When the planes are in the air, their movement is monitored by control airports, which need to know the location at the current time and coordinate their landing. Common users can also watch the flights they are interested in, on which their family or close people fly.

Track the flight online can be by using the convenient and straightforward Internet service FlightAware, which provides comprehensive information on air traffic movements, its height, speed, exact coordinates.

Nowadays, FlightAware is the best and the most significant flight tracker which monitors flights around the world and provide correct and actual information about them. This international flight tracker is using more than 10 thousand airlines and about 12 million people.

FlightAware provides its customers the ability to track all types of aircraft flights for free. Founded more than 10 years ago, the company become one of the most popular in the field of providing services to monitor the movement of commercial and private flights. FlightAware representative offices are located in Singapore, New York, Houston. The central office of the company is located in the business district in the Greenway Plaza.

Also, FlightAware is engaged in the installation and maintenance of software created to control flights online, to monitor flights by dispatch services and to provide FIDS-systems.

Service is not the only one of its kind, there are others, but one of the main advantages of FlightAware over other online airplane trackers is multi-language: it offers information to customers in 18 languages.

FlightAware tracks


How to track my flight — FlightAware tracker UK work principle

The principle of the service is based on the use of data from ADS-B transponders, which are equipped with aircraft. The data collection process is as follows:

The board determines its location by using the satellite navigation system.

The airplane equipped with a transmitter which transmits every second on the air all the information about its movement.

Ground stations receive data from the aircraft and transmit it to the server of the airborne radar.

With this algorithm, FlightAware performs real-time flight tracking and provides its customers with free information about the flights of interest.

Terrestrial receiving stations from which FlightAware receives data are located in more than 155 states and the information is also collected from the air transport coordination systems operating in 55 countries. Also, the service requests data from third-party providers.

To expand its capabilities, FlightAware provides free users FlightFeeder — a portable flight tracker receiver of its production, which receives data from aircraft in the air. Thus, any user can take part in the improvement of the service. Priority in the provision of FlightFeeder has users living in regions where the coverage of the service is limited.

Due to the easy and user-friendly interface, actual information which represents to customers of the flightaware com, such airline tracker provides the opportunity to check the movement of the plane in real-time mode. FlightAware gains the trust of its customer from over the globe. Nevertheless, multi-language version, which helps customers use this radar without additional language programs, also promote to the company to gain more trust in the eye of users.

What are the features of live flight tracker in the UK

The service is straightforward to use and intuitive. To track the desired aircraft, it is enough to enter the flight number, city or airport in the search line at the top of the main page of the site.

When you hover the cursor on the aircraft displayed on the map, the client is provided with the following information:

  • type of aircraft;
  • the onboard number;
  • departure and landing city information of the flight in the IATA code.

If you click on the airplane icon, a new page will open, which contains more detailed information, in particular:

  • airline operating the flight;
  • the current status of the aircraft (landed, in the air, etc.);
  • time of departure and arrival;
  • the distance between points;
  • a map with the expected flight path and the actual route, along which the aircraft has already passed;
  • airports of departure and landing;
  • the distance that the ship has already crossed;
  • the distance that is left;
  • time in transit and time left;
  • speed and height of the aircraft;
  • vessel type — detailed information, photo.

So, as FlightAware allows real-time tracking of flights, the search for the desired board can be carried out by:

  • the names of cities or IATA codes of these cities;
  • membership in a particular airline;
  • specific airport;
  • type of aircraft.

For each type of search, the service offers a separate page with the presence of a search line.

FlightAware Coverage — flight tracker map of international flights

Online radar allows you to check the movement of air transport virtually all over the world. The largest number of fly tracker FlightAware displays on the territory of countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada.

Also in the TOP-10 leaders of countries, in which the coverage of the air radar has the best indicators, includes the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan.

RangCountryAverage number the flight tracking per monthAverage number the flight tracking per week
1The United States of America243 175 7717 844 377
2The United Kingdom52 049 0711 344 336
3Germany34 048 449109 833
4The Netherland26 196 12884 504
5Canada10 633 28734 301
6The Czech Republic8 713 15129 962
7France7 113 05727 785
8Switzerland5 378 89421 549
9Belgium4 414 25317 391
10Italy3 302 47412 694

The TOP-30 of the most monitored cities are Washington, London, New York, Toronto, Rotterdam, Stuttgart and other key locations in America, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada.

