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Heathrow Terminal 5: Departures and Arrivals Guide

Heathrow Terminal 5
Heathrow Terminal 5 is an integral part of Heathrow Airport, London’s major international gateway. Since its opening in 2008, Terminal 5 has been predominantly associated with British Airways, which has operated the majority of its flights from this terminal. This facility stands as the largest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom and was initially designed to accommodate up to 72.29 million passengers annually. In 2018, it served 32.1 million passengers across 211,000 flights, making it the busiest terminal at Heathrow in terms of passenger numbers and flight movements.

British Airways plans to transfer 12 of its long-haul flights to Terminal 3 in summer 2023 while moving 6 short-haul flights from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5, reflecting ongoing adjustments in its operations due to capacity constraints. Terminal 5 not only handles international flights but also domestic flights within the UK and to Ireland, similar to Terminal 2. Unlike Terminal 3 and 4, Terminal 5 has a more diverse operational profile.

The architectural design of Terminal 5 Heathrow was led by the Richard Rogers Partnership, with additional input from Pascall+Watson, and engineered by Arup and Mott MacDonald. The terminal complex includes a main building (5A) and two satellite structures (5B and 5C), alongside a control tower and a railway station, enhancing its connectivity and functionality. The construction of this significant project took nearly 20 years and cost £4 billion, involving the longest public inquiry in British history.

Airlines Operating at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

While British Airways remains the primary user of London Heathrow Terminal 5, the terminal has accommodated other airlines and continues to adapt to the evolving needs of air travel and airline operations.

From March 2012 to 12 July 2022, LHR Terminal 5 also served flights from Iberia, another subsidiary of the International Airlines Group (IAG). However, Iberia moved all its operations to Terminal 3 on 12 July 2022 to improve flight operations and customer services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Terminal 5 saw temporary usage by several Oneworld alliance members. American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, and China Southern Airlines operated from Terminal 5 during the pandemic but have since returned to their original terminals. This temporary shift was due to the operational changes necessitated by the pandemic.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Departures Timetable

This Heathrow T5 departures timetable is designed to inform passengers of their flight details. It consists of the following columns:

  • Time: The scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • Date: The specific date of the flight, which in this case is 24 April.
  • IATA: The IATA airport code that represents the destination airport.
  • Destination: The name of the city or airport where the flight is headed.
  • Flight: The flight number as assigned by the airline.
  • Airline: The name of the airline operating the flight.
  • Status: The current status of the flight, which typically shows whether it’s on time or delayed and the estimated time of departure.

To use this Terminal 5 Heathrow departures timetable, a passenger would locate their flight by the destination or flight number and then follow across the row to get the departure time and status update. This ensures that they are at the boarding gate at the correct time, as the status column will provide real-time updates on the flight’s departure time.

Process for Heathrow Departures Terminal 5

The LHR T5 departures area is strategically located on the top floor, facilitating a smooth and efficient journey for passengers. To ensure a timely departure, travellers are required to adhere to specific timings at different stages of their pre-flight process.

Key Timings for Heathrow departures T5:

  • Check-in Closure: Passengers must check in no later than 60 minutes before the departure of long-haul flights and 45 minutes before short-haul flights.
  • Security Clearance: It is essential to pass through security at least 35 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Boarding Gate: Travellers should be at their boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the flight departs.

The process for departures from Heathrow Terminal 5 is streamlined into three simple steps designed to expedite the pre-flight routine:

Step 1: Boarding Pass Collection
If you arrive without a boarding pass, you can obtain one at the hosted self-service touchpoints. These are designed to be user-friendly and quick.

Step 2: Bag Check-In
For those with luggage to check, the next step involves tagging and dropping off your bag at one of the self-service bag drops. These stations are manned to assist passengers and ensure a seamless process.

Step 3: Security Checkpoint
Once you have your boarding pass and have checked your bags, you proceed directly to the security checkpoint. This allows you to move towards the boarding areas without delays.

