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Jet2 Seating Plan 737 (737-800)

Jet2 Seating Plan 737

General Information on Jet2 737

The Jet2 seating plan 737, 737-800, boasts a comfortable 3-3 seating arrangement, accommodating a total of 189 seats exclusively in the Economy Class. With a pitch of 30 inches and a width of 17 inches, passengers can anticipate a relaxing and spacious journey. Notably, this aircraft is outfitted with specially designed Acro seats, meticulously crafted to enhance passenger comfort by providing additional space.

On board the Jet2 Boeing 737-800, passengers are presented with a variety of delectable food and beverage choices available for purchase. Whether it’s a savoury snack or a refreshing drink, the options are designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. For those looking to plan ahead, Jet2 offers the convenience of pre-ordering meals, ensuring a seamless dining experience during the flight.

Jet2 Boeing 737-800 Seating Plan

Jet2 Seating Plan 737

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Economy 30 17 189

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The seating configuration on the Boeing 737-800 Jet2 holds a noteworthy exception in the form of seats 1ABC. This exclusive row accommodates only three seats. Positioned at the front of the plane, these seats are conveniently located near lavatories and galleys, offering a blend of accessibility and convenience.

It’s worth noting that during takeoff and landing, there isn’t any floor storage available for passengers occupying these seats. This unique feature ensures unobstructed movement and compliance with safety regulations.

However, there’s a trade-off: the armrests of these seats incorporate the tray table, rendering it immovable. While this design choice of the Boeing 737 Jet2 seating optimizes space utilization, it does slightly reduce the overall seat width.

The arrangement of seats 2DEF presents a distinct advantage, as there are no seats directly ahead. This configuration grants passengers in these seats the luxury of extra legroom, a feature attributed to their location in proximity to the bulkhead. The convenient placement of these seats near lavatories and galleys further enhances the overall accessibility and comfort of the travel experience.

While these seats offer notable advantages, it’s important to bear in mind a couple of limitations. Firstly, there isn’t any floor storage available during takeoff and landing, a precaution that aligns with safety measures. Additionally, the tray table design presents a similar constraint, where it remains fixed in its position.

Notably, seat 2C on the Jet2 737-800 stands out due to its close proximity to the lavatory. However, its positive attributes largely outweigh this concern. Overall, this seat is highly regarded for its comfort and convenience, making it a sought-after choice for passengers seeking a pleasant journey.

Passengers seated in 11AF may find themselves without the presence of windows to gaze through during their journey.

Moving along to the back of the first section on the 737-800 Jet2 seating plan, we arrive at the 15th row – the final row within this segment. Here, a noteworthy detail emerges: all seats in this row have a somewhat restricted ability to recline. This restriction is attributed to the exit row located directly behind, as such measures are implemented to adhere to safety regulations.

Jet2 Boeing 737-800 Seating Plan

Subsequently, the layout shifts to incorporate two exit rows, flanked by a single row in the middle. This configuration offers an interesting arrangement. Specifically, seats 16ABCDEF within these exit rows come with a distinct advantage: extra legroom. However, a trade-off is noted in the form of potentially limited recline for these seats. Similar to earlier mentioned rows, passengers should be aware that there is no floor storage available during takeoff and landing. Moreover, the tray table is conveniently located within the armrest, although its fixed nature should be noted.

Continuing beyond the exit row, we encounter the 17th row of seats on the Jet2 Boeing 737 seating chart. Among these, seats 17ABCDEF emerge as particularly noteworthy, garnering the accolade of being among the best choices for passengers. Their standout feature lies in the ample legroom they offer, ensuring a more comfortable travel experience. Passengers should be aware, however, that there isn’t any floor storage available for use during takeoff and landing. The tray table, as expected, remains a convenient feature.

Moving on, we come to seats 32CD on the Jet 2 737, which find themselves situated in close proximity to the lavatories. This positioning might be advantageous for passengers seeking swift access, but it’s prudent to consider potential disruptions.

Finally, at the tail end of the aircraft in the 33rd row, we encounter seats 33ABCDEF on the Jet2 seating plan 737. These seats, being the last available on the plane, present some unique considerations. While they offer a reasonable level of comfort, passengers should be prepared for the possibility of limited recline due to their location. Additionally, the convenience of proximity to the lavatories is accompanied by the potential for occasional inconveniences.

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