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Cardiff Airport Overview

Located in the capital city of Wales, Cardiff Airport, known as Maes Awyr Caerdydd in Welsh, is the primary gateway for commercial passenger travel in the country. Designated by the IATA code CWL and the ICAO code EGFF, it stands as a vital transportation hub connecting Wales to numerous domestic and international destinations. Since March 2013, the airport has been owned by the Welsh Government, operating as a commercially driven entity.

In recent years, CWL Airport experienced a positive trend in passenger numbers, with 1.66 million travellers recorded in 2019. This steady growth seemed promising for the airport’s future prospects. However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 severely impacted the aviation industry worldwide, leading to a significant decline in passenger traffic. Unfortunately, Cardiff Airport was not immune to these challenges, and it witnessed a substantial decrease in passenger numbers, plunging to levels reminiscent of the 1960s. Despite earlier plans for a new terminal, progress on this development has been stagnant.

Despite the adversity faced in recent times, Cardiff Airport remains the sole airport in Wales to provide regular international flights. It serves as a base for various scheduled airlines, offering both low-fare and business-class services, catering to the diverse needs of passengers. Additionally, the airport supports corporate and general aviation, accommodating private jets and other aircraft for executive and recreational purposes.

As Wales continues to position itself on the global stage, CWL plays a crucial role in connecting the nation to the rest of the world. While it currently faces challenges in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the airport is poised to adapt and recover, striving to regain its status as a thriving transportation hub for Wales.

CWL boasts a single terminal that efficiently facilitates the travel needs of over 1.6 million passengers annually. This bustling terminal serves as the gateway to approximately 900 destinations, encompassing a comprehensive network of 50 direct routes. Whether passengers are embarking on domestic or international journeys, the terminal accommodates all departing and arriving flights.

Cardiff Airport Flight Tracker

Cardiff Airport Departures Flight Board

The Cardiff Airport live departures flight board is a valuable resource for passengers seeking up-to-date information about their flights. Accessible through our website or dedicated mobile applications, this digital tool provides real-time details about departing flights. Travellers can conveniently check Cardiff Airport departures today or next 7 days and their flight status, including scheduled time, date, status, airline, flight number, and potential delays or cancellations.

The online flight departures Cardiff board enables passengers to plan their journey effectively, allowing them to arrive at the airport on time and make any necessary adjustments to their travel plans. This reliable and user-friendly resource enhances the overall travel experience, providing convenience and peace of mind to those departing from Cardiff Airport.

The live departures Cardiff Airport flight board ensures that passengers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date flight information, enabling them to make informed decisions and adjustments to their travel plans. This user-friendly digital resource is available 24/7, allowing travellers to stay connected and well-informed about their departure flights from anywhere, anytime.

Cardiff Departures

Cardiff Airport Departures
To ensure a smooth departures Cardiff Airport, it is crucial to be aware of the recommended check-in time provided by your airline. While our general advice is to arrive at least two hours prior to your flight, it’s always best to confirm the specific requirements with your airline. Many airlines offer the convenience of online check-in, allowing you to skip the check-in queues at the airport. With online check-in, you can simply drop off any hold luggage at the designated bag drop area before proceeding directly to the security checkpoint.

The check-in procedures at the CWL departures area may vary depending on the airline you are flying with. It is highly recommended to visit the airline’s official website to obtain accurate information about check-in times and closing deadlines. As a general guideline, for short-haul flights, it is advisable to arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. For long-haul flights, allowing a minimum of three hours is recommended.

Even if you have completed the online check-in process at the Cardiff flight departures area, it is still important to allocate sufficient time for additional tasks such as dropping off checked bags, collecting boarding passes (if required), and navigating to your designated gate. By allowing extra time, you can avoid any last-minute rush and ensure a stress-free boarding experience. Remember to stay informed, plan accordingly, and arrive prepared at Cardiff Airport for your departing flight.

Cardiff Airport Arrivals Flight Board

Cardiff Airport flight arrivals online flight board provides passengers with real-time information about incoming flights. This valuable resource displays essential details, including the scheduled arrival time, date, flight status, airline, flight number, and the originating country of each arriving flight.

