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London Heathrow Airport general information

Heathrow, LHR, is the main international airport in the United Kingdom, the foundation of it was laid in 1930. At that time it was a small private landing field with a single grass runaway south-east of the hamlet of Heathrow, which it took its name from.

Today the main airport of the United Kingdom lies 14 miles to the west from the center of London, having 2 parallel runways stretching from east to west. It covers the area of 4.74 square miles (12.27sq.km.) and has four operational terminals.

Heathrow at present connects the United Kingdom and about 180 countries worldwide with direct flights. About 90 air companies carry over 72 mln passengers and almost 1.5 mln tonnes of cargo from here annually. Heathrow is now the second busiest airport from viewpoint of international passenger traffic in the world and the sixth in the total volume of passenger traffic. In Europe, it takes the first place by the passenger flow.

London Heathrow Airport – observation tour

Heathrow Flights Online Desk – don’t miss your flight

It’s incredibly important to follow the time of the arrival and departure of an aircraft. Any Heathrow airport flight information can be obtained in no time, through the Arrivals and Departures links on our site. After you’ve clicked on the link, an online table will open in a new tab and allow you to check the timetable of any flight required. You can use the service at any moment and from any place. No matter whether you are at home, in a café, or in your car on the way to the airfield, you just need an internet connection.

It’s important to follow the actual time of arrival and departure as there can be delays for various reasons. In case you face some of Heathrow flight delays it’s easy to follow the status of the flight on our site to plan your time right. We provide the most up-to-date flights’ info as it is automatically updated. The Heathrow flight status cancellations can be found on our site as well.

So Heathrow online board of Arrivals and Departures allows seeing:

  • The list of Arrivals
  • The delayed flights and the time when they are expected
  • Cancelled flights
  • The flights on hold
  • The flights already departed

The data provided on our site is synchronized with the Heathrow’s department of home and international flights, however, the updates may be seen with a slight delay. Being not the direct information provider our site bears no responsibility for the possible irregularities on the online board. Still, we accurately show all the data displayed on the Heathrow’s official boards.

Heathrow Flight Tracker – monitor your hauls 24/7 online

No matter if you travel for business or on holiday, for a weekend, nowadays it is generally not a very relaxing experience anymore. Crowds of passengers and frequent flight delays add stress to the travelers, but you can make your trip far less stressful with our online service.
You can follow your flight any time using the map on our site. Here is a part of the air area in the form of a map, you can see a part of Europe or the airfield.

At present, you can see Heathrow on this page. It’s possible to zoom in the radar on the picture with the help of the signs “+” and “-” in the lower left-hand corner.

To move the air area to the airdrome, you can click your mouse and move the map, it will adjust to your preferences.

What flight are details displayed in the Heathrow flight checker?

When you hover a certain aircraft, you’ll be shown its tail number, when clicking it, a panel with full airplane information will open on the left. You’ll see:

  • Flight designator;
  • Tail number;
  • Airport of departure and entry;
  • The time of departure and arrival;
  • Total distance between the airports;
  • The distance already covered for the present moment;
  • Flight altitude at present moment;
  • Type of airplane;
  • Credentials;
  • The distance left;
  • Ground velocity (displayed in knots. 1 knot is equal to 1,852 km/h).

Which Heathrow airport terminal to choose?

Now LHR has 4 operating terminals since Terminal 1 was closed in summer of 2015. Also, below you can find the Heathrow airport map. You need just click and zoom it. Due to this interactive LHR map, you can get acquainted with the airport to avoid confusion situation before the arrival or departure.

Heathrow Terminal 2

The Terminal is generally intended for flights to Europe and certain long-haul destinations. The most usual airlines here are Lufthansa, Germanwings, Air Canada and Air China. Check-in desks are on the upper floor, while the Departures are on Level 5 and Arrivals on Level 1. A pedestrian underpass connects Terminals 2 and 3, it takes about 10 minutes to get from one terminal to another and special assistance is provided to those who experience difficulties while walking.

Heathrow Terminal 3

The 3rd Terminal is mainly intended for long-haul journeys, nevertheless, there are some flights to Europe as well. The airlines operating from here include Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Finn Air, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Oman Air. As it was already mentioned above, Terminal 3 is reachable on foot in just about 10 minutes via a pedestrian underpass from Terminal 2. The desks of Check-In can be found on the ground floor at the front of the building. The Departures are situated on the first floor.

Heathrow Terminal 4

The Terminal combines long-haul and European destinations, the main airlines flying from the fourth Terminal include Air India, KLM, and Delta. The travelers can get to the Terminal on free shuttle trains, which connect LHR Central Station, at Terminals 2 and 3, and Terminal 4. The shuttle trains go every quarter of an hour and the journey lasts about 20 minutes. Check-Ins and the Departures are on the 1st floor, while the Arrivals are situated on the ground floor.

heathrow airport terminal 4

Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways and Iberia airlines merged together and they use the Terminal 5 exclusively. Free Heathrow Express train can bring you here from the Heathrow Central Station in just 20 minutes. It goes every quarter of an hour. London Underground Network connects the terminals as well. Going by underground will take just 16 minutes.

heathrow airport terminal 5

Check-In desks are situated on Level 3. Departures are on Levels 2 and 4 and the Arrivals are located on the ground floor.
To find out which terminal you need, just enter your flight details on the official site of Heathrow airport and find all the required information there. You can also search through your flight number or the city of your destination.