This structured approach ensures that passengers can navigate through the various stages of departure with ease and efficiency, making their experience at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 departures area as stress-free as possible. Terminal 5’s design and operational layout are tailored to enhance passenger flow and provide a pleasant start to their journeys.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Arrivals Timetable

The Heathrow arrivals Terminal 5 timetable serves as a crucial tool for passengers awaiting incoming flights. It provides essential details about arriving flights, aiding passengers in planning their pick-up or onward travel arrangements. Here’s an overview of the information provided in the timetable:

  • Time: The scheduled arrival time of the flight, ensuring passengers know when to expect the aircraft to land at Heathrow T5 arrivals area.
  • Date: The specific date of the flight’s arrival, helping passengers identify the correct schedule for their travel plans.
  • IATA: The IATA airport code representing the origin airport of the incoming flight, facilitating easy identification of flight origins.
  • Origin: The name of the city or airport from which the flight originates, providing passengers with information about the flight’s point of departure.
  • Flight: The unique flight number assigned by the airline to the incoming flight, allowing passengers to track their flight’s progress and locate it within the timetable.
  • Airline: The name of the airline operating the incoming flight, enabling passengers to identify the carrier and access relevant airline services.
  • Status: The current status of the flight upon arrival, indicating whether it has landed on time, is delayed, or any other relevant updates. This real-time status information helps passengers plan their pick-up or connection accordingly.

Passengers can easily locate their incoming flight by referencing the destination or flight number and then reviewing the corresponding row to obtain arrival time and status updates. With this Terminal 5 Heathrow arrivals timetable, passengers can ensure they are prepared for the arrival of their flight and can make any necessary arrangements based on the latest information provided.

Process for Heathrow Arrivals T5

Heathrow Airport T5 boasts a seamless arrivals experience for both domestic and international passengers flying with British Airways and Iberia Airlines. Here’s what you can expect upon arrival:

Navigation and Maps:
Clear signposting and interactive touch-screen map kiosks make navigation effortless. Information desks with knowledgeable staff are also available for further assistance.

Public Transportation:

  • Heathrow Express: Direct link to Paddington station with a rapid 20-minute journey. Tickets can be purchased conveniently at ticket machines.
  • Tube (Piccadilly Line): Offers a direct route into Central London and key destinations. Payment via Oyster cards or contactless provides affordability.

Ground Transportation:

  • Taxis: Official London Black Cabs stationed outside the arrivals hall.
  • Rideshares: Designated pickup zones are available for services like Uber.

Facilities & Amenities:
Restrooms with baby-changing stations, dining options including Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food and Costa Coffee, retail shops like World Duty Free, and British Airways lounges for eligible passengers.

Complimentary Wi-Fi via ‘Heathrow Wi-Fi’ network and charging points throughout the terminal. The ‘Heathrow Airport Guide app’ offers real-time updates and utilities.

Parking & Pickup:
Multiple parking solutions are provided, including Short, Long, and Business Parking. Quick pickups can use designated zones outside arrivals, while extended waits might prefer the Short Stay car park.

Arrival Procedures:
Passport Control for non-UK arrivals, baggage claim with flight details displayed on screens, and UK Customs with allowances for certain goods. EU passport holders benefit from a swift passport service.

How to Get to Heathrow T5

How to get to Heathrow terminal 5
Located 18 miles west of Central London, Heathrow Terminal 5 can be found at Longford, Hounslow TW6 2GA, Great Britain. For travellers heading into London, follow the Heathrow Terminal 5 directions by following signs to the M25 and continuing north. Once on the M4, head east towards Chiswick, then transition onto the Great West Road, which provides direct access to central London. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes.

Train to Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 boasts a dedicated railway and London Underground station, serving international travellers and London commuters. It’s the terminus for Heathrow Express services, offering direct connections to Paddington Station, alongside the Elizabeth line and Piccadilly line for routes into Central London. Operated by Heathrow Express staff, the London Underground section falls within Travelcard Zone 6, being the westernmost below-ground and National Rail station in London. The Heathrow Terminal 5 Station is a crucial hub where Heathrow Express, Elizabeth line, and Piccadilly line converge.

Travel to Terminal 5 by train is straightforward. Trains to Heathrow Terminal 5 from Paddington run from 5:10 am to 11:58 pm, with return services starting at 5:12 am until 11:54 pm, departing every fifteen minutes. Direct trains, ideal for those with luggage, run frequently, with journey times just over ninety minutes. Weekend and holiday schedules may vary, so plan accordingly. With various options, including direct services, travellers enjoy flexibility to suit their schedules.

Heathrow Underground to Terminal 5

Heathrow underground to Terminal 5 station, nestled beneath the terminal, provides seamless connections to London and beyond. Operating from 5:23 am to 11:42 pm, trains run at regular intervals, making travel convenient for passengers. With stops at key locations like Hounslow and Victoria Station, the underground offers easy access to various destinations. At just around £5.00 for a single journey, it’s a cost-effective alternative to airport parking. For arriving passengers, navigating to the underground is straightforward, with trains stopping at frequent intervals, including the bustling Victoria Station, offering onward travel options across the UK. Likewise, departing passengers find it easy to catch a tube to Victoria Station, where they can connect directly to Heathrow Terminal 5. With ample luggage space and consistent service, the underground provides a stress-free and affordable travel option, bypassing traffic congestion on the roads.

