RadarVirtuel is one of the popular trackers for tracking the movement of the aeroplane in real time. The RadarVirtuel free program shows users air traffic mainly in Western Europe. You can choose the right flight and follow along with it to your destination. RadarVirtuel allows you to track international flights 24 hours a day accurately.

The online radar site presents an air traffic map with a schematic representation of all aeroplane in the sky. The broadcast is in real time, the update of the current situation occurs every 10-20 seconds. If, for any reason, the data from the flying aeroplane does not arrive at the radar for more than 2 minutes, its image is deleted from the map. Thus, the number of ships on the service map is continually changing.

RadarVirtuel monitors

Airline companies

The free virtual radar live service works due to ADS-B technology, the principle of which is the following:

The aeroplane determines its coordinates using the navigator

An ADS-B transmitter installed on board transmits the vessel's current location

The ground receivers catch the signal from the transmitter and retransmit it to the online radar server

The received data is ordered and presented to the user

Virtual radar server can track only those aeroplane on board which is installed and activated ADS-B-transmitter.

What are the opportunities for the site Radar Virtuel

When you are clicking on the aeroplane image – window opens that provides the following information about the vessel and the flights:

  • the onboard number;
  • the country of departure and arrival;
  • the speed of the aeroplane;
  • the total distance – the distance traveled and the remaining distance;
  • the altitude of flight;
  • the course;
  • the airport of departure and arrival in the ICAO coding;
  • type of aeroplane;
  • the vertical plane speed.

This data is available to an unregistered user. After passing a simple registration procedure, the above list of parameters is added:

  • coordinates of the aeroplane;
  • detailed information about the board;
  • Squawk code.

When selecting the radar view mode, it is possible to view detailed information about a particular radar by clicking on it on the map.

You can create a filter to display a particular aeroplane, filter by Squawk code, flight altitude, and the registration code of the aeroplane.

RadarVirtuel coverage – what can radar track online?

Geographically, the virtual radar service can track aeroplane in multiple world regions and across continents. Mainly, RadarVirtuel tracking the flight in Western Europe. In some cases, RadarVirtuel is observed live air traffic in the USA, Canada, China, and Japan without any problems. Compared with the other states, there are relatively few radars in South America, Africa, and Australia. Altogether one can sum up that today 314 international airlines and 13846 aeroplanes are pursued with these airline services in real time.

The history of RadarVirtuel

Radar Virtuel was created in 2009 as an amateur non-commercial project. Service attracted the attention of users a year later, during the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjoll. In just a few days, the radar site received a record number of visitors and wide popularity.

Inspired by the success of the RadarVirtuel, in the same year they founded the company Openskymap, which lasted only two years. For the reasons of the wrong strategy, the project had to be closed, because of the absence of clients. The founders of the online radar did not lose hope and, having worked on the bugs, made a second attempt by creating ADS-B NETWORK, this time meeting all the requirements of customers

The services in the free version of RadarVirtuel

The service functionality is provided to users free of charge. Some functions are unavailable without registration, but after it passes, the client gets the opportunity to see all relevant information about the vessel of interest.