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Boeing 787 TUI Dreamliner Seating Plan (Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9)

Boeing 787 TUI Dreamliner

TUI Dreamliner Overview

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Tui is a wide-body American jet airliner designed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The first 787-8 was delivered in September 2011 and entered the commercial market with ANA on the 26th of the same year.

The 787 Dreamliner Tui has 20% less fuel consumption and more remarkable fuel efficiency than its contemporaries. The airplane offers exceptional opportunities for airlines worldwide while improving the air travel experience for passengers by providing more comfort for long flights than other airplanes. The 787 is one the fastest commercial aircraft, with a cruise speed of Mach 0.85, a high aspect ratio, and a wing design with efficiency-enhancing wingtips.

At its launch, the 787, with a 200 to 300-passenger capacity. The Dreamliner Tui is the first airliner with extensive electrical systems and an airframe partially made of composite materials. Externally, the 787 is marked by its raked wingtips, a four-window cockpit, and its noise-reducing chevrons.

Boeing 787 300 seater is a new generation long-haul wide-body aircraft with a 2-class cabin layout capable of carrying more than 296 passengers.

As an illustration, during extended routes, TUI Airways opts for the Boeing 787-300, featuring 63 Business seats and 282 Economy seats.

The first Tui 787 was 57 meters long with 242 passenger capacity and a range of 7,355 nautical miles. On the other hand, the stretched 789-9 is 63 meters long over a range of 7635 nautical miles with 290 passenger capacity, entered service with ANA on the 7th of August 2014.

Boeing 787-300 TUI aircraft offers unique comfort and functionality for both passengers and airlines. One important aspect when choosing a flight is the distribution of seats in the cabin.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner TUI: Best Seats

787-8 Dreamliner TUI Seat Plan

seat plan key

TUI Dreamliner Premium

According to the Tui Dreamliner premium seating plan, the airplane has only Premium and Economy seats. The cabin sports 47 recliner seats, yet some provide a better flying experience. However, all the seats in this cabin offer on-demand TV on a 9-inch personal touch screen, AC power, and USB power ports.

The seats on the first row of the Tui 787 seat plan until the 5th row are all standard recliner seats with regular legroom and comfort. But, aside from seats 6G and 6J, other seats on the 6th row are all standard recliner seats. Both seats might be uncomfortable for you, especially if you have long legs, as there’s a wall behind them, which means limited reclining.

The 7th row is the last row of the Tui Dreamliner premium seats with only five seats. There is no 7B on the 7th row. Seats 7C, 7D, 7E, and 7F are standard seats, but their closeness to the service station makes them uncomfortable for long flights. Lastly, seat 7A is tagged a bad seat because it’s missing a window and has proximity to the service stations, making it a very uncomfortable seat.


787-8 Dreamliner TUI
The Economy class of the Tui Dreamliner seating plan has 241 standard seats. The Economy class begins from row ten. Passengers get on-demand TV on the seatback screens without access to power.

Seats 10A and 10J are standard bulkhead seats with tray tables and TV in the armrest, making them narrower. Moreover, seats 10B, 10C, 10G, and 10H have mixed reviews despite offering more legroom. The bulkhead in these seats doesn’t extend fully to the aisle, so it gets bumped into. Also, the seats are near the toilet while the armrests are rooted, reducing the seat width. Seats 10D, 10E, and 10F are close to the toilet hence offering limited legroom with embedded armrests.

The seats between rows 11 and 24 and seats 25A, 25B, 25H, and 25J are standard ones with no complaints from users. Moreover, seats 25C to 25G and seats 26A, 26B, 26C, 26G, 26H, and 26J are close to the toilet and offer limited reclining to passengers. Like the tenth row on the Tui 787 Dreamliner, seats 30A and 30J are standard bulkhead ones with rooted armrests, reducing the width. However, 30B, 30C, 30G, and 30H have mixed reviews and similar issues as seats 10B, 10C, 10G, and 10H. While seats 30D, 30E, and 30F have similar issues as 10D, 10E, and 10F.