Passengers can conveniently access the online flight board to stay updated on the status of the Cardiff Airport arrivals today. This includes information on any potential Cardiff Airport delays or cancellations, allowing travellers to plan their airport pickups or onward journeys accordingly. By utilizing the Arrivals Flight Board, passengers can stay informed and make necessary adjustments based on the most current and accurate data available.

It’s important to note that the online flight arrivals Cardiff board is a reliable source of information, and it reflects real-time updates. This enables passengers to have the most up-to-date details regarding arrivals, ensuring a smooth and well-informed travel experience.

With the convenience of the flight arrivals Cardiff Airport online board, passengers can track the progress of incoming flights and stay informed about any changes or disruptions. This resource enhances the overall airport experience, allowing passengers to plan their time effectively and make necessary arrangements based on the latest information provided.

Cardiff Arrivals

Cardiff Airport Arrivals

Arrival Procedures for Passengers

Upon arrival at Cardiff Airport, passengers are required to follow specific procedures based on their origin and destination. For domestic arrivals Cardiff Airport, passengers can proceed directly to the baggage claim area and exit the terminal. International arrivals, on the other hand, must first go through immigration and customs. At the immigration checkpoint, passengers will need to present their passports and any required documentation.

After clearing immigration and customs at the CWL arrivals area, passengers can collect their baggage from the designated claim area before exiting the terminal. It is essential to note that customs and immigration requirements may vary depending on the passenger’s country of origin and destination, so it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the relevant regulations before the flight arrival.

Cardiff Flight Arrivals Statistics

Cardiff Airport welcomes a significant number of arriving flights annually. On average, the airport handles approximately 10,000 arriving flights, serving over 1.5 million passengers each year. While the airport endeavours to ensure punctual arrivals, occasional delays are not uncommon. Passengers are advised to check the flight status before heading to the airport to avoid any inconvenience.

Baggage Claim Areas

Cardiff Airport features two separate baggage claim areas—one for domestic flights and another for international flights. Complimentary baggage carts are available for passengers to facilitate the transportation of their belongings. Additionally, the airport has introduced a new baggage delivery service, allowing passengers to have their luggage conveniently delivered directly to their doorstep, streamlining the overall baggage claim process.

Checking Arrival Status

Passengers, as well as those awaiting arriving passengers, can conveniently check the Cardiff Airport live arrivals status of a flight through the website or mobile app. The arrival status provides real-time updates on the estimated arrival time of the flight and any potential delays. For those meeting arriving passengers, the airport provides a designated meeting point within the arrivals hall, making it effortless to locate and greet passengers upon their arrival.

Cardiff Airport Destinations and Airlines

Cardiff Airport offers a diverse range of destinations for travellers. From popular domestic routes within the UK to international destinations across Europe and beyond, passengers can choose from a variety of destinations from Cardiff Airport.

Airline Destinations
Aer Lingus Belfast–City
BH Air Seasonal: Burgas
Eastern Airways Paris–Orly
KLM Amsterdam
Loganair Edinburgh
Ryanair Belfast–International, Dublin
Seasonal: Faro, Málaga
TUI Airways Alicante, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Málaga, Tenerife–South
Seasonal: Antalya, Burgas, Corfu, Dalaman, Dubrovnik, Enfidha, Heraklion, Ibiza, Kefalonia, Kos, Larnaca, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Paphos, Reus, Rhodes, Sharm El Sheikh, Zakynthos
Vueling Alicante, Málaga

Cardiff Airport Lounge

Cardiff Airport Executive lounge
Located within Cardiff Airport, the Executive Lounge stands as the sole lounge available to passengers. Open daily, the lounge is situated in the newly extended International Departure Lounge, providing guests with a serene and comfortable environment.

To ensure a tranquil atmosphere, access to the Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge for large groups of adults (consisting of six or more individuals) may require prior authorization. The opening hours of the Executive Lounge are designed to accommodate various flight schedules. From Sunday to Friday, the lounge welcomes guests from 5 am to 7 pm, while on Saturdays, it operates from 5 am to 5 pm.

