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Istanbul New Airport Flight Departures

Istanbul New Airport departures

Flight Departures to Istanbul New Airport Timetable

At present, the timetable of Istanbul flight departures is demonstrated for Ataturk only.

After the official opening of the New Istanbul airport on October 29, 2018, the details of all the flights to and from it will also be available.

For you as well as for every person on the way, it’s essential to follow the actual time of the plane setting off, in such a way you get the chance to plan and adjust your travelling activities in the most comfortable way. If you know in advance that the plane is delayed for several hours, you can spend some extra time at home. In case you are seeing somebody off you can also map your time in accordance with the real Istanbul airport departures time.

Besides, you may need some more time for parking or just afford yourself an extra cup of coffee while on the wait.

The departure board at the airport is a large board showing the list of all the departing aircraft with certain flight details. The data you’ll see on it is the following:

  • the number of flights,
  • the carrier servicing it,
  • place of destination,
  • time of departure,
  • the current status.

The boards are well seen immediately upon entering the terminal you fly from so that you can check your flight status any time using the number of the flight indicated in your ticket. It is even more convenient to check the flight details online.

New airport in Istanbul

There are special codes, denoting the current states of the flights, please see below the ones traditionally used:

  • S – Scheduled – The flight which is expected to set off and arrives in accordance with the timetable. It can transit to the categories Active, Cancelled, Unknown.
  • A – Active – the flight which is on its route can transit to the Unknown, Landed, or Redirected categories.
  • U – Unknown – such status is shown when it’s impossible to define the final flight status from valid data sources for a certain reasonable period. It’s important to keep in mind, that it’s not an error.
  • R -Redirected – the aircraft changed the endpoint to another airdrome.
  • D – Diverted – the status, which appears when a plane lands at an unscheduled airport.
  • L – Landed – the status demonstrated for the aircraft landed at the airport of scheduled destination.
  • С – Cancelled –used for the cancelled flights.
  • NO – Not Operational – the status used for the outdated, not scheduled for the time of the query flights.

Tips for passengers before departure

New Istanbul airport plan
There are certain rules and guidelines you should follow when travelling by plane to save your time and nerves. Remember that the New Istanbul Airport is going to become the largest and the busiest airport in the world and it may become rather a challenging task to make your Turkish airlines departures in Istanbul hassle free. The company is already among the top airline companies in the world and the number of passengers goes on growing.

The useful tips below can help you make your Istanbul departures smooth and trouble-free.

  • When traveling abroad you should arrive at the terminal minimum 3 hours earlier than your international flight and 2 hours before your domestic flight.
  • Check the limits applied to the luggage with your airline, the most important aspects to check are the allowed size and weight and the list of forbidden items.
  • Make sure you have all your documents for checking in, ID document, visa, and tickets.
  • Check the ways you can get to the Istanbul airport and find the one most comfortable for you. In case you go by car, choose and book parking in advance.
  • Find out which airport services and lounges are available for you to make your waiting time more comfortable.
  • Find the electronic screen and check your flight status as soon as you’ve reached the terminal.
  • Find a tax-office to declare your gadgets in case of need.
  • Provide your ticket and some kind of ID document at the Check-In desk, register your luggage and obtain a boarding pass and a luggage tag. You can also get the boarding pass in a self-service check-in kiosk.
  • Pass the security. Keep in mind that if you travel with a laptop, you will be asked to pull it out of your handbag.
  • As soon as you’ve got into a boarding zone, verify your boarding gate and just wait for the announcement with your ID document and boarding pass at hand.
  • In case you have a disability of some kind, investigate the available facilities for disadvantaged and coordinate the journey with the airline servicing your flight 2 days beforehand.

Enjoy your trip!

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