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Boeing 737 MAX 8 Seat Map and Details

Boeing 737 Max 8

Introduction to the Boeing 737 MAX 8

In the realm of aviation, the Boeing 737 MAX 8, an esteemed member of Boeing’s iconic 737 MAX family, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern air travel, this aircraft seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and enhanced efficiency to deliver an unparalleled flying experience.

Efficiency Revolutionized

At the core of the Boeing 737-8 MAX lies its revolutionary design, meticulously crafted to prioritize fuel efficiency and sustainability while maintaining optimal performance. Powered by advanced CFM International LEAP-1B engines, the MAX 8 boasts remarkable fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making it a preferred environmentally conscious option for airlines worldwide. Furthermore, aerodynamic enhancements and advanced winglets contribute to additional fuel savings, ensuring the Max 8 maintains its leading position in efficiency within its class.


Renowned for its exceptional performance capabilities, the 737 MAX 8 provides airlines with the flexibility to confidently operate a diverse range of routes. With a maximum range exceeding 6,570 kilometers, the Max 8 effortlessly connects cities across continents, catering to both short-haul and long-haul flights. Its swift cruise speed and reliable performance in varying weather conditions guarantee punctual arrivals and a seamless travel experience for passengers.

737-8 MAX is equipped with advanced avionics and state-of-the-art safety systems, including the Boeing Sky Interior and the latest in-flight navigation technology, the Max 8 ensures a secure and reliable flying experience for passengers and crew alike.

737 MAX 8 Development and the Advanced 737-8200 Modification

Boeing initiated the development of the Boeing 737-8 MAX to meet the growing demand from airlines for aircraft that are more fuel-efficient and have greater passenger capacity. To upgrade its successful 737 series, Boeing focused on enhancing fuel efficiency, extending range, and reducing emissions. The aircraft was equipped with new CFM International LEAP-1B engines, revised wing designs, and an updated automatic flight control system, culminating in the technologically advanced and efficient Boeing 737 MAX 8, noted for its improved passenger comfort.

In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial aviation, Boeing has introduced a game-changer with its Boeing 737 8200. This aircraft is a specialized modification of the well-known 737 MAX 8, tailored to meet the demands of airlines seeking to maximize capacity without compromising on efficiency.

The 737 MAX 8-200 stands out with its high-density seating arrangement, capable of accommodating up to 200 passengers in a single-class configuration. This design innovation not only increases the number of seats but also maintains the comfort and space that passengers appreciate.

Boeing’s ingenuity doesn’t stop at passenger capacity. The Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 also boasts enhancements in fuel efficiency and operational costs. With advanced aerodynamics and upgraded engines, it offers a greener footprint and a cost-effective solution for airlines, making it an attractive addition to fleets around the globe.

Boeing 737-8 Max

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Technical Details

Passenger Cabin

Crew 2 pilots
Passenger Capacity 162-189


Length (m) 39.50
Height (m) 12.30
Wingspan (m) 35.90
Fuselage Width (m) 3.76
Cabin Width (m) 3.53


Max. Takeoff Weight (kg) 82191
Max. Landing Weight (kg) 69309
Cargo Compartment Volume (cu. m) 43.7

Flight Data

Flight Range (km) 6510
Cruising Speed (KM/H) 936
Maximum Speed (KM/H) 978
Engines 2 × CFM International LEAP 1B
Engine Thrust (kN) up to 125
Maximum Fuel Capacity (L) 26035
Maximum Flight Altitude (m) 12500

Class Configuration Details

Prioritizing passenger comfort, the Boeing 737-8 MAX offers spacious cabins and innovative features designed to elevate the overall flying experience. The modern interior boasts ergonomic seating, ample overhead storage, and expansive windows that flood the cabin with natural light, creating a welcoming and airy atmosphere. Cutting-edge entertainment systems and in-flight connectivity options keep passengers engaged and connected throughout their journey, whether traveling for business or leisure.

The basic model of the B737 MAX 8 typically offers two classes, namely business class and economy class. Depending on the specific Boeing 737 MAX 8 seat map chosen by the airline, the number of seats on the aircraft can vary from 138 to 204. Airlines may opt to allocate more seats to business class, enhancing comfort and services, or increase the number of economy class seats to accommodate additional passengers. For precise class configuration on a particular flight, it is advisable to consult the selected airline.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Seat Map

Boeing 737 MAX 8 seat map

Economy Class

Economy class in any aircraft variant implies modesty. However, it does not mean discomfort. The 737 MAX 8 seating configuration in Economy class accommodates a comfortable and spacious layout for passengers. The seats are quite comfortable, there are only 3 seats in a row on one side.

There is enough legroom in any row of the 737 MAX aircraft, the backs of the seats are adjustable, and the flight conductor offers a plaid and a pillow.

The developers have taken care of leisure of Economy class passengers. Each seat has a built-in monitor that allows you to perform many operations, starting with watching films. However, many passengers limit themselves with this.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 seat map

Business Class

The 737 MAX 8 seating arrangement in Business class offers luxurious and spacious seating for passengers. The seats here have increased comfort, 2 seats in a row. According to designers, such seats are developed specially for this model and are not found anywhere else.

The interior is quite spacious and private. Backs of seats are framed by screens for maximum comfort of passengers. In addition, in the Business Class of this model, the seats can be transformed into a full bed, which allows passengers to enjoy the journey to the maximum.

In addition, each seat has a full 15.6-inch screen for watching films, TV series, listening to music and so on. Naturally, the service of the Business zone is faster than that of the Economy class.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 seat map

737 MAX 8 Seat Plan Comparison

Airline Classes / Configuration Total Seats
Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 Business / 2-2
Economy / 3-3
American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Businesss / 2-2
Economy Extra / 3-3
Economy / 3-3
Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 MAX 8 Business / 2-2
Economy / 3-3
Icelandair Boeing 737 MAX 8 Economy Premium / 2-2
Economy / 3-3
LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Business / 2-2
Economy Premium / 3-3
Economy / 3-3
Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 Economy / 3-3 189
S7 Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Business / 2-2
Economy / 3-3
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Economy / 3-3 175
China Southern Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Business / 2-2
Economy Premium / 3-3
Economy / 3-3
United Boeing 737 MAX 8 First Class / 2-2
Economy Extra / 3-3
Economy / 3-3
WestJet Boeing 737 MAX 8 Economy Premium / 2-2
Economy / 3-3

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