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British Airways — BA A350 Seat Map

Airbus A350 British Airways Overview

The British Airways A350 is the newest of the British Airways fleet. This cutting-edge plane has a three-class configuration that allows it to carry 331 passengers. There are 56 suites in the Club World cabin, 56 recliner seats in the World Traveller Plus cabin, and 219 basic seats in the World Traveller cabin.

The Club World on British Airways is the airline’s first brand-new Business Class seat in the past thirteen years. As the British Airways A350 seat map shows, the suite offers a luxury flatbed seat with a door you can close for more privacy.

Additionally, the Club World seats have storage spaces for passengers to keep their belongings. Passengers can access a reading light, an 18.5-inch entertainment screen with remote control, USB charging connections, and a power outlet.

The British Airways Airbus A350 has an upgraded and more spacious kitchen. During the trip, passengers in the World Traveller cabin can help themselves with beverages, snacks, and sandwiches from the Club Kitchen.

In the World Traveler Plus Premium Economy cabin of the BA Airbus A350, flyers will find new features like a new contoured seat, a soft pillow, a warm quilt, and an upgraded dining experience.

British Airways — BA A350 Seat Map

The seats in the Club World section are equipped with an individual 18.5-inch high-definition touchscreen that can be operated with a remote control, providing access to Audio and Video on Demand.

Each seat in the World Traveller Plus of the A350 British Airways features a personal HD touchscreen measuring 12 inches in size and offering audio and video on demand. At the same time, seats on the World Traveler have a personal high-definition touchscreen measuring 10 inches.

Every BA A350 Business Class seat features a 110V AC power port socket compatible with UK or US plugs. In addition, depending on the time of day, duration of the flight, and destination, passengers get complimentary food and beverages.

BA A350 (A350-1000): Best Seats

British Airways — BA A350 Seat Map

seat plan key

Club World

BA A350 Business Class best seats

The Club World cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration — most seats on the cabin standard — no major drawback or edge over others. The 9A, 9K, 10A, and 10K are BA A350 Business Class best seats mainly because they have extra windows.

Flyers will find the first row and seats in the 11th and 15th rows undesirable. The downside of the first row seats, comprising 1AEFK, and the other bad seats in the cabin is their nearness to the lavatories and galley.

All seats in this cabin British Airways A350 Business Class can recline into flatbeds for the comfort of passengers. For passengers traveling with their partners, the EF seats, in the middle, are the most desirable.

World Traveller Plus

This cabin has a 2-4-2 seat configuration. The first-row seats are the most desirable in this cabin. It consists of 20AB, 20DEFG, and 20JK. These seats are better than others in this cabin because of their extra legroom due to the space in front of them. However, they don’t have floor storage for passengers to keep their belongings.

 BA A350 Premium Economy

The least desirable seats in the World Traveller BA A350 Premium Economy are in the last row. This row comprises 26AB, 26DEFG, and 26JK. The downside of the seats is their limited recline.

World Traveller

From the BA A350 Airbus 1000 seat map, the World Traveller cabin has a 3-3-3 configuration. 30AB, 30JK, 31DEF, and 31CH are good seats; due to their position in the plane, they feature extra legroom. However, they don’t have floor storage for passengers to keep belongings during takeoff or landing. Again, the armrest of the seats is immovable, and they have smaller width due to the position of tray tables and entertainment monitors in the armrests.

BA A350 Airbus 1000 seat map

As the BA Airbus A350 seat map shows, the 35th row, comprising 35ABC,25DEF, and 35HJK, are slightly undesirable. These seats have limited reclining. Another thing passengers will find undesirable about the seats is their proximity to the lavatory and galley.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid the seats in the 40th row — 40DEF. As the A350 BA seat map shows, the position of the bulkhead makes the seats have less leg space. Also, there is no ground storage during landing or takeoff. Furthermore, the armrests of the seats are immovable because of the tray tables and entertainment monitors’ position. Additionally, the seats are too close to the lavatories and galleys.

Seats 58HJK, 59BC, and 59DEF on the A350 BA are bad seats for several reasons. They have limited recline because of the wall behind them; if the seats in front of them recline, they will have smaller personal space. Lastly, their proximity to the galley and lavatories is undesirable.

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