The Executive Lounge Cardiff Airport goes beyond catering to the senses by providing complimentary food and beverage options. Guests can indulge in a selection of refreshments, including hot and cold drinks, snacks, and light meals. Families with young children are also welcome in the Executive Lounge, as children under the age of two can enter free of charge.

In terms of seating, the airport lounge Cardiff offers comfortable and well-appointed seating areas, providing guests with a pleasant space to unwind and relax before their flights.

Cardiff Airport Parking

car parking at Cardiff Airport map
Cardiff Offers convenient and secure car parking Cardiff Airport options for travellers, with all parking facilities provided by the Official on-site car parks. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can easily drive themselves to the designated car park, following the clear signage indicating the parking area corresponding to their booking. Once parked, passengers have the choice of either taking advantage of the free transfer bus service or, in some cases, simply strolling directly to the terminal building.

By offering on-site parking at Cardiff Airport facilities, Cardiff Airport aims to provide convenience and peace of mind for passengers, allowing them to have control over their transportation and enjoy a seamless travel experience from the moment they arrive until the time they depart.

Cardiff Airport Long Stay Parking

The Cardiff Airport Parking Long Stay facilities provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for securely leaving your car at or near the airport. For the most favourable rates, it is advisable to pre-book long-stay parking using the tool provided above. By doing so, you can easily compare car park prices in Cardiff. These car parks are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and are conveniently located within walking distance of the terminal.

Length of Stay Price
0 - 20 Minutes Free
20 - 40 Minutes £5.50
40 - 60 Minutes £8.00
1 - 2 Hours £10.00
2 - 3 Hours £11.50
3 - 4 Hours £13.50
4 - 12 Hours £16.50
12 - 24 Hours £42.50
2 Days £60.00
4 Days £89.00
7 Days £127.00
10 Days £170.00
14 Days £230.50
Up to 31 Days £485.50
For each additional day £15.00 per day

Short Stay Car Park Cardiff Airport

The Cardiff Airport Short Stay offers convenient parking options for passengers who wish to park close to the terminal. The tariffs for short-stay parking, if paid on the day, are as follows. The car park is conveniently located within a short distance from the terminal, providing ease of access for travellers. With its 24/7 operation and CCTV monitoring, passengers can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are under constant surveillance. Whether it’s for a quick trip or a short stay, the Short Stay car park offers a secure and accessible parking solution for the convenience of airport passengers.

Length of Stay Price
Up to 20 mins £2.00
Up to 40 mins £4.00
Up to 60 mins £6.00
Up to 3 hours £10.00
Up to 4 hours £13.00
Up to 12 hours £16.00
1 Day £38.00

Meet and Greet Cardiff Airport

The Cardiff Meet and Greet service provides a hassle-free parking experience, as a professional and fully-licensed driver will meet you upon arrival and take care of parking your car.

The daily rate for Cardiff Meet and Greet starts from £9.37 per day, while the weekly rate begins at £74.99. Located in a dedicated Meet and Greet area adjacent to the terminal, this service eliminates the need for transfers, allowing you to walk to the terminal within just 2 minutes.

Upon arrival at Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet, simply drive to the designated Meet and Greet area, where the barrier will automatically rise for you. You can then hand over your car keys at the Priority Reception area, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

When you return from your trip, make your way to the Priority Reception area, where your car and keys will be ready and waiting for you.

For passengers requiring special assistance, there is a Special Assistance Call Point available, connecting directly to the Terminal’s service desk.

Cardiff Airport Hotels with Parking

When it comes to Cardiff Airport hotels with parking, there are several options that cater to different needs and preferences, allowing travellers to conveniently skip the early-morning stress. Here are some notable choices:

Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport

Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport: Ideal for families, this hotel not only offers competitive prices but also features 70 family rooms equipped with a double bed, sofa bed, and space for a cot. Start the day right with a complimentary continental breakfast, ensuring everyone is fueled up before their flight.

