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Live Luton Airport Arrivals Today

Luton Arrivals – Live Online Board

Luton arrivals
We created this page for you to have instant access to the accurate and up-to-the-minute info about the London Luton Airport flight arrivals.

It’s always essential to check the accurate time of the flight arrival to make and adjust the travel plans. Luton Airport live arrivals board is extremely beneficial for the purpose. Here you can check the actual arriving time of your flight in just seconds at any moment and from any place. What is important – our service is totally free for users.

Various factors influence the air connection between the states and flight delays are quite common nowadays, so when monitoring your flight real-time on our site you have the opportunity to plan your time and activities accordingly.

LTN online board displays:

  • The arriving flights
  • The delayed ones, and their expected landing time
  • The flight cancellations

Luton Airport live arrivals board
Though the details are shown on the Luton Airport live arrivals board are synchronized with the airport’s department of home and international flights, you should remember that slight delays in the updates are possible because our site is not a direct data provider. It also means that we take no responsibility for the discrepancies, which may occur, but what we do guarantee is that the data we display is an accurate reflection of the official online board.

To check a certain flight’s arriving time for the next day, you just have to visit the online board of our site after the midnight, because it only shows the arrival time of the current day flights.

It’s easy to deal with our online board, you should just select your flight out of the list and check its more detailed info. The process is quite hassle-free due to a clear interface of the board. The data displayed is quite reliable due to the regular real-time updates.

The schedule of the flights is at times very changeable, so time shifts and delays are common. They often happen due to the weather conditions. With the online board of arrivals at Luton Airport, you can avoid inconveniences with transfer services or long sitting in the airport waiting for your aircraft. The board allows you to check the data in real time and adjust everything in a due way.

Besides the time shifts in the schedule, you can also find out the following flight details:

  • Flight designator
  • The servicing airline
  • The airport of departure
  • The time of arrival
  • The live flight’s status

Luton Baggage Reclaim and Customs

Luton airport outside
Notwithstanding this fact, at present, it is one of the busiest airports in Great Britain, which receives arriving flights from all over the world.

Immediately on landing the passengers can easily get into the hall of Arrivals, which is situated in the main building of the LTN sole terminal. After baggage reclaim and customs they have a wide choice of transport options right from the terminal or pick up zones, which are also easily accessed through the walkway.

The LTN terminal contains a variety of car hire companies stands to offer a comfortable means of transportation to the travellers just as they come through the walkway. The tickets for a bus or a train can also be purchased in Luton Airport arrivals zone. Luton Airport Parkway station can be reached by a free airport shuttle bus in just 5 minutes. In case you need a taxi – look for it at the stands opposite the terminal building.

The Passenger Service Assistants are eager to help the travellers at London Luton who need assistance with directions or info. They are well seen due to their recognizable uniforms or can be contacted in an emergency via the red telephones placed throughout the terminal.

Luton Baggage Reclaim is easy to reach and find because the LTN belts are clearly labeled. In the area of baggage reclaim the travellers can also use payphones in case of need.

Those passengers who have UK machine-readable passports can take advantage of the Luton automatic lanes, thus avoiding the queues for the passport control.

The last, but not the least must-do at Luton Arrival area is choosing the right gate related to the type of goods you carry and the place you have arrived from.

The blue gates mean ‘Nothing to Declare’ – use it if you don’t have any items subject to declaration, and go through the red gates if you do have ‘Goods to Declare’. The green gates are for the travellers, who come from non-EU states.

Luton airport flight arrivals

In case you have doubts as to the baggage and the goods to declare, consult the Customs officer and ask for help if you need any.

Luton airport arrivals: Easyjet

In 1995 Luton became an Easy Jet’s first UK base and pioneered low-cost air travel in Europe. EasyJet is still working closely with the Airport. The corner of the network can be found at Luton Airport arrivals and EasyJet team aims to deliver a major breakthrough in customer experience here for Luton passengers, making their journey easy at every step.

Besides the Easyjet, LTN services some other airline companies, though not many, and holds primarily the budget airlines. You can expect such air carrying companies as AtlasGlobal, TUI, BlueAir, Ryanair, Tarom, and Wizz Air at Luton Airport Arrivals.

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