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Gatwick (LGW) Airport Flight Arrivals Live

All London Gatwick (LGW) Arrivals in Single Interface

Whatever is the reason you are interested in the arrivals to the Gatwick Airport (be it a personal travel or a need for the statistics or something else), you will find the online Gatwick flight arrivals board useful. We provide this handy tool in order to secure your schedule from any disappointing breach of plans. Keeping an eye on the actual status of the flights you can estimate the current state of traffic at the airport and foresee possible complications.

The online arrivals board provides the data for the flights arriving on the current day and it is updated regularly. It reflects the current schedule of the Gatwick live arrivals precisely. However, if you are looking for a flight arriving on the next day (like Gatwick arrivals Monarch or Gatwick arrivals Thomson), you’ll have to wait until midnight for the flight to be shown on the board.

Realizing the importance of the accurate data representation, we constantly maintain the connection with the official London Gatwick Airport arrivals schedule and adjust the changes immediately. Being an auxiliary website aiming at the traveler’s informing and support, we have no legal binding as to the flaws at the Gatwick Airport servicing. Information might feature some deviations, in case it is presented so at LGW. However, we do provide the authentic and accurate data on any airline you might be interested in and charge no fee for it. If you intend to travel with Thomas Cook, simply check the Gatwick arrivals Thomas Cook, and you might be sure the flight information is in line with the Gatwick airport official data.

On our comprehensive online London Gatwick arrivals board you can check:

International travels:

  • current schedule
  • delayed flights
  • cancellations

Domestic trips:

  • current schedule
  • delayed flights
  • cancellations

The board for LGW arrivals consists of five columns that reflect:

  • Flight number (by the international designation).
  • Operating airline.
  • Airport of arrival (international abbreviation and full name).
  • Time of scheduled arrival.
  • The actual state of the flight (landed/en route/ delayed/cancelled); the schedule violations are marked in red; the delays are reflected along with the expected time of the arrival.

The online board shows the airplanes arriving in both London Gatwick terminals — the north and south ones. Let us check about them in more detail.

Browsing the Gatwick North Arrivals

Gatwick North Arrivals
The North Terminal of Gatwick airport is a large multifunctional area consisting of two levels. The Gatwick North Terminal Arrivals zone is situated at the Level 1 (ground floor).

Need to find out more about Emirates arrivals Gatwick? Check our immediate online board!

On arrival, you’ll have to undergo the following procedures:

1. Passport check — there are three opportunities:

  • ePassport stall — available for bearers of UK, Swiss, EU, and EEA passports, of the age above 12; only the passport scan is required
  • regular check — for all other nationalities; completing the landing cards is required
  • premium check — at the small fee, you can get a separate check lane and the faster procedure

2. Baggage collection — if your bags haven’t been checked through, apply to Baggage Reclaim service to collect it. Depending on the country of your departure (EU or non-EU member), the baggage will be tagged white (for arrivals from outside EU) or the tag will have a green rim (for EU arrivals).

3. If you are connecting to another flight, use the free of charge Gatwick Connects service and proceed to the check-in for the next flight.

4. Customs check. Depending on the status of your goods and the country of arrival, you have the following options at Customs:

  • blue channel — arrival from EU territory with no goods subject for declaring
  • green channel — arrival from outside EU, no goods to declare
  • red channel — if you have anything to declare, irrelevant of the country of departure

Gatwick North Terminal Arrivals
The Terminal provides the core services for travelers ensuring the comfortable travel:

  • Lavatory — regular male / female toilets and baby room, the toilets for disabled
  • Transportation — bus stops, taxi waiting area, car hire service, shuttle service, and parking are situated within the Arrivals area court
  • Currency change — the Moneycorp service functions near the shuttle bus station
  • Information support — at Level 1, you can get a full information on the Terminal, its amenities, your flight connections and the transportation from the airport to the city
  • Internet connection — available for free within 90 minutes
  • Cafe — enjoy a cup of coffee with snacks while waiting for your aircraft to be ready
  • Assistance zone — the area for people with limited possibilities to get help
  • Place for Religion — a prayer room and a chapel are situated near the Hampton exit

The North Terminal of Gatwick Airport hosts the aircraft of 11 international airline companies:

  • Aeroflot
  • Air Canada
  • easyJet
  • Emirates
  • Icelandair
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Thomson Airways
  • Tianjin Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Vueling
  • West Jet

Keeping an Eye on Gatwick Arrivals easyJet

EasyJet Gatwick Arrivals
For the fast and smooth operation, the planes of the specific airline land at the same terminal of London Gatwick Airport. Our online board for Gatwick flight arrivals for today is a quick way to discover this data.

