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Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Doncaster Sheffield Airport Overview

Doncaster Sheffield Airport, identified by its IATA code DSA and ICAO code EGCN, was formerly known as Robin Hood Airport. It, situated in Finningley near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, was operational from 2005 up until 2022. The airport’s location is approximately 10 km to Doncaster’s centre and about 31 km from Sheffield.

The facility commenced passenger operations in the year 2005 and was managed by Peel Airports, a sector under the Peel Group conglomerate. Holding a Public Use Aerodrome License sanctioned by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the airport was authorized for public transportation of passengers and flight instruction. Notably, it recorded a passenger count of 1.22 million in the year 2018. Regrettably, the airport’s proprietors declared in 2022 that its economic feasibility had diminished, leading to the complete cessation of all activities subsequent to the final inbound flight on the 4th of November, 2022.

Doncaster Airport had a passenger terminal with two floors. All passenger flights were served through this terminal. The information desk was located on the ground floor of the terminal building, towards the left-hand side as you walked in.

Doncaster Airport Live Flight Tracker

Doncaster Airport Flights

It was a vibrant hub, providing a variety of flights from Doncaster Airport that connected travellers to different destinations worldwide. The terminal buzzed with passengers checking in, departure boards displaying flight details, and the anticipation of takeoff. Its runways witnessed planes departing for far-off places and returning with passengers from various journeys. The airport’s significance extended beyond logistics; it was a place where personal stories of adventure and connection unfolded. However, as circumstances changed, the airport’s operations came to an end, leaving behind a legacy of journeys taken and memories made in the world of aviation.

Doncaster Airport Destinations

There were a variety of destinations from Doncaster airport. Enjoy the Mediterranean sun with direct flights to Spanish resorts like Alicante, Malaga, and the Balearic Islands. Explore Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus with flights to Corfu, Rhodes, and more. For winter, choose Tenerife, Lanzarote, or Sharm El Sheikh. Experience city breaks in Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Prague. Create Christmas memories in Lapland or hit the ski slopes in Turin.

Doncaster Airport Arrivals and Departures

We regret to inform you that Robin Hood Airport arrivals and departures operations have been temporarily suspended due to the airport’s closure. However, we are committed to assisting you with the latest information regarding the arrivals and departures areas.

While the airport itself is closed, we understand that accurate information is crucial for your travel plans. Our dedicated team will continue to provide you with updates, guidance, and any relevant details regarding the arrivals and departures areas.

Doncaster Airport Departures

Doncaster Airport Departures
Departures from Doncaster Airport provided travellers with access to various destinations across Europe and beyond. The airport had undergone significant development and expansion in recent years, enhancing its facilities and offerings for departing passengers.

Key features of DSA departures include:

  • Check-In Facilities: The airport provided modern and efficient check-in facilities to streamline the departure process. Passengers could choose between self-service kiosks and traditional check-in counters, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.
  • Security Screening: After checking in, passengers proceeded through security screening procedures. The security measures were designed to prioritize passenger safety while maintaining efficient processing times.
  • Duty-Free and Shopping: Once through security, travellers had access to duty-free shops and retail outlets at the departures Doncaster Airport area where they could purchase a variety of products, including cosmetics, electronics, fashion items, and souvenirs. These shopping options allowed passengers to indulge in some last-minute shopping before their departure.
  • Lounge Facilities: The Airport Doncaster offered lounges where passengers could relax and unwind before their flights. These lounges typically offered comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi access, and sometimes even business facilities.
  • Food and Beverage: Various dining options were available within the Doncaster Sheffield departures area, ranging from casual cafes to more upscale dining establishments. Passengers could enjoy a variety of cuisines, snacks, and beverages to suit their preferences.
  • Boarding Gates: The airport featured multiple boarding gates that catered to different flights departing to various destinations. Passengers were advised to pay attention to announcements and departure screens to ensure they went to the correct gate at the appropriate time.
  • Accessibility: It was committed to providing accessibility for all passengers at the Doncaster Sheffield Airport departures area, including those with reduced mobility. Special assistance services were available for those who required them, ensuring a comfortable departure experience.
  • Destinations: Doncaster Airport offered a range of departure options to various European cities and holiday destinations. Popular destinations might have included countries such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and others.

