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EasyJet Seating Plan

EasyJet Seat Plan

EasyJet Seat Plan Overview

EasyJet is a budget British airline founded in 1995. Over time, the Airline has developed to be one of the largest in the United Kingdom and has its headquarters at Luton Airport, London. One impressive thing about EasyJet Airline is its vast fleet. The company has 82 Airbus A320-200s and 136 Airbus A319-100s.

Inside EasyJet airplanes, there is only one cabin — Economy Class. Furthermore, food service is only available on purchase. As one of the largest airlines in Europe, EasyJet travels to over 130 places in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Types of Seats on the EasyJet Plane Layout

EasyJet standard

EasyJet standard seats

Standard seats

Though EasyJet interior has only one cabin, there are three layouts. The standard seats are the least of these seats in terms of comfort.

Like in most airlines, passengers have the chance to choose where they would want to sit. Even though the seats are the same, people’s preference differs. For instance, if you prefer a window seat, you will choose whichever you find comfortable.

The standard seats comprise rows 7 to 11 and rows 14 to 31. While passengers can choose to sit wherever they find convenient, the airline will assign a seat automatically if you don’t book one. Also, travelers in this cabin are only entitled to a bag they can keep in the under-seat storage.

Up Front seats

The EasyJet Up Front seats comprise the second to sixth-row seats. This section of the Easy Jet interior is free for passengers with Flexi fare and EasyJet Plus cardholders. To ensure the comfort of these travelers, the Airline has two storage spaces — overhead and under-seat.

Unlike the standard seats, passengers of the EasyJet Upfront seats are entitled to two bags. One of these bags will be in the under-seat storage, while the other will be in the overhead space.

One advantage Up Front passengers enjoy is easier booking. You can book and check in your luggage; you can do it easily through the check-in desk. Additionally, the plus bag drop service in this section makes passengers in it feel like they are sitting in EasyJet best seats.

EasyJet Up Front Seats

Extra Legroom seats easyjet

Extra Legroom easyjet

Extra Legroom seats

There is no significant difference between the Extra Legroom EasyJet planes seating and the Up Front. This section of the airline is free for EasyJet Plus cardholders and discounted for passengers with Flexi fares.

The Extra Legroom seats, as the name goes, offer passengers more comfort in the form of extra leg space. Since two storage spaces are available for each passenger — overhead and under-seat — you are entitled to two bags.

Another perk of the Extra Legroom seats is their easy booking. Like the Up Front seating, you can check in and Book through the dedicated Check-in desk. You can find these seats in the 1st, 12th, and 13th rows.

Restricted EasyJet Plane Seats

You can sit in the restricted seat of an EasyJet aircraft; however, you must prove that you are ready and able to help out in an evacuation in an emergency. Additionally, the seat demands physical strength, and there are also certain safety precautions to consider. Staying in this section may require you to follow the flight crew’s instructions to ensure your safety and that of other passengers.

Because seat numbers change based on the kind of aircraft, it is critical to check the respective EasyJet seat map in advance to see which seats are off-limits.

If you want to sit in the restricted areas of the Easy Jet plane, you must meet the following standards.

  • You must be 16 years or older
  • You’re not traveling with a baby
  • Capable of going through an escape door in case of an emergency
  • Have nothing stopping you from moving fast, like sickness, accident, pregnancy, old age, or handicap
  • You don’t require additional tools (i.e., extension seat belt, support cushion)
  • Can pick up concepts rapidly and apply them independently

EasyJet UK places the safety of its passengers and staff as priorities. Therefore, for your protection, if you reserved such seats but did not match the above criteria on the day of travel, the airline’s staff will assist you in locating an alternate seat.

How to Choose EasyJet Seats

EasyJet allows passengers to choose where they would want to sit. You can check the Easy Jet seating plan and decide whether to sit close to the aisle, window, etc. However, being able to choose a preferred seat attracts additional costs.

You may select your seats while making your reservation or at any time before checking in; go to the Manage reservations option on EasyJet’s website or mobile app. If multiple people are booking a seat, seats will be allocated to these people by the airline. Also, the company’s policy ensures that no more than one person can reserve a seat.

How to Change Your Seats

Up to two hours before departure, you may log in to Manage Bookings and add or rearrange seats if you still need to do so upon checking in. If you have already checked in but would want to switch seats, call the EasyJet plane customer service department so that they can assist you.

Sitting with Family and Friends

Sitting with Family EasyJet
Children below two years old must either sit on an adult’s lap or a seat next to them. In the EasyJet plane seating plan, for every three seats in a row, we can accommodate a baby on a lap on any of our planes.

You can check out the EasyJet plane seating arrangement and reserve a lap child seat online for a minimal extra cost. During takeoff and landing, infants traveling in their seats must be restrained by a car seat.

It suffices to state that each adult is limited to bringing along not more than two newborns — one must sit in a car seat.

Inflight Amenities

Given the short length of its flights, EasyJet only provides a single cabin type, with minimal in-flight services. The EasyJet inside short-haul amenities like refreshments are only available for a fee. The Bistro service offers you food, drinks, and other amenities.

Flexi fares customers are credited with £7 to spend on food and beverages. Though there are no private compartments, some premium seating choices are available.

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