio frequency − 1090 MHz) allows receiving info about aircrafts from 155 to 280 mi. The most popular are:

  • Airbus models: A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A359, A388
  • Boeing: B7333, B734, B737, B738, B739, B763, B772, B778, B752, B744, B77L, B789, B77W
  • Bombardier: DH8D, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9
  • Cessna: C172, C56X
  • China-Russia Model: CR79
  • Embraer: E145, E170, E190
  • Royal Air Maroc: AT75, AT76

RadarBox24 — examples of practical usage

Operational reports of the air radar are the best solution for all those who need current or archival information on an aircraft movement.

Radarbox24 is successfully used by the largest airlines, airports, and research centers operating around the world because it has an access to the world’s biggest real-time flight position database. The service provides access to data from your server around the clock, without days off. However, it can come in use not only for professionals but also for common people.

In case your flight has been delayed a couple of hours ago and you do not know where your plane is now, the airline does not provide you with any details, check up Air Nav Radar Box. Here you can track a necessary plane by its registration number and look up what has happened. Perhaps, it ran out of a schedule from the previous flight.

AirNav Systems is the closest you can be to real world aviation staying at home or in a waiting area in the airport due to next-generation Radar decoding.

As an Airnav RadarBox customer, you can order access to the data:

  • ASDI Data Access
  • RadarBox Network Data Access
  • RadarBox Hardware Real-Time Data Access

RadarBox24 video records

On the Internet, you can already find loads of videos from the Radarbox service on topics:

  • education,
  • description of the service work,
  • entertainment,
  • dedicated to some significant events.

It is extremely easy to record and download a video from the Radarbox website. Any recording video from the screen program can be used for it, for example, Icecream Screen Recorder.

So, if you have noticed, for example, weird figures in the sky that are worth seeing and you would like to share this find with online audience, post it on YouTube or an ‘aircraft fans’ public.

RadarBox24 archives and statistics

You need to click the History section, in case you are searching for real-time or historical flight data. This page will provide you with the most reliable available flight information from FAA, ASDI (US and Canadian airspace) server, RadarBox Network (worldwide coverage), and RadarBox Hardware divided into categories:

  • flights;
  • registration;
  • airports;
  • airlines;
  • aircraft models;
  • emergencies.

It is also possible to find in the flight record or aircrafts that notified about some difficulties during a flight with a precise time and coordinates of this occasion.

Free information is available for a period of 7 days for regular accounts. Paid subscription owners can receive archival data for a period from 30 to 365 days.

Free RadarBox24 services

Regarding your profession and a range of interests, you are free to choose from several options for how long to track and what info to receive during a chosen period of time.

In order to find any necessary flight, you should fill its number, airport or city in the search box. However, not all details are available for free, some info is blocked and indicated with a little padlock icon on the sites.


Without payment you can monitor a flight for 10 min. and then you have to reload a page or to purchase a paid version which allows using a service from an hour to an unlimited period. Also, you see only a part of an online map.

For a common user only general flight info like altitude, speed, and location is provided; also there are time limit and ads.


Except extra time a customer receives an access to archive data, a full online map vision, a list of not 5 but 50 aircrafts and provides an advantage of AirNav Systems purchase at a discount. With the paid account all filters are available including aircraft speed and vertical aircraft speed, radar type, speed, and altitude.


  • $2.45 monthly/$24.50 yearly.
  • Customized for aircraft enthusiasts.
  • Get access to the premium APP, filters and doesn’t have time-outs.


  • $7.95 monthly/$79.50 yearly.
  • It is convenient for professionals: pilots, ATC controllers, and dispatchers; consists of weather layers, SkyVector, ATC Boundaries, NavAids.


  • $39.95 monthly/$399.50 yearly.
  • It is designed for airports and airlines. This offer includes exclusive fleet tracker, access to RAW, historic flight data.

Don’t miss a flight with Airnav RadarBox24!