Doncaster Airport Arrivals

DSA arrivals were moments of anticipation and connection. The arrival area buzzed with excitement and emotion as friends, family, and loved ones eagerly awaited the arrival of passengers. The display boards lit up with the latest flight information, signalling the imminent return of travellers from various corners of the world.

From far-flung destinations to nearby cities, arrivals at Doncaster Airport encompassed a diverse range of journeys. Whether it was a sun-soaked vacation, a business trip, or a family visit, the arrival gates marked the conclusion of adventures and the beginning of cherished memories.

The arrival area was a place of shared stories and personal moments, where the tales of exploration and discovery were recounted. As travellers stepped into the arrivals hall, they brought with them the experiences and cultures of the places they had visited, enriching the atmosphere with a sense of global connection.

Arrivals Doncaster Airport weren’t just about planes landing; they signified the end of one journey and the start of another. It was where the world came together, where stories converged, and where the shared love for exploration and human connection was celebrated.

Doncaster Airport Lounge

Doncaster Airport Lounge
Formerly available, the Doncaster Airport Premium Lounge presented a haven of comfort and convenience, catering specifically to Economy-class travellers as they awaited their impending flights.

Positioned with precision, the Premium Lounge Doncaster Airport found its place within the complex, residing on Airside, precisely on Level 3, directly above the departure lounge.

Within its confines, an array of services and amenities awaited visitors:

  • Air Conditioning: Ensuring a pleasant and temperate atmosphere, regardless of the weather outside.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: An assortment of alcoholic drinks offering a chance for relaxation.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages: A variety of non-alcoholic beverages to quench various preferences.
  • Disabled Access: The lounge made sure to be inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Flight Information Monitor: Keeping travellers informed about their flights and schedules.
  • WiFi: Offering a seamless connection to the digital world.
  • Newspapers/Magazines: Providing a selection of reading materials to pass the time.
  • Television: Entertainment through televised programming.

It’s worth noting that while the Doncaster Airport VIP Lounge was well-equipped, it did not provide sleeping accommodations, focusing instead on creating a conducive space for relaxation and productivity.

For those seeking immediate access, the option for walk-in entry was available, dependent on space availability. At the door, interested guests could gain access for a fee of £26.95 per adult.

Doncaster Airport Shops


Shops at Doncaster Airport offer a spectrum of options for passengers. The renowned WHSmith played a pivotal role, strategically positioned both before and after security. Known for books and magazines, WHSmith was more than that, offering travel essentials, newspapers, confectionery, snacks, refreshments, and souvenirs – making convenience effortlessly accessible.

Doncaster Airport Shops


With a valid boarding card, passengers departing from the airport found a treasure trove of tax-free and duty-free products at Alpha Airport Shopping. The Doncaster Airport Duty Free featured an array of products, from spirits, wines, and cigarettes to jewellery, electronics, children’s toys, and souvenirs.

Money Exchange Services

Travelex, with locations both airside and landside, had currency exchange services covered at the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster. Beyond that, Travelex extended its offerings to include holiday insurance and Western Union money transfers.

Bars & Restaurants

The pre-security food hall at Robin Hood Airport presented a diverse range of cuisines, from hot and cold meals to beverages, sandwiches, snacks, and delectable cakes. Ideal for a pre-security refuel, it was a prime stop before heading through security. Adding to the experience, a Costa Coffee outlet beckoned landside, inviting passengers to savour coffee delights onsite or to go. For those seeking stronger libations, the Amy Johnson was a hotspot before security, just outside arrivals.