The North Terminal is a choice of the famous low-cost easyJet airline. Its airplanes perform inland and international flights, departing and landing at the Gatwick landing strip.

So, if you have an easyJet ticket for a comfortable and accessible flight, your first milestone would be the Gatwick Arrivals online board. Next, you can proceed to the North Terminal, as the easyJet flights arrive to this part of Gatwick airport. Enjoy the Terminal’s facilities before stepping on the gateway to your easyJet aircraft!

The Vast and Diverse Space for Gatwick South Arrivals

The South Terminal is a large three-level facility, providing the diversity of services to arriving passengers. This Terminal has been upgraded recently and made yet more comfortable, the special care being thrust upon families with small children and challenged people. These categories have a special entrance for faster check-in and connection to next flights. The vast security zone has 19 lanes, 1 of which is designed for business class and 1st class travelers.
All the passengers are to visit the following areas:

1. Passport control gate — there are two zones, one for flights arriving from EU and EEA, another — for the rest of the world destinations. However, a premium fast check is available at a small price.

2. Baggage pick up — collect your bags at the separate Baggage Reclaim area. If you are connecting to the next flight and your Baggage has already been checked through, just skip this step.

3. For the “fly-through” travelers — apply to Gatwick connect and proceed to the Check-In zone.

4. Customs control. Pick the channel according to your goods’ status:

  • the red channel — if you carry something to declare
  • the blue channel — if you arrived from the EU and your goods do not require declaring
  • the green channel — if you arrived from the state other than EU countries and your goods do not require declaring

Gatwick facilities
The Terminal has plenty of facilities allowing to organize a mini-office or enjoy your time shopping or sipping coffee at the cafe.

  • Money issues — there are currency exchange office, ATM machines, VAT Refund desk.
  • Cafes and restaurants — available at the upper Level in Arrivals zones.
  • Information — the separate information area can be accessed at Arrivals zone and in the Check-In area. For the travelers requiring special assistance, a special information zone is available. Check any flight or airline you need (e.g. the RyanAir arrivals Gatwick) and find the full data on it!
  • Baggage facilities — the baggage storage and the free trolleys are available at Arrivals.
  • Business area — a special zone for business people (with meeting rooms) is available in the Arrivals area.
  • Transportation — car hire, taxis, parking, and direct railway access are available.
  • Lavatory — different categories of equipped toilets are available (baby change room, special assistance, male / female).

The large South Gatwick Terminal is a landing and departing point for more than 30 airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Arabia Maroc
  • Air Baltic
  • Air Europa
  • Air Malta
  • Aurigny
  • Austrian
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Croatia Airlines
  • easyJet
  • Enter Air
  • FlyBe
  • Germania
  • Iberia
  • Iraqi Airways
  • Med-View Airline
  • Meridiana Airlines
  • Montenegro Airlines
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Thomas Cook
  • Titan Airways
  • Travel Services
  • Tunis Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • WOW Air
  • Ukraine International Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Wizz Air

Check Your Gatwick Arrivals BA

The South Terminal is the busiest at Gatwick. The British Airways company uses this terminal for its flights. If you chose to travel with British Airways, you will definitely enjoy staying at the spacious BA lounge at the mezzanine Level. The planes of this airline always land and depart from the South Terminal landing strip. The BA lounge takes the whole Level and can be accessed via the lift.

While in the lounge, you can have full information about the flights for the current period, from the physical boards or simply using our online Gatwick arrivals board. To get the information about the Gatwick flights for tomorrow, visit our comprehensive up-to-date board at midnight or later. Find out everything about Gatwick arrivals BA in no time!

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