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Ryanair Baggage Allowance

Ryanair is one of the leading European airlines that operate in 38 countries and offer low-cost flight services. Based in 1985, Ryanair has managed to earn the reputation of a good carrier for affordable international flights that are quite popular with passengers who travel on a limited budget. Now, passengers praise Ryanair for cheap tickets that look twice tempting in comparison with those sold by Lufthansa or Air France. Yet, before flying with Ryanair, you should take a closer look at their policy not to end up spending more money than you were going to.

All low-cost airlines normally set up a contradictory policy that let them charge an extra fee to passengers on condition they fail to abide by policy rules. Consequently, those individuals who are not aware of what Ryanair hand luggage should look like have the best chance to get into trouble before they board a plane.

Ryanair Hand Luggage

Ryanair Baggage
The check-in is a challenging process for many travellers. Though Ryanair allows travellers to do it online, you still need to know all the rules for having your Ryanair cabin bag approved. To avoid problems with security officers at the airport, you should have good knowledge of what you are allowed and not allowed to carry on board.


According to Ryanair baggage policy, each passenger is permitted to carry one small bag. If you are unable to put all the essentials in one small bag, you should pay for Priority boarding that gives you the right to have bigger Ryanair hand luggage. See to it that your cabin baggage complies with all the baggage rules.

The weight of hand baggage must not go beyond 10 kg.

Free Ryanair cabin bag size must not surpass the following dimensions:

  • Height — 40 cm
  • Width — 20 cm
  • Depth — 25 cm

If you fail to meet the requirements, the airline will charge you €11 per every extra kg.

However, a Priority Boarding passenger can have a standard bag and an additional one that must comply with the following dimensions:

  • Height — 55 cm
  • Width — 40 cm
  • Depth — 20 cm

The price of Priority Boarding is dependent on the time you purchase this service. The earlier you buy Priority status, the lower the price for Priority Boarding is. For instance, if you purchase it at the airport, you will have to pay the highest price of all possible options. On the contrary, if you a thoughtful person, you book this service ahead of your flight and pay almost half the price.

Permitted Items

Permitted Items Ryanair
Ryanair’s official website does not provide an exact list of items that can be carried on board by travellers. If there is no defined Ryanair baggage allowance, you should use your common sense to judge what things are normal to put into your cabin bag.

Normally, passengers can pack the following:

  • Foodstuff. Everything but liquid and jelly food is allowed to carry in cabin luggage.
  • Medicines. Pills, drops, bandaging material, and hydrogen peroxide are permitted to have on board.
  • Electronic devices. Ryanair does not clarify the exact list of electronics that passengers can have in their hold luggage. You should check the safety rules in the country of destination. In general, if you are going to take a laptop, phone, tablet, charger, etc., security stuff won’t have anything against you. Go only for the most necessary things.
  • Documents and jewelry belong to the permitted items too.
  • Cosmetics. Any powdered product can be carried in cabin luggage. If you cannot do without eye shadows or a lip liner, do not hesitate to put into your Ryanair baggage.
  • Hygienic items. Here, you are permitted to have a limited number of things including a toothbrush, an acetone-free nail-polish remover, wet wipes, and a hair brush that is not sharp.
  • Clothes. If you are a first-time flyer, a warm piece of clothing will be of great help because you may feel cold on the plane once conditioned air starts being supplied.

Prohibited Items

The following list contains items which are strictly prohibited to carry in a cabin bag. Make sure you have not left anything of that in your bag by accident.

  • Firearm and other devices that you can use as a weapon to cause injuries to persons. This is the reason why all toy guns and weapon models cannot be carried on board.
  • Sharp and blunt objects are prohibited for the same reason.
  • Tools, explosives, flammable materials, and ammunition are seen the source of threat to passengers too.

Liquids in hand luggage

Whatever liquid you are going to take, you must carry it in a 100 ml transparent bottle. Here is the list of permitted liquids:

  • Water, syrup, soup, and other drinks;
  • Cream, lotion, and oils;
  • Perfumes;
  • Hair and shower gel;
  • Liquid cheese;
  • Mascara;
  • Deodorants, shaving foam, and other substances from pressure receptacles;
  • Toothpaste and other types of paste.

Any liquid must be carried in transparent plastic bags to let a check-in officer know you have nothing dangerous in your hold luggage.

Passengers flying with a baby can have their carry-on luggage weighing not more than 5 kg. They are equally allowed to take a pushchair or a baby car seat on board.

Checked Baggage

Ryanair baggage allowance

If your cabin bag is overweight, you will be required to check it as regular baggage either at the airport or on the airline’s website. Online check-in is less costly and fit to those passengers who are not ready to wait for their turn in line. Baggage registration normally starts after you purchased a flight ticket and ends 4 hours before the departure. If you choose to register your Ryanair baggage at the airport, you must complete it 40 minutes prior to departure.

If you book a ticket with zero baggage category, you are supposed to have only carry-on luggage with you. In the event that you change your mind and take some baggage, you should pay extra money for baggage transportation. The best option is to pay for your baggage along with your flight ticket. If you put off this moment until the departure, it will cost you much more.

Checked-in baggage must not go beyond the following weight:

  • Standard Flight: baggage weight is limited to 10 kg.
  • Priority Boarding: baggage weight is limited to 20 kg.

Oversize and Overweight Bags

If you are going to carry large-sized equipment or gear, the price for transportation depends on the following parameters:

  • Flight
  • Dimensions
  • Registration
  • Ticket Price

If some musical instruments are permitted to take on board, sports equipment can be carried only in the cargo hold if it does not weigh over 20 kg. If you are unable to stick to this norm, you will pay another fee for extremely heavy equipment.

The fee for equipment check-in varies depending on the place of registration. If you intend to do it at the airport, you will have to pay €5 more than what you’d pay for online registration.

Wheelchairs and crutches are the only items that require no transportation fees.

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