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Manchester Airport (MAN) Arrivals

After coming to the airport and income control passing, the person should pay great attention to the online board, which shows flight arrivals to Manchester. Check out considerately the information on your ticket, find your flight number, and look for it on the board. The information updates daily and is available throughout the whole day, regardless of your arrival time at the airport. If some changes occur, the data about it will immediately appear on the board.

MAN Airport Arrivals: Board Details

The displayed information contains:

  • The flight number.
  • The scheduled arrival time.
  • The real-time flight status.
  • The arrival airport.
  • The carrier.

MAN Airport Arrivals Board Details

The last can provide details in short forms and be like:

  • Cancelled means that flight is abolished. You have to go to the airline office which is located in the current airport and find out how to be. Most likely, you will be offered to fly another flight.
  • Landed means the aircraft has already landed and here you can see the time for enplanement.
  • Scheduled lets you know the plane arrives at the scheduled time and there’s nothing to worry.
  • En Route is a sign that means the plane is approaching and the approximate arrival time is indicated.
  • Delayed inscription messages the flight is delayed.

Please note, the Manchester airport arrivals online board shows the local time. The airport accepts both international and regional flights. If there is a time difference between England and your country, do not forget to tune your wrist watches (in mobile devices with internet access, the time is automatically adapted). Pay attention that the data about Manchester airport arrivals provides for 2 days: today and tomorrow.

How to Check Arrivals Online

Our website helps get the actual information about flight arrivals, which is updated literally every minute and contains correct data. The entire page content has a good structure and the site user clearly sees the flight numbers and other information that is very difficult to perceive in a wrong way. Due to Manchester airport live arrivals, you can plan a transfer to another plane in an optimal way, to stay calm and have the whole situation under control.

The web-service also makes it possible to mastermind a meeting of the arriving flight. The welcomer can monitor the changeable flight schedule in a real-time mode via smartphones and tablets because our page has a mobile version. There is no need to come to the airport or call the information service to get the required data. All the information is available online.

Manchester Airport: Features of the Customs Surveillance

Passenger’s Actions after Flight Arrival

After arrival at the airport, the passport control, luggage dispensing, you should go through the customs surveillance. If everything is alright, all these procedures usually take to 1.5 hours. Show the border guard your passport with a visa (if needed) and return tickets. Don’t forget that while documents checking, it’s forbidden to take photos and use gadgets, moreover, the passport should be opened on the required page. The border guard may ask about the confirmation of funds and hotel reservations; after this he\she put a stamp in the passport and let you go.

Manchester Airport Features of the Customs Surveillance

The luggage is delivered to the special conveyor belt. You should look for the number on the scoreboard and come to take your bag. If it’s not on the carousel, don’t worry and just wait. If you fly with oversized luggage, take it separately from special racks.

Meetings after Flight Arrival

After successful air-to-ground transition and all the procedures passing, the tourist comes to the happy welcomer, who are waiting in a special arrivals hall. Before the meeting, the encounters should find out the flight number and arrival time. It’s better to clarify this information until the passenger’s departure, as the flight may be delayed, and then he\she will have to spend several hours at the airport.

Pay attention that the Manchester Airport consists of 3 passenger terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3, respectively. Moreover, the first two are interconnected by a special Skylink pedestrian bridge with a moving scale-free path, while access to the T3 is through a small covered passage of T1. In the Manchester airport arrivals T1, T2, and T3 passengers can use free Wi-Fi for 60 minutes.

If you have a car and want to pick up someone from Terminal 1 and 3, you can leave the vehicle at the arrivals car park (the price for 10 minutes standing is £4). The Terminal 1 arrival park is located in a few minutes of walking from it. Pay attention that the T2 locates now at the Multi Storey West that is situated on a new place and can be reached due to the required signs. Next, to the Terminals, the welcomers can also use car wash services, load gadgets, and find a special meeting point.

After coming to the airport and going through all the metal frames, the person has to follow the screens with information about the flight’s arrival. He\she needs to match the flight number and arrival time with the exit number and go to it. Of course, the flight can be transferred to another gate, so the welcomer has periodically to check the information on the arrival board.

Reach the City’s Central Part from Airport

There are a few actual variants on how to get the city: suburban train, taxi, and bus. Each way has its own pros and cons and the choice should depend on the financial aspect, the time of day, and desire.

Passengers, travelling from the airport to the Manchester’s city center, can choose daily trains of the Northern and TransPennine Express Companies, which connect the airport with the Manchester Piccadilly railway station that is located in the central part of the city. It makes scheduled trips every 10 minutes and the road takes nearly 20 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or via special machines located at the station, as well as online. Fares start from £5.

As in other airports, there is a taxi company parking lot near each terminal. If you decide to use their services, remember that a trip to the center of Manchester will cost £20-25, and the journey will take 30 minutes.

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