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EasyJet Baggage Allowance

EasyJet is a leading British airliner that is famous for low-cost domestic and international flights. Its popularity with travellers is chiefly tied to cheap prices that attract lots of people when they are made to choose between pricier carriers and EasyJet.

EasyJet’s strategy is underpinned by a hybrid model that allows balancing benefits for passengers against losses incurred by an air company. The airliner charges for luggage shipping, priority boarding, and does not specify your airline seat before you fly. And yet, EasyJet provides flights to dozens of major airports worldwide. Since no carrier is willing to function at a loss, there are a number of ploys that help EasyJet remain profitable while still selling low-cost air travel services.

EasyJet Hand Luggage

Hand Luggage EasyJet
The hand luggage restrictions established by EasyJet are ambiguous and misleading. They say that hold luggage weight is unimportant, but when it comes to dimensions, travellers with large handbags are at risk of getting to pay for them. It is for this reason that you should be well aware of EasyJet luggage policy and how it is applied to passengers.


Luggage is normally the first thing that you are going to pay for during your travels. If you are not determined to spend extra money, the only way out is to pack the most essential stuff in one handbag. However, here you should keep in mind that the EasyJet hand luggage size should not exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cm. Airport staff won’t care if your hand luggage fits in with this size and you can safely place it on the shelf above your head or under the front passenger’s seat. If you fail to comply with these rules, do not get surprised later when the plane takes off without you.

Children of any age should abide by the same rules that are applicable to adults. The only difference is that their EasyJet cabin bag size has smaller dimensions which are 45x36x20 cm. So if you travel with a newborn, you are allowed to carry two handbags, for you and your baby, if both match the description set in the airliner’s requirements.

Items to pack in hand luggage

Items to pack in hand luggage
You can access the list of allowable items to be packed in hand luggage on the airline’s website. It permits to take basic necessities a traveller cannot do without or a passenger’s personal belongings that can be of use on board. For instance, if you have an infant flying with you, you are allowed to carry some baby food, baby clothes, and medicines followed by a prescription. Likewise, adult travellers are free to take glasses, lenses, digital devices, etc. Duty Free products can be included in Easy Jet hand luggage as well.

Prohibited items

Some items are not allowed to pack in hold luggage and instead should be carried in regular EasyJet baggage. Normally, such stuff involves items that may pose a risk to the lives of air travellers in emergency situations. For example, airport officials won’t let you board if you have toy guns, toenail clippers, manicure scissors, tweezers, or any sort of sharp objects in your handbag.

Liquid in hand luggage

Liquid is allowed on board but it should not exceed the total of 1 litre stored in containers, each with the maximum volume of 100 ml. Airport staff will also pay attention to how you keep the liquid. If the container is not see-through, you have no chance to board. The safety measures are really high, so you should prepare a transparent container with the liquid you are going to need and place it in a transparent zip bag. This will help you pass through an airport security checkpoint quickly.

What you should keep in mind is that liquids also include some hygienic items (shampoo, body wash, perfume, etc.), medicines (drops, solutions, tinctures, etc.) and some foods (yogurt, jam, honey, etc.).

However, some passengers are not subject to security screening.

  • If you are a travelling parent with children under two years of age, you are permitted to carry with you babe formula in an amount sufficient for the flight.
  • If you are on medication. Do not forget to take the prescription.


Easyjet Checked Luggage

Each traveller is permitted to carry a limited amount of free baggage. The EasyJet baggage allowance states that one item of free baggage should not exceed 20 kg. The sum of its length, height, and width should not reach over 275 cm too.

The total weight of an baggage must be no more than 32 kg. If you go beyond this limit, be ready to pay an extra fee for every 3 kg.

Easyjet Checked Luggage

Baby Carriage

Since flying with babies is challenging, the airliner allows having two items from the baby list that includes a cradle, folding stroller, booster, or car seat, according to EasyJet cabin bag rules. If you need none of that, your flight will be even more comfortable.

Sport Equipment

Those travellers who are going to have an active vacation normally face the problem of transporting their equipment. According to the EasyJet baggage policy, one passenger is permitted to carry one set of sports equipment. You are free to register it online before the flight. This will save you £10. If you are going to carry over 6 sets with the weight from 20 to 32 kg, you should contact airport officials to have your equipment checked and registered in advance of your flight.

Prohibited Items

Since air transport is followed by a number of risks, it appears more vulnerable in terms of security. There are lots of things that are strictly forbidden to have on board. They are arms, explosives, and other items that can be used as a weapon. No traveller is allowed to possess any of them without authorization.

The screening procedure at any airport is always time-consuming and tiring. Yet, it would be much more dangerous to let anyone get on a plane. To make this process faster and less painful, do not wait until your turn comes. Prepare your ID and boarding pass and advance. Take off clothes with metal embellishment and metal jewelry beforehand. The more active you are, the faster you will see the checkpoint behind your back.

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