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London Heathrow (LHR) Airport Flight Departures

Heathrow departure board – check time departures of flight

This page contains the Online Departures Board of London Heathrow Airport. It’s extremely important to follow the accurate time of the departure and the online board is much more useful for this purpose than the ordinary flights’ timetable. The time of the departure may be very changeable as it depends on multiple factors. So it’s better to monitor Heathrow flight departures live, the timetable does not show the alterations of departing time, while the online board updates every 2-5 minutes showing the most actual flights’ details for the current moment.

So as the Delays happen rather often it’s reasonable to check the information on our site and plan your time with that in mind. It’s often worth not to hurry and to stay some extra hours at home than to spend them at the airport if your flight is delayed for some considerable time.

Online London Heathrow departures board allows seeing:

  • The list of departing flights
  • The flights, which are delayed and when they are expected
  • The flights, which are cancelled

The data displayed on our site is synchronized with Heathrow’s department of home and international flights. However, the updates may be shown with a slight delay, as our site is not the direct data provider. Due to this fact, we bear no responsibility for the possible discrepancies on the online board, even though we accurately display all the data provided by Heathrow’s official board of departures. It’s easy to use our online board, even a child can deal with it.

Heathrow departure board

To check the departure time of the flight for tomorrow, you should visit our site after midnight or on the day of the flight. Each online board only shows the time of departing flights for the present day. What’s important – our service is completely free.

The board contains all the information about Heathrow departures for today. It’s easy to find the flight you need due to the clean interface of the board, so you’ll manage it in no time. Just choose the name of the flight from the list and you’ll see all the essential details about it.

In addition to the information about the departure time alterations, you can find the following details:

  • Flight designator
  • Airline company
  • Flight’s departure time live status (actual departure time, whether it’s delayed or cancelled)

The information is regularly updated in real time, so you’ll be able to control the flight you are interested in and regulate your time on this basis.

Thousands of travelers worldwide have already realized the advantages of the online Heathrow flight tracker departures. We are sure you’ll appreciate this facility on our site as well.

LHR live board departures

Here you can find the details about Heathrow departures for the present day for each terminal.

Depending on the terminal you need, follow the corresponding link below and find the most current information about the departures at a certain time today or tomorrow.

Passengers departing from Heathrow

For the Passengers departing from Heathrow

If you depart from London Heathrow, you should take into consideration how long it will take you to get to the Terminal you leave from and the accurate time the check in for your flight starts.

Heathrow Departures: Which Terminal?

To avoid problems with your LHR departures, find out which Terminal you need before going to the airport and choose your route with this in mind. It’s essential to find out beforehand the terminal your flight takes off from. Though the terminals are not far from each other, the way from A to B may take you considerable time.

Terminals 2 and 3 are situated in the center of the airport, not far from each other and linked by a pedestrian underpass. Terminal 4 is situated in the Southern part of Heathrow and has a separate entrance. The Fifth Terminal is in the Western part of London Heathrow, with a separate entrance as well.
The Fourth and the Fifth Terminal are connected to each other and to the Terminals 2 and 3 by trains and buses.
The way from one Terminal to another may take:

  • 7 minutes from the 2nd to the 3rd
  • 8 minutes to the 4th by Express Train
  • З minutes from the 4th to the 5th by Express Train
  • 10-20 minutes from the 5th to the 2nd and the 3rd by buses

The trains and buses depart every quarter of an hour.

Peculiarities of London Heathrow Check-In process

The option of online checking-in is at present offered by most airlines, you can nowadays check in even through your mobile, using a special dedicated app of your airline company. It will save you plenty of time and help to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

London Heathrow Check-In process

Self-service check-in is also available nowadays with most air companies; this option is safe and easy to use, it will save you a lot of time at the airport as well. Self-service check-in can be realized through the kiosks located near the standard registration desks.

Where to Check-In?

It is easy to find the Check-in desks at LHR as they are signposted by yellow illuminated cubes, which indicate the number of the check-in area. To know where you should go, find your flight details on the information screens. They can be found at each entrance. When you know the Terminal you depart from, look for the check-in zone in it.

The check-ins have the following locations:

  • At Heathrow terminal 2 departures go to the top of the building
  • At Heathrow terminal 3 departures you need the ground floor
  • At Heathrow terminal 4 flight departures the check-in is situated on the first floor
  • At Heathrow terminal 5 departures look for the check in at the top floor

When to Arrive?

To avoid delays, we advise you to check in as early as possible.
You can get more information from the airline company servicing you, but as a rule, you should allow:

  • Minimum 3 hours for international flights checking in
  • Minimum 2 hours for European flights
  • 90 minutes for domestic flights (Britain and Ireland)

The present enhanced security measures can result in a longer checking in than the usual procedures take, so it’s always better to allow yourself plenty of time to arrive and check in for your flight in advance.

Heathrow BA: what departures are served

Being already the largest British airline in 2011 BA merged with a Spanish airline Iberia. In such a way one of the biggest airline groups worldwide was created gaining the name of the International Airlines Group. Still, the brands British Airways and Iberia continue to operate nowadays.

Heathrow BA: what departures are served

BA flies at present from Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5. If you are not sure which of them you need having a BA flight, visit our online board and check Heathrow departures British Airways. The same information can be found on the boarding passes or Heathrow’s information screens.

In case you require help with BA flight departures at Heathrow, contact the Customer Service of British Airways. It operates in the Airport directly.
In Terminal 3 it is located after Flight Connections Security and in Terminal 5 before Security in the Flight Connections Zone.

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