Upon clearing security, The Finningley Windmill beckoned with its delectable offerings. With a menu that ranged from cooked breakfasts to steaks and from pastries to Indian cuisine, it was an inviting spot for a satisfying meal and a refreshing drink.

Doncaster Airport Parking

Doncaster Airport Parking
The airport ensured travellers had a range of parking at Doncaster Airport options to suit their needs. Whether for short or long stays, the airport provided convenient and secure parking facilities.

Doncaster Airport featured a total of four on-site car parks, each designed to cater to specific needs: Short Stay, Long Stay, Premium Parking, and Meet & Greet. All these car parks were under the operation and management of the airport itself. Importantly, they are strategically positioned within a short walking distance from the terminal building, ensuring ease and convenience for travellers.

Short Stay

Positioned right in front of the main terminal entrance, Doncaster Airport’s short-stay car park ensured minimal distance between your vehicle and the check-in counters. This convenient location is perfect for visitors, with stays ranging from a few minutes to several days. Nonetheless, for extended stays beyond a few days, reserving long-stay parking is recommended to optimize cost efficiency.

Location of this Airport parking Doncaster: DN9 3RH (for sat nav)

Doncaster Airport Long Stay parking

Situated at a slightly greater distance from the terminal compared to the short-stay area, Doncaster Sheffield Airport parking for long stay remained conveniently accessible to check-in and provided budget-friendly rates for those with stays extending beyond a few days. This secure car park was an excellent choice for safeguarding your vehicle during week-long or fortnight getaways.

Car Park Address: For your navigation system, utilize postcode DN9 3RH.

Premium Parking

Premium Parking truly lives up to its name by providing premium Doncaster Airport car park spaces right next to the terminal. The straightforward parking process allowed people to conveniently park and take a quick 1-minute stroll to Departures.

What’s the procedure upon arrival? Approach the entry barrier of the car park, where an automated ticket will be issued. Once you’ve collected the ticket, the barrier will lift, granting you access to find a spot for parking Doncaster Airport. After parking, gather your belongings and make your way to the Departures area.

Meet and Greet Doncaster Airport

car parking at Doncaster airport
The Doncaster Airport Meet and Greet service usually eliminates the stress of finding a parking spot for your car. Simply hand it over to skilled chauffeurs who will take care of parking while you enjoy your vacation.

Drive directly to the terminal and follow the signs to the designated Meet and Greet area. A dedicated bay awaits you to drop off your car. Present your keys to the reception staff, and a trained driver will handle parking as you commence your holiday.

Departure Process:
Upon your return to the UK and after collecting your luggage, make your way to the Meet and Greet reception. Retrieve your keys, and your car will be ready for you to drive home.

A professional driver will transfer your vehicle to a secure parking facility, where it will remain throughout your absence.

Doncaster Airport Drop Off & Pickup

Doncaster Airport features a specially designated zone within its short-stay car park for hassle-free passenger loading and unloading. This area offers seamless convenience, allowing you to swiftly manage your passengers. The first 15 minutes of car parking at Doncaster Airport are entirely free, but after that point, charges escalate significantly. For stays exceeding 15 minutes, it’s recommended to pre-book short-stay parking in advance.

Hotels near Doncaster Airport

Discover a range of comfortable and convenient Doncaster Airport hotels, catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re flying in or out, these accommodations offer a seamless experience for travellers.