Easy ways to get to LHR airport

Heathrow Airport is without any problems reached by road or public transport, being just 15 miles to the West from Central London.

Getting to Heathrow by car

The M4 and M25 motorways lead to London Heathrow. Exit the M4 at the 4th junction or the M25 at junction 15 to get to Terminals 2 and 3. To get to Terminal 4 exit the M25 one junction earlier –at junction 14 or the M4 at 4b. Since the 4th Terminal lies in the southern part of the airport and has a separate entrance, follow the road signs, they will prompt you the right direction. Terminal 5 has a separate entrance as well and is located on the Western Perimeter Road, you need to exit the M25 at the 14th junction or the M4 at junction 4b. Following the signs, you’ll get there easily.

Getting to Heathrow by train

Heathrow Central Station is just 10 minutes’ walk from Terminals 2 and 3. It links the airport with Central London and even further.

Getting to Heathrow by train

Heathrow Express can help you get to the airport. It runs from Paddington every quarter of an hour and in just 15 minutes you are at the airport already.

London Underground serves Heathrow as well, Piccadilly Line has dedicated stations at each terminal.

Arriving to Heathrow by bus or coach

Various operators run services from Heathrow Airport to more than 500 destinations. National Express, the largest coach operator in the UK, and the low-cost coach travel operator Megabus.com are among the other operators. National Express offers direct services to and from hundreds of destinations including Oxford, Bristol, London, Wales, Gatwick. The coaches call at each Heathrow Terminal, offering leather reclining seats, air conditioning and Wi-Fi to their passengers. Megabus services connect all Heathrow Terminals to Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, North Devon, London Gatwick and many more places. The modern coaches of megabus.com also offer free Wi-Fi, charging points, air conditioning, 20kg luggage allowance and guaranteed seats.

Arriving to Heathrow by bus or coach

Where can coaches be caught?
In case you need Terminals 2 or 3 looks for the coach at the Central Bus Station. It is equipped with moving walkways, escalators, and lifts to help anybody with the journey.

The Central Station operates 24/7 and the travel center works from 06 am to 10 pm. If you are at Terminal 4 you need Stops 13 or 14 outside it, at the Level of Arrivals. From Stop 7 you can transfer free to the Central Bus Station or Terminal 5. At the latter, the coaches arrive and depart from Stops 9-15. They can be found outside the terminal at the Level of Arrivals.

Local buses
An extensive bus network offers low-cost drives between Heathrow and west London’s towns, as well as Thames Valley. The services are just a part of the London transport network. The bus stops are well signposted.

Buses to rail stations
Luxury coaches and comfortable buses connect Heathrow with the national railway network at Reading, Woking, Feltham, and Watford. The tickets combined for train and coach are extremely convenient to pay for your whole journey. However, it’s not obligatory to be a rail passenger to use the services.

Hotel buses
Direct bus service Hotel Hoppa operates between London Heathrow Airport and multiple hotels around it. It’s the most convenient way to get from a hotel to the Terminal you need as the Hotel Hoppa vehicles drop off right outside the terminals buildings. They start work at 4 a.m and stop at midnight, serving the hotels close to Heathrow.

Keep in mind that there are also coach drivers, tour group leaders and individual drivers collecting groups from LHR. You can use their services to make your travel stress-free.

Heathrow by bicycle

You can reach Heathrow by bicycle anytime, the network of cycle paths links it with the center of London and stretches even further. The Grand Union Canal towpath is the picturesque route to Paddington. You can find secure parking stands in the Heathrow Cycle Hub on Newall Road, from there it’s possible to take a complimentary bus to Heathrow. The service runs 24/7. The bikes can be stored up to 3 months in the left baggage office.

However, using the main tunnel is prohibited to cyclists aiming to get to Terminals 2 or 3. The parking at it is located at the Cycle Hub. At Terminal 4 you’ll find it opposite the Arrivals and at Terminal 5 they are at both ends of the building.

Taxi service

London’s famous black taxis are available at all LHR Terminals. The drivers are qualified and licensed in a due way, besides they have passed the examination on London Knowledge. All taxis providing services at the airport have wheelchair access.

Aiprort taxi

Alternatively, there are options for booking a fixed-price journey to or from any UK destination or a private-hire car to take you to almost anywhere in mainland Britain.

Inter-terminal transport

Heathrow Free Travel Zone comprises the entire Airports’ terminals and there is a free transit between any of them. While Terminals 2 and 3 are within 10 minutes’ walk from each other, the transfer to Terminal 4 and 5 are realized by the Heathrow Express trains. Bus routes 482 and 490 runs between Terminals 4 and 5.

Transit passengers are offered free dedicated transfer buses to move between the terminals.

In case you need to get to another airport in London, you have a number of travel options by public transport. Bus services, trains, and coaches provide transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and London City Airports.

