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British Airways A319 Seating Plan

A319 British Airways

General Information on A319 British Airways

There exist four distinct variations of the British Airways A319 aircraft: one designed for European travel and three distinct layouts tailored for domestic operations.

The British Airways Airbus A319 European variant takes to the skies predominantly along short-haul routes traversing the European continent. Configured with a two-class arrangement, this A319 model offers a seating capacity ranging from 12 to 40 seats in the Club Europe section, complemented by 83 to 125 seats in the Euro Traveller cabin.

In the Club Europe segment, the seating arrangement mirrors the standard Euro Traveller seats, albeit with the middle seat intentionally kept unoccupied. What sets this aircraft apart is the presence of a flexible divider positioned between the Club Europe and Euro Traveller compartments, allowing for versatile seating configurations to suit varying preferences.

Turning our attention to the A319 British Airways Domestic Layout 1, its primary purpose lies in serving short-haul domestic routes within the UK. This specific A319 layout adopts a single-class setup, accommodating a total of 143 standard UK Domestic seats, catering to the needs of passengers on these shorter journeys.

Similarly, the British Airways Airbus A319 Domestic Layout 2 assumes responsibility for ferrying passengers across UK domestic routes, connecting prominent cities such as Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. This A319 configuration, tailored for domestic travel, holds its own distinct character.

Meanwhile, the Airbus A319 British Airways Layout 3 makes short-haul domestic flights. Designed with a one-class configuration, this variant accommodates a total of 144 passengers, ensuring a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

On the subject of in-flight amenities, British Airways extends a range of services to enhance passenger comfort. On extended European flights, passengers can enjoy a selection of short television programs. The airline also provides a diverse assortment of complimentary food and beverage options, curated based on the time of day and the departure location. Notably, passengers travelling in the Club Europe class are treated to an elevated dining experience characterised by an enhanced meal service.

Airbus A319 British Airways European Seating

Airbus A319 British Airways European

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Club Europe 30 17 40
Euro Traveller 29 17 83

Club Europe

The Club Europe cabin, British Airways A319 Business Class, offers a distinctive seating arrangement designed to enhance your travel experience. The seats are organised in a 2-2 configuration, with a deliberate gap or movable seat placed between each pair.

Seats 1ACDF are strategically positioned close to essential facilities such as exit doors, lavatories, and galleys, ensuring easy accessibility throughout the flight.

Consider seats 4ACDF as an optimal choice for a premium flying experience. These seats provide passengers with additional legroom and width, setting them apart as some of the most preferred positions on the aircraft.

British Airways A319 Business Class

For those seated in rows 9ABCDEF, it’s important to note that these seats in the BA A319 Business Class are situated near emergency exits and, therefore, cannot be reclined. This design prioritises passenger safety in such situations. Some passengers have observed that this row might experience a slightly warmer temperature due to a potential lack of air vents.

Row 10 offers the unique advantage of extra legroom thanks to its proximity to the exit row. This can be particularly appealing for passengers seeking a more spacious travel experience. Passengers considering seat 10AF should be aware that while it offers extra legroom, it comes without a window-side armrest. This aspect might be a point of consideration when selecting seats.

Euro Traveller

Discovering discomfort is a rare occurrence within the confines of the Euro Traveller cabin, where a collection of uniformly comfortable standard seats await passengers. However, it’s worth noting that the first row, as well as the 11th row, bestow an even greater sense of spaciousness upon those fortunate enough to secure them.

For those seeking convenience, the seats on the BA A319 located towards the rear of the aircraft, specifically seats 23DEF, 24C, and 25AB, offer proximity to both lavatories and emergency exits. This strategic positioning ensures easy accessibility for essential facilities and a swift path to safety if required.

Euro Traveller

Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 1

Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 1

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
UK Domestic 29-30 17 143

UK Domestic

Within the confines of the aircraft, the UK Domestic class stands alone, offering passengers a distinctive travel experience. The seating arrangement, adhering to a 3-3 configuration, is designed for optimal comfort and efficiency.

However, attention must be directed to the rows ranging from 1 to 8 on the left-hand side on the BA A319 seat map. In this segment, there exists the possibility that the middle seats (B) might be omitted, resulting in empty spaces. While this configuration intends to provide additional room, it inadvertently creates an atmosphere of discomfort due to the gaps that manifest both in the middle and alongside the seats, impacting the overall seating experience.