RangCityAverage number the flight tracking per monthAverage number the flight tracking per week
1Washington, United States7 515 033250 499
2London, The United Kingdom5 850 516212 520
3New York, United States5 799 849112 326
4Amsterdam, Netherlands3 896 732141 838
5Houston, United States4 009 821133 660
6Denver, United States3 960 978132 031
7Dallas, United States3 743 734124 789
8Chicago, United States3 064 044115 221
9Rotterdam, Netherlands3 142 066104 733
10Atlanta, United States3 091 049103 034
11Baltimore, United States2 595 73243 620
12Philadelphia, United States2 601 78186 725
13San Jose, United States1 990 49885 274
14Columbus, United States1 625 13181 903
15Stuttgart, Germany2 451 35581 710
16Minneapolis, United States2 238 07374 602
17Orlando, United States2 080 05669 333
18Toronto, Canada1 293 87966 350
19Fort Worth, United States1 971 31819 467
20Raleigh/Durham, United States1 924 26464 140
21San Diego, United States1 922 70564 089
22Austin, United States1 092 82136 426
23Munich, Germany1 883 20558 308
24Dusseldorf, Germany1 858 05461 934
25Uden, Netherlands1 844 45861 481
26Indianapolis, United States1 511 81651 116
27Berlin, Germany1 744 53053 145
28Dallas-Fort Worth, United States1 728 19757 605
29Rijen Airbase, Netherlands1 704 19056 804
30Brussels, Belgium1 702 73756 757

On the mainland, the best statistics are in:

  • North and South America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
RangRegionAverage number the flight tracking per monthAverage number the flight tracking per week
1North America255 242 2248 233 619
2Europe172 787 6515 573 793
3Asia13 187 753425 410
4South America4 438 588143 179
5Oceania3 865 81124 289
6Middle East252 29933 323
7Central America/Caribbean1 023 73427 793
8Africa733 22023 651

In total, FlightAware provides tracking of flights of 29783 aircraft belonging to 830 airlines worldwide. The web-service operates in 170 states, controlling the work of 6934 airports.

Who needs FlightAware and for what?

Since FlightAware is easy to use and allows you to receive all the data on any requested flight quickly, it resorts to its services:

1. People who came to the airport to meet friends or relatives. The service will indicate the exact time of landing of the expected flight.
2. Those who are only planning a flight, with the help of FlightAware can view the route of the chosen flight. Also, if interested, you can find out over which cities their aircraft will fly by.
3. Accompanying people or those who travel on their own. Both of them can easily specify the time of arrival or departure of the aircraft they are interested in.
4. For users who like to watch with the aircrafts tracker how to move the airplane, in which their friends, relatives, or just celebrities fly.

Commercial companies that organize and provide flights are also users of the Europe flight tracker FlightAware website. Also, for such organizations, FlightAware is engaged in the selection of specialized software, which allows organizing work processes.

In particular, with the help of FlightAware, airlines and other companies directly related to the organization of air transportation receive online data on the traffic of ships in the airspace, archives, etc.

The history of creating FlightAware — live plane tracker

Online radar FlightAware began its work in the distant 2004 and at first was used by its creator exclusively for personal purposes. Entrepreneur Daniel Baker founded the service so that his family could track the flights of aircraft belonging to their property.

A little later, in 2005, access to the services of the online radar was received by all comers, and it was officially launched. After only 18 months, FlightAware brought Baker a profit of more than a million dollars. Also, FlightAware was the first air radar company in the US who provide free services for tracking both private and commercial flights of aircraft. Since then, the profitability of the resource has grown by 40-50% annually, which only confirms its relevance and relevance.

What FlightAware can track

Avioradar can monitor only the sides on which the ADS-B transponder is installed. If earlier such transmitters were installed just for air transport with a capacity of 100 people, today they are equipped with aircraft that can lift into the air with fewer passengers.

But, not far off is the day when the installation of ADS-B transponders will become mandatory for all types of air transport related to civil aviation.
To date, the functionality of the FlightAware air radar allows you to track the following aircraft brands and models:

  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 777-300
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900
  • Embraer ERJ-190
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A330-200
  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A380-800

Examples of using FlightAware

FlightAware is widely used in many airports, helping dispatchers promptly adjust the take-off and landing of aircraft.

The company also provides all the necessary data to FBO employees for qualified customer service. In particular, information is offered on fuel prices, traffic analysis, airport archives and other.

