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Istanbul New Airport Flight Arrivals

New Istabul Airport arrivals

Flight Arrivals to Istanbul New Airport Timetable

It is not a secret that each airport has its own features and Istanbul New Airport will not be the exception to the rule. The modern equipment embedding makes it possible to identify and accompany the movement of aircraft to control and prevent the failure of electrical appliances, as well as to ensure traffic safety in conditions of poor visibility. Everyone, who is going to use the new airport flight services, will surely be fully cognizant. Why? Because of special boards that provide the actual information about the Istanbul arrivals, which allow tourists to keep abreast of the latest data about the aircraft displacement. Furthermore, such information calms down the awaiting people and signalizes about the staying on the plan.

Today the arrival schedule is valid only for Istanbul Atatürk Airport. After the official opening, which will be held on October 31, 2018, the data about the new promising airport will also be available. Thanks to the schedule people can find out the status of the flight:

  • Scheduled. It means that aircraft isn’t on its way. On the placards displays the scheduled time.
  • Delayed. Such information in a line signalizes, that the flight may start in 15 minutes or later its scheduled departure time. Moreover, it could arrive with a delay
  • Departed. The plane has left the departure gate, but isn’t in the air.
  • In Air. The flight has started. Those who are waiting for the Istanbul flight arrivals might use a real-time map to track the movement.
  • Expected. The jet is going to arrive at the airport.
  • Diverted. Such a remark means that the plane is diverted from its planned destination to a different location.
  • Landed. The plane has landed. Such a designation is used to mark the actual touchdown.
  • Arrived. The aircraft arrived at the destination gate.
  • Cancelled. The flight is grounded. Quite often such cases happened due to the bad weather or technical shortcomings.
  • No Takeoff Info. The citing data about a real-time situation is unavailable. For details, it’s better to connect with the airline.

Airlines at the Istanbul New Airport

New Istanbul Airport Timetable Arrivals
It is anticipated, that the Istanbul New Airport will be able to accommodate nearly 3.500 aircraft arrivals. For comparison, the Istanbul Atatürk Airport is able to host no more than 1.500 aircraft. Interesting fact: some specialists hope that the air terminal will be one of the biggest in Europe. It is expected that after putting into full-fledged operation, it will take care about 150 million travelers annually (in the 1 phase such a rate will reach 90 million). Depending on the air routes number, in the future, the object will serve 150 airlines operating flights to 350 destinations.

After bringing into service, the new airport will replace the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which is going to be closed down. The Turkish airlines CEO mentioned that he is planning to get 41 next-generation aircraft in the next year. Due to the modern possibilities and great financial support, the travelers may be sure, that arrivals will be landed successfully on the territory of the New Istanbul Airport. Today are maintaining the last preparations.

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