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Gatwick Airport Departures

London Gatwick (LGW) Departures

Planning your travel and making a schedule? Choosing between the taxi and the public transport for your trip to the airport? Use a free and handy online tool — Gatwick live departures board.

This real-time Web platform is designed to enable immediate access to the Gatwick flight departures data. Simply open it on your smartphone or a tablet anywhere — and the whole picture of the Gatwick departures for today becomes available. The information is constantly synchronised with the official LGW departures data. Our online board is not a Gatwick in-house source, and we do not bear the responsibility for its concordance with the actual London Gatwick departures schedule. Meanwhile, we guarantee its identity to the Gatwick departures timetable, as the board shows the latest updates (within last 5 minutes) in all the flights scheduled for the current day.

Have your flight departing tomorrow? Click on the tab with our website right after 0:00 am to find a full list of the Gatwick departures for tomorrow.
We do assert the preciseness and validity of this data!

Looking for the RyanAir departures Gatwick? You can find it among the three types of flights reflected on our online departures board:

  • valid departures (flights having no changes in departure schedule)
  • delayed departures (flights with the postponed time of departure)
  • cancelled departures (no longer operated flights)

Gatwick departures
The board shows all the flights departing from Gatwick airport, irrespective of their destination (international | domestic).

To have more detail about a specific flight, simply click on it for getting the following data:

  • Flight number
  • Scheduled time of departure
  • The name of the airline

Planning to take the Emirates’ flight from the London Gatwick? See all Emirates departures Gatwick on a comprehensive online platform!

Keeping Track of Gatwick North Terminal Departures

North terminal at Gatwick check-in
To find your flight quickly and perform all the formalities in time, you need to know which of two Gatwick terminals you need. The two-levelled North Terminal has Check-In and Departures areas on both Level 1 and Level 2 and provides various amenities for the passengers flying out of Gatwick.

You can use different transportation means to get to Gatwick airport: taxi, your own car, train or bus. In case of Gatwick airport is a point of connection between your flights, you can also enjoy the fast round-the-clock shuttle service operating between the Gatwick terminals. If you have arrived in the South Terminal and your departure is scheduled from the North one, track the arrows for the North terminal to board the shuttle. Upon less than five minutes ride, you will reach the needed terminal.

If there are less than 3 hours to your Airbus or Boeing departure (which you can ensure checking the Gatwick departures Thomas Cook on our Web-powered departures board), it’s time to check-in.

1. The Check-In opening time depends on the status of the flight (domestic, European or international) and can fit in the period from four to two hours prior to the aircraft departure. The Terminal provides the Self Check-In service, enabling the travelers to perform the procedure themselves printing the boarding passes and baggage tags at the special kiosks. However, not all airlines support the Self Check-In developments. In any case, should any delays or miscomprehension arise, the London Gatwick staff will gladly help solve it.

Some airlines also offer the online Check-In service that usually works from 24 to 2 hours before departure. You can save the electronic confirmation and the copy of your boarding pass or print it. Should you require printing (e.g. a baggage tag) at the airport, you can use the Self Check-In kiosks.

The baggage properly tagged can be put into one of the numerous luggage points located all over the Check-In space. If you do not carry any bags, simply proceed to the security zone.

Gatwick check-in

2. Security. Before entering the security area, make sure to have your boarding pass at hand. Besides, the liquids in containers, the electronic devices, and outerwear (including the belt) should be put separately for undergoing the x-ray screening. Make sure the content of your hand luggage corresponds to the security requirements of the Gatwick airport.

In order to pass the security faster and with more comfort, you can book a time at a separate security channel, escaping the queue waiting and the routine procedure.

3. Board the plane. Follow through the gate and to your chosen seat. Preparing to depart, you might like to have a quick glance at the Gatwick departures Thomson on the online board to check how much time is left until starting off.

Spotting Your Flight among Gatwick Departures by EasyJet

Easyjet at Gatwick
If your flight from Gatwick is scheduled with the easyJet, you should have no doubt in parking your car in the foreyard of the North Terminal. The company always uses the North terminal for the departure of its local and international flights.

Find your Airbus airplane among the Gatwick North departures, perform the check-in and security check and browse the favorite Web links sitting in the comfortable salon of the easyJet aircraft.

Should you get curious about other aircraft departing close to yours or need more information on your flight, the Gatwick airport departures board will bring a full picture of the current departure traffic, in no time.

Checking the Gatwick South Departures

South terminal at Gatwick check-in
Most of the aircraft depart from Gatwick South terminal that recently underwent a major refurbishment. It has three levels for Departures featuring numerous places to make your connection to another flight or a departure of Gatwick as comfortable as might be.

If you are arriving at Gatwick to depart on board the chosen airplane, you can enjoy the variety of transportation means. There is a large foreyard featuring a parking lot for your private car, and handy Drop-off zones for taking off buses and taxis. The railway station is situated close to the Departures zone, so, you might like to use the train.

Getting ready to connect to your next flight? For that, use the free Gatwick Connect service to optimize the Check-In and security process. To get to the South terminal from the North one in the course of your connection, board the 24-hours operating shuttle. Simply follow the directories for the South terminal and enjoy the two minutes ride to get to the terminal.

If you are looking forward to departing from Gatwick, make sure to make the following steps:

1. Check-in. Try the super-handy Online Check-In service (usually available one day before departure), supported by most of the airlines, and make sure to save your electronic boarding pass and have it along. If you decided to undergo the Check-In at the airport, make sure to arrive at least 3 hours in advance. An opportunity to avoid the queue is to use the Self Check-In booths at the Check-In area.

Gatwick South Terminal Departures

If the chosen airline does not support the alternative check-in types, use the vast Check-In zone at the Level 2 of the terminal. It is spacious and has plenty of service desks, while the families with small children and challenged people enjoy a separate entrance for faster check-in and departure.

2. Security. Upon checking-in, proceed to the security zone and make your articles ready for screening and possible inspection. Ensure you do not carry the prohibited goods. There are 19 security lanes at the Terminal for ensuring the fastest proceedings, however, the families with kids and challenged people to use a separate lane. So do the business class and the first class travelers. Besides, an advanced security pass is available at the small fee.

3. Coming on board. Down the gate and relaxing in your seat, you can have a quick glance at the Gatwick South terminal departures schedule available online. See that the timetable is followed precisely, and find out the name of the jet already setting off in your view. Enjoy your flight!

Find the Closest Gatwick Departures BA

So many airlines selecting the South terminal as their departing point, its turnaround of travelers increases constantly. Among them, a large part is boarding Airbuses and Boeing’s of British Airways that uses this part of Gatwick for its departures.

Numerous requests to our online board concern the British Airways Gatwick departures. For the passengers travelling with this airline, there is a special lounge at the mezzanine Level of the South Terminal of Gatwick.

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