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British Airways A321 Seating Plan

Airbus A321 British Airways

BA A321 Overview

British Airways offers its passengers a trio of distinct versions of the British Airways A321, each meticulously designed to cater to specific travel needs. Let’s explore these variants in greater detail:

Domestic Variant

For those embarking on journeys within the United Kingdom, British Airways operates the Airbus A321 on UK domestic routes. This variant shuttles travellers to bustling cities like Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. With a focus on comfort and efficiency, the Domestic A321 boasts a one-class configuration, providing generous 205 standard UK Domestic Class seats. Whether passengers are travelling for business or leisure, this variant ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience on domestic flights.

The BA A321 domestic aircraft feature convenient overhead TVs strategically placed throughout the cabin. These screens provide passengers with essential flight information, such as a detailed map of the current route, the aircraft’s cruising speed, altitude, and estimated time of arrival.

Furthermore, British Airways takes great care in catering to the culinary preferences of its passengers. From delectable snacks to satisfying meals, travellers can indulge in a delightful dining experience that complements their journey. Whether it’s a breakfast treat or a refreshing drink, British Airways ensures that each passenger’s palate is pleasantly satisfied throughout their flight.

European Variant

The European variant of the Airbus A321 British Airways takes flight from London Heathrow Airport, serving a wide array of enchanting European destinations. British Airways strategically employs this aircraft to provide seamless travel experiences to cities across the continent. One of the standout features of this variant is the movable divider positioned between the Club Europe and Euro Traveller sections. This dynamic divider offers the flexibility to accommodate varying passenger demands, making it possible for multiple configurations to be tailored for each specific flight.

During longer European flights, British Airways provides a selection of short TV programs to keep passengers entertained and engaged throughout their journey.

Depending on the time of day and location of departure, British Airways provides a range of complementary meals and drinks. Upgraded meals are provided to Club Europe passengers.

International Variant

As part of British Airways’ diverse A321 fleet, the International variant plays a crucial role in connecting the UK to far-reaching destinations. Among the three British Airways Airbus A321 models, the International version takes the lead on routes to captivating cities like Cairo and Tel-Aviv. Designed to excel on long-haul international journeys, this variant opens up new horizons for travellers seeking extraordinary experiences in these enchanting regions.

The A321, originally acquired from the esteemed airline Bmi, undergoes thoughtful configuration to cater to various passenger classes on international routes. It features 23 Club World seats, representing British Airways’ esteemed Business Class offering. On this particular aircraft, Club World indulges passengers with the luxurious Thompson Aero flat bed seats, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating travel experience. For travellers seeking a more budget-friendly option, the International A321 is equipped with 131 World Traveller seats, which represent British Airways’ reliable and comfortable Economy Class. These seats feature Geven “Piuma” Economy seating, striking a perfect balance between comfort and affordability for long-haul international travel.

Regarding amenities, both British Airways A321 Business Class and Economy Class on British Airways flights are equipped with the Thales AVOD system, boasting 15.4″ touch screen monitors in Business Class and 8.9″ touch screen monitors in Economy Class.

Business Class passengers enjoy the added convenience of powerports at every Club World Business seat, thoughtfully designed to accommodate both European and US plugs. For Economy Class travellers, although laptop powerports are not available, they are offered USB powerports at every seat in both Business and Economy Class, ensuring passengers can stay connected and powered up during their journey.

As for dining, British Airways goes above and beyond to cater to passengers’ tastes and preferences. A diverse selection of complimentary food and beverages is provided, tailored to the time of day and departure location, ensuring that travelers enjoy a delightful dining experience in the sky.

Club Europe passengers, being in the premium class of the BA A321, receive an enhanced meal service, further emphasizing British Airways’ commitment to providing top-notch service to its discerning passengers.

British Airways A321 Domestic: Seat Map

BA Airbus A321 seat map

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
UK Domestic 31-34 17 205

UK Domestic

British Airways’ UK Domestic flights offer a comfortable experience with 31-34 inches of seat pitch and 17-inch seat width. This is the only class available on the plane.

