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Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier of Turkey, has a seat selection policy that allows passengers to choose their seats during the booking process or later. The seat selection policy provides flexibility and convenience to passengers, ensuring a comfortable and personalised flying experience. Here are some key points about Turkish Airlines’ seat selection policy.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class

Choices for ExtraFly and PremiumFly packages

  • Standard seats are free from 355 days before the flight until 1.5 hours before takeoff.

Various EcoFly bundle options

  • Standard seats are chargeable six hours before departure.
  • All packages can purchase more legroom and emergency exit seats for a charge up to six hours before takeoff.
  • For EcoFly package passengers who don’t purchase a seat until six hours before departure, seats will be randomly assigned during check-in.

Domestic and international tickets on Turkish Airlines

  • The EcoFly package rules apply to seat selection, purchase options, and online check-in procedures.

Members of Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles, business members, and sailors

  • Standard seats for all packages are free for “Elite” and “Elite Plus” members, corporate members, and sailors during the corresponding time frames.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Flights on AnadoluJet within Turkey and to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:

  • Standard Turkish Airline seat selection is included in the ExtraFly (ExtraJet) and PremiumFly (ComfortJet) packages and is free up to 90 minutes before departure.
  • Seat selection for the EcoFly (Standard) package is charged up to six hours before departure.
  • All packages can purchase more legroom and emergency exit seats for a charge up to six hours before takeoff.
  • Passengers on the EcoFly (Standard) package who don’t reserve a seat until check-in six hours before departure will receive a random seat assignment.

Flights on AnadoluJet International (not including those to/from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

  • Passengers on EcoFly (EcoJet) packages who didn’t purchase a seat during check-in will be randomly assigned a seat.
  • ExtraFly (ExtraJet) packages with a fee until 6 hours before the flight and PremiumFly (ComfortJet) packages with a price until 90 minutes before the flight are available, as are extra legroom and emergency exit seats.

Turkish Airlines Business Class

  • Until the end of the check-in period, passengers can choose their preferred Turkish Airlines Business Class seats.

General Rules

  • For travellers with tickets and flights with reservations, paid seat selection is available.
  • Only group travellers (reservations with more than nine passengers) who made direct reservations using the Turkish Airlines Reservations System were eligible for paid or unpaid seat selection.
  • To avoid obstructing emergency exits, sick or disabled passengers should select aisle or window-side seats.
  • Not applicable to codeshare (partner) flights run by other airlines.

Requirements for Emergency Exit Seats

  • Only people who can help with an emergency evacuation are permitted in seats near emergency exits.
  • Passengers must be at least 16 years old and younger than 65, fluent in Turkish or English, able to follow directions in either language and in good physical condition.
  • The emergency exit seat is not available for pregnant passengers with limited movement or who need a second seat belt.
  • Passengers travelling with pets, guide dogs, or emotional support dogs should not select seats with extra legroom or near an emergency exit.
  • Passengers who do not match the standards may have their seats changed by the cabin crew.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Operational and Technical Limitations

  • On some flights, paid or Turkish Airline free seat selection may not be possible owing to operational or technical issues.

How to Choose a Seat on the Turkish Airlines Seat Map

You have the fantastic chance to customise your flying experience with Turkish Airlines by selecting your desired seat. It allows you to customise your travel based on your comfort level and unique needs. Turkish Airlines recognises the value of passenger happiness and provides a range of seating arrangements to meet various requirements.

Turkish Airlines provides practical choices for choosing seats during online and offline check-in. You can specify your preferred seating option to ensure that your desired seat is reserved for you, whether you prefer the simplicity of online check-in or the individualised care of an offline check-in counter.

Use these easy methods to choose your seat on Turkish Airlines

  • Go to Turkish Airlines’ official website at www.turkishairlines.com or call their toll-free hotline at +1 888 675 7794.
  • Look through the available seats and choose the most appealing. To make the best decision for your trip, consider aspects like legroom, proximity to amenities, and personal preferences.
  • Find the Turkish Airlines seat configuration’s 2D model by navigating there. You can browse the available seats on this interactive seat map to help you make an informed choice.
  • Enter the information from your Passenger Name Record (PNR), usually on your aircraft reservation confirmation.
  • After selecting your Turkish Airlines pre-book seats, make the necessary payment. The chosen seat will then be assigned to you and reserved by Turkish Airlines, guaranteeing that you have a specific location on the aircraft that suits your needs and preferences.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Cost

Turkish Airlines’ seat selection fees change depending on your class of travel and the particular seat you choose.

Business Class

According to the Turkish Airlines seat map selection, most seats in this class are free to book. Passengers can choose their preferred seat without additional fees, creating a unique and opulent flying experience.

Economy Class

While some Turkish Airlines seats in Economy Class are available for free choosing, specific coveted seats require a price. The paid category includes seats with more legroom, baby-friendly features, and other premium features.

Domestic Flights

Turkish Airlines typically charges between 45 and 75 TRY for Turkish Airlines seat selection on domestic flights. The actual costs may differ based on the type of seat and availability.

Foreign Flights

Turkish Airlines charges between $9 and $129 for seat selection on foreign flights.

When Can I Choose My Seats on Turkish Airlines?

If you wonder how to pre-book seats on Turkish Airlines, you can do it during online or offline check-in up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure if you buy your flight directly through Turkish Airlines’ official website, contact centre, or airport. To choose your seats, however, you must speak with the travel agency directly if you bought your ticket from a third-party supplier.

Seat Changes

  • Due to operational, safety, and security considerations, Turkish Airline seat selection free cannot be guaranteed.
  • Turkish Airlines may refund the seat charge if a purchased seat needs to be modified due to their systems or operational reasons. However, this adjustment will not be reimbursed, not even for the ticket cost.
  • Purchased seats can only be changed inside the same seat without incurring additional costs.
  • From the time of ticket purchase until the conclusion of the online check-in session, accessible seats may be changed.
  • Those who have purchased seat selection can only use it on their behalf and on the precise flight they purchased. It cannot be transferred to a different flight or traveller.

Turkish Airlines Extra Legroom Seats

You can choose Extra Legroom seats on Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights. However, due to technical limitations, purchasing Turkish Airlines choose seat tickets may not be an option for some of the routes. In these circumstances, travellers can request additional legroom seats for flights to the designated destinations while checking in.

Turkish Airlines Extra Legroom Seats

Baby Bassinet Seat Turkish Airlines

The bassinet seat Turkish Airlines has is a cosy infant travel seat. Turkish Airlines offers extra amenities to ensure a comfortable journey because they know the unique needs of passengers travelling with infants.

Car-seat-style baby carriers for infants younger than two are also an option for passengers flying with a bag-type baby carrier (carrycot) measuring 70 x 30 cm during check-in. By acquiring an extra seat, passengers who wish to travel with a baby car seat carrier that fits into those dimensions can do so.

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