Celtic International Hotel: If you prefer a stylish and contemporary ambience, the Celtic International Hotel is an excellent choice. Just a five-minute taxi ride from the airport, this hotel offers a bright and modern atmosphere. Indulge in delicious internationally-inspired dishes at the on-site restaurant, and enjoy the convenience of free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Guests also rave about the delightful breakfast options.

Celtic International Hotel

Sky Plaza Cardiff Airport: Perfect for business travellers, this hotel and parking Cardiff Airport prioritizes connectivity. Each room is equipped with an internet plug, telephone, and a working desk, ensuring you can stay connected and productive. With its convenient location just five minutes from the terminal, you’ll have ample time to complete your work tasks.

Each of these hotels near Cardiff Airport offers its own unique features and amenities, catering to a range of preferences and requirements. Whether you’re travelling with family, on a business trip, or simply seeking a comfortable stay with great dining options, there’s a hotel that will suit your needs and make your airport experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Cardiff Airport Directions

Cardiff Airport Bus

Cardiff Airport Bus
Previously, TrawsCymru operated the Cardiff Airport Express, providing a frequent service between the airport and Cardiff city centre. The service operated every 20 minutes during the day and on an hourly basis during the night. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the T9 service has been suspended. Presently, the only Cardiff Airport bus service available is the 304, operated by Adventure Travel, which connects Cardiff Airport to Cardiff via Barry or Bridgend via Llantwit Major.

Train to Cardiff Airport

The closest railway station to Cardiff Airport is Rhoose Cardiff International Airport, located on the Vale of Glamorgan Line. This station offers an hourly service operated by Transport for Wales, connecting Cardiff Central (originating from Merthyr Tydfil) to the east and Bridgend to the west.

The railway station is situated approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) away from the airport’s terminal building. To facilitate the transfer between the station and the terminal, Rail Linc buses operate regularly, providing a convenient shuttle service for passengers who need to take a train to Cardiff Airport. These buses transport travellers to and from the railway station, ensuring a seamless connection between the airport and the rail network.


Cardiff Airport is conveniently located approximately 10 miles (16 km) from junction 33 of the M4 motorway, known as Cardiff West. To reach the airport by car, drivers can take the A4232 road and exit at Culverhouse Cross. From there, they can follow the A4050 route towards Barry and then transition to the A4226 road heading towards Llantwit Major, which leads directly to the airport.

For those travelling from the west, the recommended route is to exit at junction 37, known as Pyle, and join the A48 road. This will take drivers past Cowbridge, and then they can continue south on the A4226 road, which leads directly to the airport.

Alternatively, there is a direct route available from M4 junction 34, also known as Miskin. Drivers can follow the local lanes through Hensol and continue on the A4226 road at Sycamore Cross (A48), which will lead them directly to the airport.

Cardiff Airport Taxi

FlightLink Wales serves as the official taxi Cardiff Airport provider. Passengers can conveniently order a taxi or manage their bookings at the dedicated booking desk located in the Arrivals Area. Additionally, FlightLink Wales offers minibus services for planned trips. They also provide the GreenLink travel service, allowing passengers to share the journey with fellow travellers and split the cost.

The address for the taxi rank is Outside Arrivals, Cardiff Airport, Rhoose, Cardiff, Wales, CF62 3BD.

When travelling from Cardiff Airport to the city centre, taxi to Cardiff Airport prices typically range between £30-£45, depending on the specific location and type of taxi chosen. It’s important to note that minibuses with six seats or more are charged at approximately double the rate.

Useful Information on CWL Airport

The year of foundation: 1954
Number of terminals: 1
Cardiff Time Zone: GMT+1
Cardiff Airport Coordinates: 51.3985° N, 3.3397° W
Location: close to the village of Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan, 13 miles to the west of Cardiff.
Cardiff Airport Address: Rhoose, Barry CF62 3BD, UK
Cardiff Airport Postcode: CF62 3BD
Cardiff Airport Code: CWL, EGFF
Cardiff Airport Contacts: +44 0333 004 5000
Website: cardiff-airport.com

Cardiff Airport Map

Flight Trackers