Seats 1ABCDEF, located in the very first rows on the BA Airbus A321 seat map, have additional space allocated for lavatories, galleys, and exit rows. As a result, there may be increased noise in these seats. Additionally, the bulkhead position may limit legroom, and the tray tables in the armrests reduce the width slightly and make the armrests immovable. Please note that there is no floor storage available for these seats during take-off and landing.

An important aspect to consider is that seats 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, and 7B are removable, as the aircraft’s rows 1 to 14 can be transformed into the Club Euro configuration. While this flexibility allows for various seating arrangements, it comes with certain drawbacks. Passengers seated in these B seats may find them uncomfortable due to the presence of gaps in the middle and at the sides.

During the conversion process, these removable seats can lead to irregularities in the seating layout, resulting in spaces between seats that can cause discomfort. The lack of continuous support in the middle and side areas of the B seat may lead to less-than-ideal sitting conditions for passengers in those seats.

The presence of an exit row between the 8th and 9th rows can create certain inconveniences for passengers. As a result, seats 8BCDE on the BA A321 seat map are non-reclining to comply with safety regulations. However, seats 9ABCDEF in the same area offer more legroom, making them a preferred choice for those seeking extra space during the flight. It’s worth noting that seat 9AF lacks windows.

 BA Airbus A321 seat map

A similar situation arises between the 22nd and 23rd rows. Seats in row 22 are non-reclining due to the exit row, while row 23 provides the advantage of reclining seats and additional legroom, making it a more comfortable option for passengers. Nevertheless, seats 23AF also lack windows, which may be a deciding factor for passengers who enjoy scenic views during their travels.

Seats 9B, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13B, and 14B are also removable, adding to the flexibility of the aircraft’s configuration. Similar to the previously mentioned seats, these removable seats may be taken out to accommodate various seating arrangements, such as the Club Euro configuration.

Lastly, the seats in the last two rows of the A321 British Airways, specifically seats 34CD and 35ABCDEF, have some limitations that passengers should be aware of. Passengers in these seats won’t be able to recline their seats fully, which may impact overall comfort during the flight. Furthermore, being the last rows, seats 34CD and 35ABCDEF are in proximity to lavatories and exits.

BA A321 European: Seat Map

BA A321 European

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Club Europe 30 17 54
Euro Traveller 30 17 123

Club Europe

In British Airways’ Club Europe, passengers can expect a premium travel experience with a pitch of 30 inches, offering ample legroom for added comfort during their journey. The seats in this class also provide a generous width of 17 inches, ensuring passengers have enough space to relax and enjoy their flight in luxury.

Club Europe cabin is divided into two sections on the Airbus A321 seating plan British Airways, and the seating configuration follows a 3-3 layout. In the first three rows, there is an empty seat between two seats, creating a more private and spacious feel for solo travellers. These seats are converted to Club Europe seats by blocking the middle seats, ensuring passengers have extra room and comfort during their journey. Although middle seats exist in this section, they are not available for sale, further enhancing the exclusive experience for Club Europe passengers.

 Airbus A321 seating plan British Airways

Seats 1ACDF are positioned just after the lavatories and galleys. While these seats offer proximity to essential facilities, the bulkhead slightly restricts legroom, which may be a consideration for taller passengers. Additionally, the tray tables are placed in the armrests, which can reduce the width slightly. As there is no floor storage available for these seats, passengers should plan accordingly for any personal belongings.

Seats 4ACDEF on the BA Airbus A321 seating plan offer passengers the advantage of extra legroom and width, providing a more spacious and comfortable seating experience. However, it’s worth noting that these seats are located behind a curtain, separating them from the Club Europe section. While the curtain offers a sense of privacy, it can make it challenging to view the video screens from these seats.

Similarly, seats 4B, 5B, 6B, and 7B are also not available for sale. Seats 9BE, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13B, 14B are removable as well.

Moving to the 8th row, passengers should be aware that seats in this row do not recline due to the exit row located behind them. This is a common safety feature, ensuring quick and unobstructed access to the exits in case of an emergency.

Passengers seated in seats 14AF, 15AF, and 16AF should be aware that these seats do not have windows.