Heathrow Underground/Tube

The most cost-effective route between Heathrow and the capital of the UK itself is provided by London Tube, Piccadilly Line to be precise. The journey takes less than an hour while the trains depart with an interval of less than 10 minutes. There are 3 Heathrow underground stations one for Terminals 2 and 3 a few minutes’ walks away from them via subway, one for Terminal 4 and one for the 5th Terminal. The 2 later stations are located in the basements of terminal buildings.

Heathrow Connect was a linking train service between Heathrow and London Paddington. Having the same route as the non-stop Heathrow Express it called at certain intermediate stations and ran every half an hour in day and evening time. However, in May 2018, it was absorbed into the TfL Rail service, which now services all 4 Terminals and London Paddington station. You can purchase a point to point ticket or pay as you go. Keep in mind that Heathrow Express tickets are not accepted anymore.

Car rental at Heathrow — car for any budget

Renting a car is the most flexible option offered to the passengers visiting the United Kingdom and planning to move a lot around. There are several companies on Heathrow ground offering the car rental service.

Hiring a car you do not need to coordinate plans with public transport, pay taxi fees or stick to the destinations, which are strictly within walking distance to the Tube stations. Renting a car offers the incoming passengers the freedom of getting around the region at their own pace and schedule. The major car rental brands can be seen at all the airport terminals, it makes the car hire an extremely easy process. The choice of vehicles is varied; you can choose a small auto to navigate around the capital and nearby or rent a high-end luxury car allowing you to travel in style.

Europcar is known already for more than 60 years in the marker of Car Rental Services all over the world. Having subdivisions in various parts of the world, it aims to provide the customers perfect vehicles to the desired destination at minimum cost. Europcar at Heathrow is no exception, providing one-way hire services from Monday to Sunday, 12 am to 12 pm.

Car rental at Heathrow

They offer the following vehicle types: small, large, family, luxury, eco-friendly. Just make a call 0871 384 1087 and order the option you personally need.

Hertz at Heathrow aims to deliver the best accessible service and vehicles of high quality to the travelers. You can find it at One Way Hire, Online Check-In or Self Service Express Kiosk at the airport any time from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday and 7 am to 5 pm on Sunday. Calling 08433093099 you can order small, large, family, luxury or eco-friendly auto to meet your requirements.

Avis is a service having branches all over the UK, so you don’t only get a perfect vehicle at a great rate, but hiring it in Heathrow Airport, you may return the auto at any Location around the United Kingdom. The Service is available at One Way Hire, 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday. Small, large and family vehicles can be pre-ordered over the telephone 0808 284 0014.

Sixt is a service operating worldwide, Sixt at Heathrow offers top quality car rentals to the UK visitors from 12 am to 12 pm whole week. You can choose a Small, a Large a Family or a Luxury Car, as well as a Van or Minibus, besides Eco-Friendly vehicles, are offered.

Look for the service at One Way Hire or Online Check-In or just call 44 844 335 1801.

Enterprise Car Rental Heathrow offers autos for leisure and business aims all over the world. The vehicle choice is wide: small, large, family, luxury cars, and people carriers. At Heathrow, the service is offered at One Way Hire from 7 to 12 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 12 pm at weekend. Contact telephone number of Enterprise Car Rental Heathrow is 0800 800 227.

Useful information about LHR

The year of foundation: 1930
Number of terminals: 4
Heathrow Time Zone: GMT+1
LHR geographical coordinates: the latitude 51.470020, the longitude -0.454295.
Location: 14 miles (23 km) west of Central London
Heathrow Airport Address: Heathrow Airport Limited, the Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW
Heathrow Airport Postcode: TW6

  • Terminal 2: TW6 1EW
  • Terminal 3: TW6 1QG
  • Terminal 4: TW6 3XA
  • Terminal 5: TW6 2GA

Heathrow Airport IATA Code: LHR
Heathrow airport contact number: 0844 335 1801 (within UK) *+44 20 3368 8968 (outside UK)
Text-phone for the hearing-impaired: 0844 571 7410
Website: www.heathrow.com
Twitter: heathrowairport
Heathrow Airport Map: the map is available on Heathrow official website
Heathrow Webcam: Multiple Web Cameras allow watching the arrival and departure of any flight you are interested in.
Heathrow wifi: _Heathrow Wi-Fi.

Heathrow Airport on the Google map

Heathrow lounges and shopping

Heathrow lounges:

  • Plaza Premium Lounges (Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • Club Aspire Lounge (Terminal 3)
  • No1 Lounges – Bedrooms (Terminal 3)
  • No1 Lounges – Lounge and Travel Spa (Terminal 3)
  • Rest and Relaxation Room (Terminal 3)
  • SkyTeam Lounge (Terminal 4)
  • Aspire – the Lounge and Spa (Terminal 5)

Heathrow shopping:

  • Accessorize
  • Armani Collezioni
  • BOSS
  • Bulgari
  • Cartier
  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Lacoste
  • Louis Vuitton
  • M&S Simply Food
  • Prada
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Rolex
  • Saint Laurent
  • Sunglasses Boutique
  • Swarovski
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Valentino
  • Watches of Switzerland

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