Car to Heathrow Terminal 5

Terminal 5 has its dedicated road accessible via Junction 14 on the M25 or Junction 4b on the M4. Modern car satellite navigation systems make finding the way straightforward. Regular breaks at motorway services are essential during the often lengthy journey. Early departure allows for smooth check-in and leisurely pre-flight activities, ensuring a stress-free start to your journey from the bustling hub of Heathrow, located fifteen miles west of central London.

Taxi to Heathrow Terminal 5

With a travel time of around an hour, taxi fares range from £45 to £70. Heathrow’s taxi services can be booked online, accommodating up to eight passengers. Some companies offer fixed prices, simplifying budgeting. Experienced drivers ensure timely arrivals, navigating traffic efficiently. Upon return, taxis await at the arrivals terminal for a seamless journey back to London.

Bus to Heathrow Terminal 5

Bus to Heathrow terminal 5
National Express offers direct coach services to Heathrow, with the Heathrow Hoppa bus connecting from various UK cities to the airport’s bus station. Comfortable and spacious, coaches feature air conditioning, ample legroom, and onboard toilets. Assistance with luggage is provided by drivers.

Travel times vary depending on departure location, with clear timetables provided. For enquiries about service availability from specific areas, contact National Express on their 24-hour hotline: 0871 7818178. Prices vary by destination, such as Bristol (£37.00), Bournemouth (£26.00), and Birmingham (£33.40), excluding a £1.00 handling fee. Despite potential traffic delays, arriving early allows time to enjoy airport amenities. Coach travel proves cost-effective compared to car expenses, ensuring a relaxed arrival at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Car Hire at Heathrow Terminal 5

There are a variety of reputable car hire Heathrow Terminal 5 companies, providing quality vehicles and optional extras to enhance your travel experience. Enterprise offers a range of cars, such as the Chevy Spark, with prices starting at £101.77 for seven days, including unlimited mileage.

Europcar, open 24/7, offers one-way hire options from £55 upwards, with five-seater cars available at approximately £137 for a week, facilitating extensive sightseeing. SixT provides compact Vauxhall Corsas from £95 and VW Golfs from £116 for seven days, including road tax and vehicle registration.

Alamo offers two-seater Hyundais for £98 and five-seater Skodas for £182 for a week, including various fees and VAT. Hertz features Kia and Vauxhall Astra options, both with unlimited mileage, starting at £136 and £170 respectively.

Avis presents deals like the Peugeot 107 at £136 and Vauxhall Astra at £164 for seven days, including unlimited mileage and cover for theft and damage. Easi Rent offers economical options like the Ford Ka for £99 and VW Passat for £150 for seven days, with add-ons available.

For luxury travel, Season Car Hire provides options like the Mercedes SLS 63 AMG and Ferrari 458, with prices starting at £4523 and £6844 for seven days respectively, along with specific requirements and excess fees.

Interactive Heathrow Terminal 5 Map

Find below the interactive map showing how to reach Heathrow T5.

The Route from T5 Heathrow to Other terminals

Travelling from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Terminals 3 and 2 offers several options. If you use a contactless payment card or a Transport for London Oyster card, you can enjoy a free journey on either the shuttle train or the Tube trains.

Please note that to access the shuttle train, you now need to obtain a free Inter-Terminal Transfer ticket from designated machines, conveniently located in the station.

The shuttle train journey typically takes around 20 minutes, while the Underground train may be slightly quicker in reaching the neighbouring terminals.

To reach Terminal 4, catch either the 482 bus heading to Southall Town Hall or the 490 bus bound for Pools on the Park. Both buses depart from Bus Stop 7 and provide a free transfer between terminals, with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes.

The Most Popular Heathrow Terminal 5 Shops

Heathrow Terminal 5 shops

In T5, you’ll find shopping options to suit every budget and taste. Some of the most popular Terminal 5 Heathrow shops include:

  • Be Relax Spa & Lounge – offering massages and manicures.
  • Collection — providing passengers with a wide range of tax-free goods.
  • Fortnum and Mason – a flagship store offering a variety of treats.
  • Louis Vuitton – one of the most luxurious shops at Heathrow Terminal 5, providing classic accessories for every traveller.
  • Prada – offering on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Restaurants

Terminal 5 Heathrow restaurants present a diverse array of dining options catering to various tastes and preferences.

For those seeking a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely coffee break, Caffè Nero, Costa, and Starbucks provide a range of freshly brewed coffees and light snacks.

