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Birmingham Airport Departures (BHX)

Getting to the airport can be stressful. Whether you are the one who has to catch a plane or just a helpful person dropping off a passenger, it is paramount that you follow flight times. It would be incredibly useful if you could find out in advance if a flight was delayed for several hours. You could then use that time to get to the airport more leisurely, find parking easily and even enjoy a cup of coffee as you wait for the flight. To check for the accurate information, check the Birmingham Airport live departures on the online departure board.

Birmingham Airport Departures

Online Departure Board

You can now go online to see the Birmingham Airport departures flight tracker. This allows travellers to see:

  • Flight number;
  • Carrier;
  • Arrival airport;
  • Scheduled departure time;
  • Flight status.

This information is synchronized with the flight departures Birmingham database of domestic and international flights. This gives passengers useful information at their fingertips to better plan their trip to the airport. The Birmingham online departure board is so easy, even a child can use it. With the easy-to-use, clean interface, you can easily find a flight departure time. Simply choose the flight name from the list presented and the essential details will pop up. With this free service, you can use this portal to see Birmingham Airport departures today. But you cannot use it to see departure times of flights for the next day. You can only see the flights on the day of the flights or after midnight on the day of departure.

The Birmingham Airport departures board is a real-time system that is regularly updated. However, the updates on the online departure board may be prone to slight delays and while the airport does it’s best to keep the information up to date, we do not bear responsibility for possible discrepancies with the information online. We display information as accurately as the data provided by Birmingham airport departures schedule.

Birmingham Airport Departures lounge

What To Do Before Departure From The Birmingham Airport

Checking in

If you only have a cabin bag and your airline offers online check-in several hours before flight departure, then use it and minimise your admin at the Birmingham Airport. Once you get to departures, simply head straight to the security gates with your airline website generated boarding pass. If, however, you have bags to check-in, then head to the self-check-in kiosks in the departure area on the second level of the airport. Should you prefer to have a teller help you with your check-in, then head to the lower floor of the airport for the manned check-in desks.


Perhaps the most dreaded part of visiting an airport is going through security. But if you follow this short guide for the flight departures at Birmingham , you could have a quick and pleasant time through security. First thing’s first, do you have a plastic bag for all your liquids? If not, then head to the departure lounge on the top floor. There you will find an island where you can get a plastic, see-through bag to hold your liquids. If you already have a transparent bag to hold all your liquids, then you should have no hold-ups at the detectors.

Birmingham Airport Departures Security

Next, have your passport open on the photo page and head to the Birmingham Airport biometric scanning system. This newly installed system will read your passport and then lead you to a cubicle to have your face scanned. Stand in the designated area and look straight at the screen. There, it will scan your face and then you can head to bag checking.

The thought of bag checks and metal detectors can be anxiety-inducing to some people, but here’s how you can be on top of it every time. Make sure your transparent bag with all your liquids is outside your carry-on luggage. Put that in a tray, then in a separate tray put your phones, laptops, wallet, keys, belts and handbags. Don’t forget to put your jackets or coats through the conveyor belt before you walk through the metal detector and finally head to your boarding gate.

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