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London Gatwick (LGW) Airport

London Gatwick Airport — general information

Gatwick is the 2nd busiest Airport in Great Britain. The airfield lies about 30 miles, 47,5 kilometres, southward of London, in Crawley, West Sussex.
Gatwick occupies the 8th place among the European Airports in the scope of passenger operations and was acknowledged as the world’s busiest airdrome with a single-use flight strip before 2017.

The first Gatwick flights date back to 1920 and since 1933, it started servicing commercial flights. There are two terminals at LGW — the South and the North one, they cover the areas of 160 000 square miles and 98 000 square miles respectively. There are 2 airstrips available at LGW, however only the main runway is in use. Its length is 3 316 metres.

Another flight strip is too close to the main one and can be operated only when the main strip is not used.
The passenger flow in 2017 increased by more than 5% compared to 2016 and constituted 45,6 million passengers, to more than 225 destinations by about 90 airline companies.

London Gatwick Airport – observation tour

Gatwick Flights Online Desk — don’t miss your plane

Every traveller knows how important it is to track the actual arrival or departure time of the flight.

In case you wish to verify the schedule of a Gatwick flight or find out which terminal at Gatwick you need, click Arrivals or Departures links on our website and find the necessary details there swiftly. You’ll need just seconds to click the required link, and look at the online table opened in a new tab. The website allows you to monitor the flight details at any time and place, being at home, sitting in a cafe, or driving your auto to the airport. The only thing you require is the internet connection.

It’s essential to keep yourself informed about the real-time of arriving and departing of any flight due to the possible delays, which may occur for a number of reasons. Besides, you should remember about the possible Gatwick flight cancellations and other timetable changes. It is convenient to monitor the real-time flight information and Gatwick delays on our website, to map your time or adjust your plans accordingly.

Get the most actual information about your flight, as it’s regularly updated on our website.

Online Gatwick Table allows seeing the flights:

  • Arriving
  • Already departed
  • Delayed
  • On hold
  • Cancelled

The info we provide is synched up with the Gatwick’s home and international flights department, yet, the updates may be displayed with a certain delay. Being not a direct data source we do not accept responsibility for the potential discrepancies on the online board. We only guarantee that it accurately shows all the Gatwick flight status presented on the LGW official boards.

24/7 Flight Tracker Gatwick — monitor your haul online

This map is helpful for those, who prefer to follow flights to and from Gatwick on a real-time basis. Getting the hauls’ information right for the present moment is extremely handy as you can plan your time as it’s most suitable for you.

Find below a kind of instruction on how you can monitor the flights with the LGW map above.
The map contains an air space segment, which is either a part of European territory or the airport’s site. At the moment, the LGW Airport is displayed, to change to an enlarged view of the flight radar, adjust the picture and signs in the lower left-hand corner.

To change the airspace view above the airfield, simply click the mouse button and move the map, it will adapt to your needs.

What flight details one can find on flight checker Gatwick?

As you rollover an aircraft, you’ll immediately see its tail number, to see a panel with more detailed info about the aircraft, click on it and a special panel will open on the left. It will contain:

  • The number of the flight;
  • Tail No;
  • Airports of departure and entry;
  • Registration data;
  • The time of arrival and departure;
  • Airliner type;
  • The distance currently covered;
  • The total flight distance;
  • The distance left;
  • Flight current altitude;
  • Ground velocity (It’s shown in knots. A knot equals 1852 km/h).

Clicking on the image, you can watch the plane in a full-screen mode. Sometimes several pictures of the same plane type are provided. Below the image, you can find the name of the aircraft and the airline company.

Which Terminal Gatwick?

Gatwick comprises 2 terminals — the South and the North. They both contain landside and airside, as well as facilities for shopping and having meals. Most Gatwick airport terminals are equipped for the travellers with disabilities and children, the Terminals contain facilities for baby caring and feeding. The individuals travelling for commercial purposes can benefit from specialized business lounge zones. An automated elevated 2-way people mover serves as a link between the Gatwick terminals, its length is three-quarters of a mile.

South LGW Terminal

Beginning of June 1958, the major pier of the South LGW Terminal was opened. It contained 11 airplane stands and was notable for the fact that the passengers could get to the waiting zone under the shelter. The airport belonged to the first airdromes, which required only a short outdoor walk to the airplane. Besides, it was peculiar for its modular construction, it made possible the subsequent, phased extension of the Terminal’s space later on. They added around satellite pier to the main building when the passenger flow increased. The pier and the major building were linked by the automatic people mover system. It was an innovation first used in the UK at the Airport of Gatwick.

South LGW Terminal

North LGW Terminal

The erection of the North LGW Terminal was acknowledged as the largest project in the 1980s, it started in 1983 and required £200 million expenses. The 2nd runaway was already presupposed in the draft design papers released in May 1970. However, the North Terminal first opened its doors to the travellers in 1988, and 3 years later it got a 2nd aircraft pier. In 2001 the most outstanding departure zone renovation was finished and in May 2005 the new 6th Pier was opened providing additional eleven pier-served stands for aircraft. Its cost was £110. The air passenger bridge connects the Pier and the central building of the North Terminal, it is the largest bridge of such kind worldwide. It stretches across the bearing tracks and lets the passengers enjoy the views of the airstrips and taxiing airliners.

North LGW Terminal

Easy ways how to get to Gatwick (LGW) airport

Though LGW is an airport using only one flight strip, it is the most efficient airdrome of such kind worldwide. It manages to serve more than two hundred destinations in 90 states and over 45 million passengers a year. Being just 45 km from London it can without problems be reached by public transport or by auto.