For those who find themselves occupying seats 1ABCDEF, it’s crucial to note that these positions are situated in proximity to lavatories and galley areas. While convenience is assured, it’s important to be aware that during takeoff and landing, there is no storage space available on the floor for personal belongings.

Seats 9ABCDEF, occupying a space just aft of the exit row, do not recline. This limitation arises from the necessity to maintain a clear path to the exit, ensuring the safety of all passengers on board.

In contrast, the fortunate occupants of seats 10ABCDEF on the Airbus A319 jet British Airways enjoy the advantage of additional legroom, courtesy of the exit row situated ahead. It’s worth mentioning, however, that for those occupying seats 10AF, the absence of a window-side armrest might prove to be somewhat bothersome, potentially impacting the overall comfort of the journey.

Towards the rear of the aircraft, an area of consideration lies within seats 23DEF, 24C, and 25AB. Positioned in close proximity to both lavatories and exit rows at the tail end of the plane, these seats offer a blend of convenience and accessibility for those in need of these facilities.

British Airways A319 Layout 2

Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 2

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
UK Domestic 39-30 17.8 132

UK Domestic

As you step onto the plane, you’ll enter the unique world of UK Domestic class, the only class on the aeroplane. Embracing a seating arrangement set in a 3-3 configuration, this class offers a blend of functionality and comfort that caters to the discerning passenger.

Direct your attention to rows 2 through 7 on the BA 319, particularly on the left-hand side. Here, the potential removal of the middle seats (B) presents the prospect of altering the seating dynamic. This change, however, results in the creation of discomfort that might not align with passengers’ expectations.

Venturing further, seats 1ABCDEF hold a unique position on the Airbus A319 seating British Airways, front and centre. Lavatories and galley facilities are situated in close proximity, providing a convenient advantage. It’s worth noting, though, that during takeoff and landing, the absence of floor storage can impact the convenience factor for occupants of these seats.

A curious detail unfolds in row 6—an absence that makes its presence known. Unlike the rows ahead and behind, which are adorned with individual overhead vent outlets, this row lacks such a feature. If temperatures soar uncomfortably, the absence of cooling airflow directed towards the face becomes palpable, potentially creating an experience that contrasts with the rest of the journey.

UK Domestic

A consideration arises in the form of seats 8ABCDEF on the Airbus A319 BA, placed in proximity to the exit row just behind. The convenience of additional recline is forfeited to ensure a clear and swift path to the exit, highlighting the priority placed on safety.

Moving onward, seats 9BCDEF provide extended legroom, a benefit bestowed by the presence of the exit row in front. Seats 9AF present a distinct issue, with the absence of a window-side armrest potentially impacting comfort levels for those in these positions.

Towards the back of the plane, there’s a group of seats that stand out on the British Airways A319 seat map—seats 22ABCDEF. These seats are conveniently located near the toilets and exit rows, making it easy to access what you need and move around comfortably.

>British Airways A319 Domestic Layout 3

Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 3

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
UK Domestic 39-30 17 144

The exclusive UK Domestic class, the sole category available on this aircraft, is designed to provide unparalleled comfort for passengers travelling within the United Kingdom.

Seats 1ABCDEF offer an exceptional level of comfort with additional legroom on the BA Airbus A319, making them a prime choice for those seeking extra space. However, it’s important to note that during takeoff and landing, these seats lack floor storage due to safety regulations. Additionally, the incorporation of the tray table and video monitor into the armrest limits its mobility and narrows the seat width.

Moving towards rows 9ABCDEF, passengers will find seats with limited recline due to their proximity to the exit row behind them. While these seats provide a degree of comfort, their reclining functionality is understandably limited to ensure passenger safety.

Seats 10ABCDEF on the British Airways Airbus A319 seating plan boast an enviable advantage of extra legroom attributed to the exit row located just in front of them. This design choice caters to passengers who appreciate the freedom to stretch their legs during their journey. Similar to seats in the first row, these seats also lack floor storage during takeoff and landing. Moreover, the tray table and video monitor integrated into the armrest contribute to a slightly reduced seat width.

Towards the rear of the aircraft, seats 24CD and 25ABCDEGF on the British Airways Airbus A319 jet seating plan, positioned near toilets and exit rows, provide a practical advantage for those who value convenience during the flight. It’s worth noting that seats 25ABCDEF don’t recline due to their proximity to exit rows, ensuring passenger safety in line with regulations.

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