Experience the British elegance at Heathrow T5 restaurants, like Fortnum & Mason Bar. Indulge in a refined dining affair amidst a curated array of exquisite wines, spirits, and gourmet delights.

For a culinary adventure spanning the globe, look no further than Giraffe. Their lively ambiance sets the stage for an eclectic menu showcasing dishes inspired by cultures worldwide, catering to diverse palates.

Elevate your airport dining experience at Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, situated in Heathrow T5. Curated by the acclaimed chef himself, its innovative menu ensures a gastronomic journey that travellers won’t soon forget.

For Japanese cuisine lovers, itsu and wagamama serve up fresh and flavourful Asian-inspired dishes, from sushi to noodle bowls.

Pilots Bar and Kitchen provides a relaxed atmosphere for travellers to unwind with hearty pub classics and refreshing drinks.

Lastly, The Crown Rivers Wetherspoon and The Globe offer traditional British pub fare and a selection of beverages, providing a cosy and familiar setting for travellers to relax before their journey.

The Closest Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotels

Upon arrival, you have the freedom to choose from several hotels near Heathrow Terminal 5. Opting for Hilton Hotel Heathrow Airport T5 ensures not only a spacious and comfortable bedroom but also access to a spa, gym, and pool for relaxation. Situated just one mile from the airport, the H57 Hoppa bus provides seamless transport to the Heathrow hotels near Terminal 5.

Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 offers an exclusive direct route to T5, along with park and fly packages for guests. Hoppa Buses H51 or H54 conveniently serve travellers staying at Thistle London Hotel.

For those on business trips seeking budget-friendly accommodation near the airport, Travelodge Terminal 5 Heathrow presents an ideal solution.

  • Hilton Hotel Heathrow Airport T5
    Poyle Rd, Slough SL3 0FF, UK
    +44 1753 686860
  • Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5
    Bath Rd, Longford, West Drayton UB7 0ET, UK
    +44 800 330 8086
  • Travelodge Heathrow T5
    Calder Way, Horton Road, Slough SL3 0AT, UK
    +44 871 984 6353

Heathrow Terminal 5 Lounges

There are two exceptional Heathrow T5 lounges: the Galleries Club Lounges and the Concorde Room.

The Galleries Club Lounges cater to various passengers, including gold and silver club members, Club World and Club Europe members, and first-class travellers. With locations in Terminal 5B and satellite buildings, these Heathrow lounges at Terminal 5 provide serene retreats with food courts, delis, coffee houses, and complimentary bars. Passengers can relax on oversized couches, enjoy cocktails, and utilise work zones equipped with computers and printing facilities. Families can appreciate the dedicated kids’ zone.
Concorde room Heathrow terminal 5

In contrast, the Concorde Room, British Airways’ first-class lounge in Terminal 5A, offers an exclusive experience for first-class passengers. With intimate dining areas, a well-stocked bar, private cabanas, and a spacious terrace, passengers can indulge in luxury before their flight. With impeccable décor and attentive service, this BA lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 provides a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere for passengers to unwind.

Heathrow Parking at Terminal 5

THeathrow Terminal 5 parking options cater to various needs, including drop-offs and pickups, alongside long stay and meet and greet services.
Heathrow Terminal 5 Parking

Heathrow Terminal 5 Drop Off and Pick Up:
Travellers needing quick drop-offs or Heathrow pick up Terminal 5 options can utilise short stay parking facilities conveniently located near Terminal 5. These areas offer flexible rates based on the duration of stay, allowing drivers to wait comfortably while passengers arrive or depart.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Parking Long Stay:
For extended trips, long stay parking bays spread across Heathrow provide affordable rates and secure facilities. Park and ride options such as Reeds Service Park and Click Park offer shuttle transfers to the terminals, ensuring hassle-free journeys.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Short Stay:
For quick drop-offs or pickups, short stay parking near Terminal 5 offers flexible options. Travellers receive tickets upon arrival, with rates varying based on duration. This convenient parking complex allows drivers to wait comfortably while passengers arrive or depart.

Meet and Greet Heathrow Terminal 5:
Those seeking convenience can opt for meet and greet services like MBW Meet and Greet and Budget Meet and Greet. Representatives meet travellers at the departures terminal, take their cars to secure parking areas, and return them upon their return. Ideal for those with mobility concerns or travelling with children.

Purple Parking Heathrow Terminal 5:
Purple Parking offers multi-storey parking just over two miles from the airport. With excellent security features and shuttle transfers, it provides a reliable option for travellers.

From drop-offs and pickups to long stay and meet and greet services, parking at Heathrow Terminal 5 ensures a seamless experience for travellers, offering a range of choices to suit individual preferences and requirements.

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