The seats between rows 31 and 36 in Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner Tui are standard Economy Premium seats with extra legroom. A surcharge may apply if you book any of these seats. Seats 37A and 37J are bad as they are both missing a window. Other bad seats in this class are seats 39A and 39J. These seats are located in the last row of the plan, close to the toilet, with limited reclines. Seating on both seats means you will be among the last passengers to descend the airplane after landing.

Similarly, seats 39C, 39G, 40D, 40E, and 40F are on the plane’s last row with proximity to the gallery and toilets; seating on any of these seats means you will be among the last passengers to descend the airplane.

Boeing 787-9 TUI: Best Seats

Travelers have the option to utilize the TUI Boeing 787-300 seat map to pinpoint seats that align with their preferences: whether it’s proximity to exits, windows, aisles, or being seated adjacent to fellow passengers. Additionally, they can inquire about the availability of seats offering added legroom or other conveniences.

Boeing 787-9 TUI Seat Plan

seat plan key


The Tui Dreamliner Premium seat plan has 63 recliner seats that offer on-demand audio and video on 9-inch popup touch screens. All seats in this cabin have access to AC and USB power ports. Nonetheless, some seats in this cabin are expansive, offering passengers more legroom and comfort than others.

Seats 1A to 1J are recliner and bulkhead seats close to the toilet and gallery, lacking floor storage. The 2nd row through the seats of the 6th row are standard recliner seats with regular legroom and comfort. On the 7th row, you find two bad seats with no windows, while the other seats are standard recliner ones.

The seats on the 8th row of Tui Boeing 787-9 are also standard recliner seats with regular comfort and legroom. The premium seat plan ends on the 9th row with seats 9A to 9J, which offer limited recline, comfort, and legroom due to their proximity to the toilet and gallery.


787-9 TUI Economy
The Economy class of the Tui 787 Dreamliner seating plan shows that the cabin has 282 passenger standard seats. The Economy seats lack AC and USB power ports and offer personal seatback screens for videos. Seats 12A and 12J are standard, offering extra legroom thanks to the exit row. Yet, the protrusion from the exit door and their nearness to the toilet and gallery make them uncomfortable. Additionally, the armrest is rooted and holds the tray table and the video monitor, thereby reducing the width of the seat.

Seats 12B to 12H offer additional legroom because of the exit row, yet, their closeness to the toilets makes them uncomfortable. Again, the armest is unmovable and holds the TV and tray table, reducing the width of these seats. Seats 13A to 13F, 14A to 14F, and 15A to 15C are designated seats that offer more legroom, and booking them comes with an extra surcharge.

Other seats on the 13th, 14th, and 15th rows until the seats on the 27th row and seats 28A to 28F are standard economy class seats with regular legroom and comfort. Moreover, seats 28G, 28H, 28J, and 29B to 29F are close to the toilet offering limited recline and comfort. Besides, seat 29A is a bad standard seat close to the toilets and needs a window.

Furthermore, seats 32A and 32J on the Tui Boeing 787 offer extra legroom due to the proximity to the exit row, but the exit door protrusion and their closeness to the toilets make them uncomfortable. Nonetheless, seats 32B to 32F offer the same comfort and legroom as seats 32A and 32J.

Seats on the 37th to 41st row of the 787-9 airplane are standard economy seats with regular legroom and comfort. Seats A to C and G to J are designated seats that offer more legroom, especially for long flights; however, they may attract an extra surcharge. However, seats 42A and 42J are bad seats missing a window.

Also, seats 44A to 44C, and 44G to 44J are on the plane’s last row and have bad reviews because they offer limited recline. They are also close to the gallery and toilet, which makes them less comfortable. Seats 45D and 45F are standard seats with less comfort because of their closeness to the toilets and the gallery. Other bad seats on the 787-9 cabin are 46D to 46F on the plane’s last row, which means you will be among the last passengers to decline the aircraft. Lastly, these seats offer limited reclining due to their proximity to the gallery and toilet.

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