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Real-Time London Luton Departures Today

Luton Airport Live Departures

Luton Departures Board
The Online Luton Departures Board is displayed above on the page for the travellers’ convenience. It’s important to know the accurate time of the flight departure and to follow it in real time. The experienced travellers already know that it can be extremely changeable due to the dependence on multifold factors. Luton Airport Live Departures facility is ideal to be aware of the real state of things. Ordinary timetable does not reflect the changes in the time of departure, delays or cancellations, while online board updates minimum once in 5 minutes and displays only the actual for the current moment flight details.

Following the up-to-the-minute Luton airport departure info, you can always adjust your plans accordingly and avoid certain inconveniences, like waiting in the airport for several hours or risking to miss the flight.

Online departures board of Luton flights displays:

  • Cancellations
  • The delayed ones, with the expected departure details
  • The departing flights
Luton departures map
Departure Lounge Airside Map

However, there still may occur slight delays in the info updating. The present site is not the direct data provider, so we can not accept responsibility for the potential discrepancies. All the data contained in Luton airport live departures board are accurately displayed on this page.

When searching for the information about the departures, check it after midnight. The board displays the departing time of the flights, which head off the present day. The interface of the online board we have here is clean and user-friendly, so it’s not a problem to find the necessary flight. Just select the name of the flight you need from the list and the details about it will be shown.

You can not only check the changes in the departure time of a certain flight but find out the following details about it:

  • Flight designator
  • Air Carrier
  • Flight’s departure situation live real-time departure time, delayed or cancellation status

The info is updated in real time, so with the actual state of things in mind, you’ll be able to regulate your time and activities.

The advantages of the online departures boards are difficult to underestimate and thousands of travellers all over the world already benefit from the opportunity to use the online Luton flight tracker of the departures. Without any doubt, you’ll appreciate the facility offered on our site as well.

London Luton Airport Departures Area

Luton airport flight departures head off to the countries all over the world and various airline companies service the flights from LTN, some low-cost ones are also among them.

There is a priority lane in London Luton and in case you need to clear security and passport control quickly – use it. The service requires an extra fee equal to £3 online or £5 right at the airport. You can also order a bag porter service in LTN and get help with getting the baggage as far as the check-in desks. The service should be booked 24 hours in advance. Besides, you are offered the wrapping facilities in the Luton hall of departures at a minimum £8 price and above depending on the dimensions and amount of your luggage items.

London Luton Airport Check-In

London Luton Airport Check-In

The check-in area is easily found on the Luton sole terminal ground floor.

For all the travellers leaving from Luton, most flights are open for check in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. However, it’s advisable to check with the airline company, when it’s best to arrive.

Some general guidelines are also valid and should also be taken into consideration:

  • Check-in for long-hauls starts in 3 hours
  • European flights registration opens 2 hours before departure
  • Domestic flights permit check-in in an hour and a half

As soon as you have checked in you can proceed to security and Departures in Luton Airport, either directly, if you travel light with hand luggage only or after the Check-In bag drop desks of the airline you are serviced by. It may take you some time to put your luggage in the hold before you will be able to continue your way.

So planning your time at the airport, take into consideration the possible queue at the check-in desks. It’s especially important to remember when travelling on Fridays and Saturdays as these are the busiest days for the Airport, particularly between 5:30 am and 7:00 am.

In case you require Special Assistance, confirm it at the Check-in desk or, if you skip the checking in procedure, go to the Special Assistance Desk. It can be easily found at the Departures entrance next to the International currency exchange.

You will be then directed to the Special Assistance Waiting Area for the pre-boarding period.

All passengers must clear security. In case you have a Special Care Assistant already, he or she will take care of the procedure. If you don’t have an Assistant, explain your requirements to a Security team member. Everyone in the team is trained to help the passengers.

Yet, all passengers may request a private search area which is available at LTN.

LTN Luggage Regulations

Luton Luggage Regulations
The travellers can take only one piece of hand luggage when flying from LTN as of the regulations of the air companies operating in the airport.

The exception is made for the passengers flying with El Al, they are allowed 2 items. The maximum allowable size should be checked with the air carrier you go by as it often varies from the airline to airline.

Keep in mind that big electrical items like hair dryers or laptops should be screened separately, so you will have to take them out of the bag. A laptop case will be considered as a hand baggage item. Remember that liquids, gels, and pastes should not exceed 100 ml if kept in hand luggage and provided for the security check separately in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

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