  • Premier Inn Doncaster Airport: Located in close proximity to the airport, Premier Inn provides a welcoming stay with its renowned comfort and value. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep before or after your journey. The hotel’s convenient location ensures easy access to the terminal, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking proximity.
  • Holiday Inn Express Doncaster: For a combination of comfort and convenience, this Doncaster Airport hotel and parking stand out. The added benefit of parking facilities provides a stress-free experience for guests with vehicles. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and modern amenities, all while knowing your vehicle is securely parked.
  • Travelodge Doncaster Lakeside: Situated within a short drive from the airport, Travelodge Doncaster Lakeside offers affordable accommodations without compromising on quality. With comfortable rooms and a serene lakeside setting, it’s a great option for those seeking a peaceful stay while remaining within easy reach of the airport.
  • The Ramada Encore at Doncaster: The Ramada Encore is another fantastic Doncaster Airport hotel for travellers looking for both comfort and convenience. Offering parking facilities, this hotel ensures a worry-free stay for guests with vehicles. Enjoy modern amenities and a comfortable night’s sleep before your journey.

Whether you’re seeking proximity to the terminal, parking options, or a peaceful lakeside setting, these hotels near Doncaster Airport provide a range of choices to suit your travel needs.

How to Get to Robin Hood Airport

By Road

The convenient location of the DSA Airport is near the M18 motorway. Access is facilitated by the Great Yorkshire Way, which extends from Junction 3 of the M18 to Parrot’s Corner (intersection of the A638 and B6463). This route continues as the A6182 road from Doncaster town centre. Additionally, the M18 has been expanded to three lanes northbound from Junction 2 (for the A1(M)) to Junction 3. The A1(M) and M180 are also conveniently nearby.

By Taxi

For travellers seeking convenient transportation options, the taxi to Doncaster Airport is conveniently accessible right outside the terminal building. These taxis are efficiently managed by the airport’s official partner, Little Arrow Taxis, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free travel experience to and from the airport.

In addition to the official partner, several reputable Doncaster Airport taxi companies serve the airport area. These companies include well-known names such as DRIVE TAXIS, ABC TAXIS, EPWORTH TAXIS, CRYSTAL TAXIS, ABSOLUTE CABS, and more. Their presence offers travellers a variety of choices when it comes to selecting a taxi service that suits their preferences and requirements.

Whether you opt for the airport’s official partner or other esteemed Airport taxi Doncaster companies, these options provide a range of choices for seamless and efficient transportation to enhance your journey to or from the airport.

By Bus

Doncaster Sheffield Airport bus
National Express offers comfortable long-distance coach travel across the UK. Buses link the airport and Doncaster city centre frequently, with further connections to the region available.

Megabus provides value travel to and from Doncaster at Frenchgate Interchange (not directly at the airport). Check available routes beforehand due to restrictions.

Public buses are easily accessible a short walk from the terminal of the Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, near the Ramada Encore Hotel on First Avenue. Another set of stops is by Budget Car Hire. The 57c bus is a direct 24-minute route to Doncaster centre.

For Doncaster via Auckley and Branton, take the 57a bus, convenient for B&B stays in the area.

By Train

Doncaster Sheffield Airport lacks its own train station. From the city, Doncaster train station is a vital hub, facilitating connectivity to various major lines such as CrossCountry, East Midlands Trains, Hull Trains, Grand Central, LNER, Transpennine Express, and Northern.

Situated on the East Coast Main Line, Doncaster railway station is positioned 11 km from the airport, conveniently located near the Frenchgate Interchange. Moreover, the airport is positioned alongside the Doncaster to Lincoln railway line, enhancing its connectivity.

Useful Information on Doncaster Airport

The year of foundation: 2005
Number of terminals: 1
Doncaster Time Zone: GMT+1
Sheffield Doncaster Airport Coordinates: longitude — 1°0′19.69′′W (-1.005473), latitude — 53°28′40.15′′N (53.477823).
Location: situated in Finningley, South Yorkshire, at the formerly RAF Finningley station. It is located 31 kilometres east of Sheffield and 10 km southeast of Doncaster.
Doncaster Airport Address: DN9 3RH, Doncaster, First Ave
Doncaster Airport Postcode: DN9 3RH
Doncaster Airport Code: DSA, GCN
Doncaster Airport Contacts: +44 130 262 5050 +44 130 262 5050
Website: www.doncasterairport.net

Doncaster Airport Map

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