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Luton Airport Parking Packages

Luton airport parking
Being the 5th airport in the UK in passenger number, London Luton is also a base for a number of British low-cost air carriers. That’s why London Luton airport parking is often extremely busy and it’s advisable to book it in advance, especially now when the short-term car park is under reconstruction.

Advanced booking will guarantee you a safe and reliable service and the best-matching price for your very needs, pre-booking discount rates reach at times as much as 70% of the actual price, keep it in mind.

The great variability of Luton airport car parking facilities offers travellers a wide range of pricing and service options. You can select a prompt Meet and Greet, leave your auto at a Mid Term or Long Term Car Park or take it to the multipurpose Multi-Storey Car Park. Such a diversity of parking options at Luton airport ensures that all passenger needs can be met and budgets matched.

When it comes to travelling, people have different requirements and preferences, so a diversity of parking products and packages help people get everything right and hassle-free at LLA on the day they depart or arrive. Besides, Luton airport hotel and parking packages can be considered. They are quite cost-effective for those travellers, who need a place to stay.

The present guide around Luton airport car park options is aimed to facilitate every passenger’s selection of the solution best suited for his personal needs.

Every car park at Luton airport has specialized Blue Badge spaces and operates 24/7 for the visitors’ comfort and convenience.

Parking Luton airport

You can choose out of 82 specialized parking spots on 0 and 1st levels of the Multi-Storey Park, 47 spots of the Mid Term Park and more than a hundred spots located by the 7th bus stop at the Long Term Car Parking.

If you are a Blue Badge holder, it’d advisable to leave it on display while you are away. In case you need it with you, contact APCOA beforehand to provide your registration information, special note will be made so that your vehicle would not be ticketed or towed away.

Parking options

Before you book parking at Luton, study carefully the full list of the options: a car park location, additional amenities, transfer to the terminal options, and most importantly rates.

Before you proceed to cheсk car parking facilities at Luton airport, take a note that the majority of car parks have got the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. It highlights the companies offering police-approved parking services safe for both the drivers and their cars. This reward is a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, thus it is aimed to reduce crimes at car parks across the UK, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is under proper protection and CCTV surveillance while you are away.

Mid Term Car Park

Mid Term Car Park at Luton
Luton Mid Term Car Park offers the customers a secure low-cost on-site parking just minutes away from the LLA terminal building. No restrictions exist on the vehicles’ stay duration. Besides the speedy shuttle bus running to and from the terminal, every quarter of an hour will take you to (or from) it for free in just 5 minutes. The buses are all equipped for wheelchairs and category 2 scooters and operate round the clock.

Besides, Mid Term parking at Luton airport has no restrictions as to the vehicle’s height, so any auto is welcome here. This car park is uncovered, take it into consideration.

The rates at this airport parking at Luton depend on the length of your stay. You can park at it for free for up to 15 minutes, then the fee will be applied, a 3£ for staying up to 25 min, 8£ up to 40 min, 12£ for an hour and 32£ for the whole day. The fee is applied for the automobiles parked for any time spell between 1 and 24 hours.

Keep in mind that preliminary booking for a stay exceeding 24 hours can be really beneficial, allowing you to save up to 70%, so monitor the prices and options in advance.

To get to Mid Term parking you should first drive to the airport (the LU2 9QT code for Satellite Navigation), and then follow the signs. If you do not have a pre-booking, get the ticket at the entry to the car park and occupy the nearest available spot.

LTN mid-term car park

Even though the cars are quite secure at Luton airport car parking, close your automobile and note, where it is left, to find it easily on return. Then get to a terminal building without any problems on a shuttle bus.

The Mid Term Car park offers 21 day period free for Motorcycle parking, just leave your motorcycle in a dedicated parking spot and get away. Keep in mind that occupying a car parking space may result in a penalty. After 3 weeks standard daily rate is applied and charges start taking effect.

Long Term Car Park

Long term car parking at Luton
Regardless of the name, Luton airport long term parking has no restrictions for the stay duration. Being the farthest away from the airfield, this facility is also quite a cheap Luton airport parking option, especially for those who leave for a week or even more.

However, you should not be afraid that the car park is at a distance from the terminal, free shuttle buses run between them every 20 minutes 24 hours a day and the journey takes about 10 minutes. It’s still on-site parking and the way to the terminal is quite hassle-free.

The advantages of this facility are no pre-booking requirements and up to 2 hours of a free stay. You can still pre-book online, at a beneficial price, and arrive up to an hour earlier with no additional fees.

Having no restrictions as to the height of vehicles, it’s also quite a cheap parking option at Luton airport as we already mentioned above. You will pay 3£ for 3 hours, 28£ for the first day and just 24£ for each next day.

It’s no problem to find the Car Park after you’ve got to LLA, for this purpose follow the LU2 9NW code for Sat Nav and then use the appropriate signs. Receive a ticket at the entry in case you have no pre-booking and select a parking spot for your сar.