Euro Traveller

In the British Airways A321 Euro Traveller cabin, passengers can enjoy a comfortable travel experience with a pitch of 30 inches, providing ample legroom for their journey. The seats in this class also offer a generous width of 30 inches, ensuring a spacious and relaxed seating arrangement. The seating layout follows a 3-3 pattern.

Seats 15AF and 16AF, along with the previously mentioned 14AF do not have windows.

Seats 22BCDE, being the last in their section, are situated near an exit. As a result, these seats do not recline to comply with safety regulations. Passengers who prioritize the ability to recline their seats may want to consider alternative seating choices away from the exit rows.

British Airways A321

Seats 23ABCDEF are located in front of an exit, offering passengers extra legroom, which can be a desirable feature for added comfort during the flight. However, these seats have tray tables in the armrests, which may slightly reduce the seat width. Additionally, there is no floor storage available during take-off and landing, so passengers should plan accordingly for their belongings.

Furthermore, passengers in seats 23AF on the BA A321 flight should be aware that these seats lack windows, which might be a consideration for those who enjoy a view during their journey.

Moving to the last two rows, 34 and 35, passengers should be mindful that row 35 does not recline due to the presence of a wall behind it. Being close to the lavatories, seats in these rows may experience more foot traffic and noise from other passengers using the facilities.

Airbus A321 British Airways International: Seat Map

Airbus A321 British Airways International

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Club World 45/78 26 23
Economy 31 17.5 131

Club World

In British Airways’ Club World, so-called BA A321 Business Class, passengers can indulge in a luxurious and premium travel experience with a pitch ranging from 45 to 78 inches, ensuring ample legroom and comfort during their journey. The seats in this class also offer a generous width of 26 inches, providing travellers with a spacious and cosy seating arrangement.

The Club World seating layout features a 1-2 pattern, where seats are arranged individually and in pairs across each row. This unique configuration allows for a more private and intimate travel experience, making it an excellent choice for business travellers, couples, or those seeking a higher level of comfort and exclusivity.

In general, all seats in the British Airways A321 Club World are comfortable and without any apparent issues, providing passengers with a premium and enjoyable travel experience. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind for the bulkhead seats, specifically seats 1AD.

 Airbus A321 seating plan British Airways

The bulkhead seats, being in row 1, are situated close to galleys, lavatories, and the exit area. While these seats may provide additional legroom owing to the lack of seats in front, they may also be subject to increased foot traffic and noise from neighbouring facilities.

Additionally, the crew seats are located just behind the galleys. While the crew is diligent in their work, there might be occasional noise or activity near these seats during the flight.


The BA A321 Economy class offers a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience with a pitch of 31 inches, providing ample legroom. The seats in this class have a width of 17.5 inches, ensuring a cosy and relaxed seating arrangement.

With a 3-3 seating configuration, passengers can share their journey with companions or fellow travellers, making it a suitable option for families or groups.

The Economy cabin on British Airways flights is divided into two sections, and the first row of each section faces similar issues. Specifically, row 9 and row 20 have tray tables in the armrests, making the armrests immovable and somewhat limiting seat width. While these seats offer extra legroom, passengers should be aware that there is no floor storage during take-off and landing.

It’s important to note that seats 9BE are designed with infants in mind, as they have bassinets in front of them to accommodate young travellers.

 Airbus A321 seating plan British Airways

On the other hand, passengers seated in seats 20AF should be aware that these seats do not have windows. For those who enjoy looking out of the window during their flight, it’s best to consider alternative seating options.

The last rows of each section, specifically rows 19 and 31, have limited recline due to the presence of exit rows located behind them. For safety reasons, seats in these rows are designed to have a restricted ability to recline, ensuring quick and unobstructed access to the exits in case of an emergency.

Passengers seated in row 31 on the British Airways A321 seat map should also be aware that this row is in close proximity to lavatories and crew seats, which may result in more noise from passengers using the facilities or crew members during the flight.

Additionally, in row 19, one of the seats is reserved for the crew. As a result, this seat is not available for passengers to select and may appear unoccupied during the flight.

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