From London to Gatwick Airport by bus

National Express offers the travellers regular coaches running between the Gatwick airport station and London Victoria Station every half an hour. Depending on the route chosen the trip may take up to 90 minutes. National Express can bring you to Hooley, Mitcham London Road, Mitcham Junction, Wallington, Streatham, Stockwell, and Pimlico.

EasyBus is an operator offering low-cost express bus services 24/7. The drive by bus to Gatwick will take you slightly more than an hour. Direct buses run to and from West Brompton with high frequency.

From Gatwick to London by train

Various trains connect the UK’s capital and London Gatwick:
The Gatwick Express allows the travellers to reach London in 30 minutes, being the fastest option. The trains of this operator depart every 15 minutes from 5:00 to 00.30 daily. They connect the LGW South Terminal and Victoria in London, the train does not stop during this journey between the 2 points.
Southern is another service, its regular trains ran between Gatwick Airport and Victoria Station through Clapham Junction and East Croydon.

Taking a taxi to Gatwick Airport

Multiple taxis queue for the clients at most airports, Gatwick is not an exception. To have a stress-free journey, use black cabs or reputable minicabs services, but never use unauthorized drivers. Airport Cars Gatwick is the official taxi service of the Airport and you can inquire the estimated price of your journey before using its cars.

Gatwick by car

The individuals, who prefer driving, can hire an auto right at the airport. Gatwick is linked directly to the national roads and motorways network. It is connected to the M23 and to the London-Brighton A23 road. There is also M25 motorway in just a 10-minute drive away. To use satnav you’ll need Gatwick postcodes, they differ for the Terminals, keep it in mind! RH6 0NP should be used for the South Terminal and RH6 0PJ – for the North.

Gatwick Pick Up & Drop Off

Every driver coming to the Airport by car has to be informed of the points to pick up and drop off the passengers or to leave a vehicle. It is vital to plan your time and expenses when travelling. It’s essential to know that there are some free possibilities as well as some paid alternatives for that.

Both Gatwick Terminals contain convenient zones for Pick-Up. They are located in the Short Stay car parks, like Car Park Three on Zero Level of the South Terminal and Car Park Six on Level 1 of the North Terminal. These parks are just minutes away from terminals. No unattended autos are allowed here because these areas are exclusively intended and constructed for quick pick-ups. A standard Short Stay fee is charged here.

Gatwick Pick Up & Drop Off

You can also benefit from the free pick-up opportunity at the Long Stay Car Parks in either of the Terminals. These parks allow leaving a car for up to 2 hours completely free of charge. It’s a perfect option for the travellers, who don’t necessarily need close proximity to the airfield. The driver can either wait for the passengers at his/her own auto or get to the Arrival Area using one of the bus services and meet guests there. To pick up your arriving visitants, go to the meeting point, which is opposite WHSmith in the South Terminal. When in the North Terminal, go to the Information Desk. For departures – follow to the Check-Ins in both Terminals.

The Gatwick drop off zones can be found on the areas outside each Terminal, they are on the lower levels. The road signs indicate the way to them from the approaching roads. You can leave your passengers at those drop-off zones and let them walk directly to check-in for departure. However, the driver should keep in mind that he/she has to leave this area quickly to ensure a secure traffic flow. Short Stay parking facilities are offered to those, who want to spend more time seeing their beloved off. Such car parking facilities are sited next to departure areas.

Useful information about Gatwick (LGW)

Gatwick Airport Postcode: RH6 0NP

  • the South Terminal – RH6 0NP
  • the North One – RH6 0PJ.

Location: 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London
Gatwick Airport Address: Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, UK
Gatwick airport contact number: +44 844 892 0322
Gatwick Airport IATA Code: LGW
Website: www.gatwickairport.com

Gatwick Airport on the Google map

Gatwick lounges and shopping

Gatwick Airport shops:

  • Accessorize
  • BOSS
  • Dixons Travel
  • Harrods
  • Lacoste
  • Next
  • Victoria’s Secret and many others.

Airlines: EasyJet, Norwegian airlines, Thomas Cook, Vueling, Turkish airlines operate at Gatwick.

Gatwick Airport Lounges:

No1 Gatwick Lounge can be found after security in the zone of Departures of the North Terminal. Look for it at the gates 101 113 on the ground floor. It is the largest pay-to-use lounge, offering a wide range of services. In the South Terminal, it boasts a perfect choice of foods and drinks.

Clubrooms lounge is located on the upper level of the Departures in South Terminal. It’s peculiar for offering runway views, child-free and private rooms. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks right here in the spacious, decadent design.
Clubrooms can also be found in North Terminal on the ground floor of the departures after security. The lounge is kept in the style of a contemporary deluxe private members club and offers its guests an extensive menu.

My Lounge in the North Terminal offers unlimited Wi-Fi, iMacs, PlayStation, TVs, magazines, and charging facilities to the travellers. Besides, one can find here a kitchen stand with snacks and bites, as well as soft drinks, beers, and wines.

Aspire Lounge in the North Terminal keeps its doors open for anyone, no matter what class or airline he is travelling with. The visitors can find here free Wi-Fi, charging facilities, snacks, hot food, and beverages.

Regus Express a new Gatwick business lounge in South Terminal, find it in the zone of Arrivals, before security. Regus is ideal for business meetings either before the flight or after it.

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