Multi-Storey Car Park

Multi-Storey Car Park at Luton
Formerly Luton Airport had a short term parking, but now, it is in the process of redevelopment, unavailable for the travellers of LLA. It will soon turn into the second multi-storey parking facility at Luton for better travellers’ convenience.

At present, besides the Mid and Long Term Parking options, Multi-storey Car Park operates on the Airport’s site providing secure undercover parking for your vehicles. You can take your keys with you and be sure your auto is safe there, where it was left. The parking space is equipped with CCTV and entry-exit barriers.

The Blue Badge parking spots are on floors 0 and 1st.

Keep in mind that the park has a car height limit of 2.1 metres.

This car parking is super close to the airfield and has a link bridge with a covered walkway to the terminal. A walk to the terminal building won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.

As any parking facility at LLA, the Multi-Storey Car Park is properly signposted. Use the LU2 9QT code for navigation.

Meet & Greet Service

When considering the best Meet-and-Greet option at London Luton, enjoy the official service of Priority Parking at LLA. Situated close to the terminal building, this option provides you with the ultimate speed and real convenience.

Priority Parking reception can easily be found on Level 2 of the Multi-storey Car Park, a perfectly trained staff will take care of the short check-in procedure and your vehicle there. Your car will be securely parked until return.

The access to the departures is easy and quick via the bridge and lift. The same convenient way can be used by the passengers of arrivals.

Pre-booking is possible online and the best rates are guaranteed for stays exceeding 24 hours.

Luton Airport Off-site Parking

Luton airport off-site parking
In case you are not loaded with much luggage and do not mind to leave your vehicle off the LLA’s site, you may consider some options, described below.
Airparks offers superb service to the tavellers even though it was renowned for the cheap parking facility. The Car park has arrival lanes, which allow saving time and reduce stress in the process of looking for a spot to park. A free bus will take you to the airport in less than a quarter of an hour, and the buses run round the clock.

Another option to consider is Luton airport parkway parking that is available 24/7 at the Parkway Station managed by ANPR. Just purchase an electronic ticket in advance and use it at the parking machine when arrive.

There are special parking spaces for the Blue Badge holders, they are clearly signed and easy- to find, use any vacant space if you are a registered Blue Badge owner.

Keep in mind that you would have to display your Badge for registering your vehicle details.

It’s no problem at all to get from Luton airport parkway to Luton airport, the well-known Shuttle Buses get the passengers to the airport terminal in around 10 minutes.

However, the car owners should keep in mind that the buses operate between 5 am and midnight and the fare should be paid in cash only. A single ticket costs £2.40, children under 5 go for free, under 15 for half price and a standard Open Return will cost you £3.80.

Luton Airport Hotel and Parking Packages

To make your Luton Experience one of the best ever, consider purchasing a hotel and parking package or upgrading your parking product. No matter if you have an early start or just want to avoid the rush, London Luton hotels can offer you extraordinary value for your means.

The packages that combine hotel stay and parking offer considerable savings to purchasing the same services separately. At present, 5 on-site LLA hotels provide parking deals to the travellers, but the cars are not kept in the hotel car parks.

The most affordable deal to bundle with the hotel stay is Airparks, it is the most prominent car parking facility off Luton.

Airparks owns another car park situated much closer to the airfield, it’s Airparks short-run, a number of hotels offer its services as a price premium for people looking for the shortest transfer to the Luton Terminal.

Lots of LLA hotels offer meet-and-greet-type deals to the passengers of London Luton, who prefer to drive to the terminal themselves; they can leave their cars at the airport.

Airparks at Luton

In case you choose another option, you can get to the airport, by a regular bus shuttle running to Luton passenger terminal.

Another aspect you should keep in mind is the Luton Airport room price. The hotel rates are seasonal – higher in summer and lower during the winter months.
The airport hotels with the car parking deals are the following: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Ibis Hotel, Ibis Budget, and the Courtyard by Marriott.

Holiday Inn Hotel, Ibis Luton Airport, and the Holiday Inn Express are clustered together being the closest hotels to the LLA passenger terminal. The walk from there to any of the hotels will take you just 10 minutes.

The hotel cluster is on the opposite side of the aircraft apron from the terminal building and is separated from it by a tunnel going beneath the taxiway.
Deals with up to 8 days’ airport parking start in the above-mentioned hotels from £82 at Holiday Inn and cost £89 at Ibis.

However the best deal is offered by Ibis Budget – £75, the hotel is situated side of the Airport approach road and can easily be reached from the terminal by a shuttle bus or even on foot in just 10 minutes.

Holiday Inn London Luton Airport

The most expensive hotel and parking package is offered by The Courtyard by Marriott – £75, it’s the most recently opened hotel, just in 2018, and by now it is the most luxurious one. Lying on the approach road it’s just 550 yards away from the LLA passenger terminal and there are no problems even to walk to it.

Besides purchasing a hotel and parking package, you can benefit from some other exceptional offers. Airparks, for instance, offers the drivers to add a professional car wash to the booking submitted. You can pick out a Bronze, Silver, or Gold package and return back home in a shiny car.

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