FlightAware organizes custom reports that airlines, operators, airports need to plan their actions and work effectively. For example, the historical data generated in the report can be used to analyze the frequency of air traffic at a particular airport.

Also, FlightAware exchanges information with other similar services for the efficient operation of applications such as:

FlightAware TV

Integration of your account with FlightAware TV allows you to see all monitored flights, as well as weather radars on one screen in HDTV format in your office, hangar, control center, etc.

FBO Tool Box

FBO ToolBox is a Web-based, market-analysis and aircraft-tracking APP that help FBO managers understanding their customers. Main features include competitive petrol price analysis, airport traffic analytical data, AMSTAT operator data, airport history reports, and top origins/destinations. The own fuel-burn calculator estimates the number of gallons needed to complete a declared flight plan, and can deliver to FBO managers a picture of potential fuel sales on any day. In May 2012, FlightAware created «FBO ToolBox Europe» for airport operators in Europe.

Customs reports

Custom reports could be created basically on a wide range of characteristics to aid airplane owners, operators, airports, and businessman in planning decisions. For example, a historical report can be compiled to analyze air traffic frequency at a current airport


FlightXML is a simple query-based application programming interface that enables programs to access any flight data on the FlightAware website. Users can receive current or historical data. This interface is compatible with any applications that support SOAP / WSDL or REST / JSON.


For real-time applications, FlightAware offers FlightAware Firehose, a TCP-based, SSL streaming data feed of all ADS-B flight data positions received by FlightAware. Developers will need to write a client application (examples) to connect to FlightAware and process messages in real-time.


ARINC partnered with FlightAware and used the FlightAware Web APP for ARINC Direct business aircraft operators.

SITA, Rockwell Collins, and IBM's The Weather Company

SITA, Rockwell Collins, and IBM’s The Weather Company cooperated with FlightAware to use FlightAware’s global data in their products for airlines.

Video recording with FlightAware

On various video hosting sites, you can see a lot of videos about FlightAware, among which there are both entertaining and rather informative, explaining the work of the service, demonstrating its capabilities.

For example, on the video — «Flight Track with Flightaware com», the user acquaints viewers of his channel with the interface of the service, clearly demonstrates how to find the required flight and get all the data about it.

Video — Track A Flight With

FlightAware users often upload small videos to the network, which capture important or simply exciting moments of flights. For example, when planes create on the online map the original combinations or figures. If you put this video on any social network, it is guaranteed to gain a lot of views and likes.

To record the work of the service, you can use any program to record video from the screen, for example, such as Icecream Screen Recorder or the like. As for mobile devices, on «iPhone» and modern Android-smartphones, the video recording program, as a rule, is included in the basic functionality.

Archives and other statistics of FlightAware

Also, to display current information, at FlightAware, users can find and use archived information that includes:

  • summary statistical data;
  • analysis of trends for a particular type of aircraft;
  • analysis of minute-by-minute positions showing latitude, longitude, speed, flight altitude and the course of specific flights;
  • information about the weather;
  • information about the owner of the aircraft;
  • data on airlines;
  • information on the work of airports;
  • the display of humanitarian flights of the USA, Australia, Canada.

Also, FlightAware provides statistics on airports. This information is paid and available, mainly to legal clients.

Reports with a limitation of 14 days are available to all users staying on the site as a guest. The registered customer gets access to the archived information for the last 4 months.

The purchase of paid accounts assumes the use of archives for a period of 5 to 8 months. The length of the reports depends on the status of the account. In total FlightAware offers 6 types of user accounts, free of which are two.

What features are in the free version of FlightAware

The easiest way to use the service is to visit the site as a guest, which does not require prior registration, but considerably limits the functionality of the radar. A registered user account offers many options.

The owner of a free FlightAware account can track necessary flights for the airline, city, country, as well as a certain amount of archived data. You can use the service either from a desktop computer or from any mobile device that has a free application that allows you to use a certain set of FlightAware functions depending on the status of the selected account.

The paid versions are presented in 4 variants: Premium, Premium +, Enterprise and Enterprise WX.

When buying a Premium + account, its owner can receive an unlimited number of messages about a tracked flight or airport. And, as mentioned above, a paid account allows you to access much more archive data.

Which of the accounts to choose, the client determines independently, based on their considerations of necessity. Whatever it was, registration allows you to get an order of magnitude more useful, and most importantly, up-to-date and reliable information about air traffic.