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Expedia UK — trust your holidays to the leading international online travel agency

Expedia was founded in 1996 and became one of the first companies offering at that time a revolutionary way of searching and booking hotels via the Internet.

The Expedia business model is so effective that in 2015 the company could to acquire its two most powerful competitors.

In January the Travelocity service was bought by Expedia for 280 million, which is the eternal rival of the company. A month later, Expedia swallowed Orbitz, which strengthened its dominance in the market. After the company’s control, it was actually two-thirds of the online booking market, and only Priceline and Google remained serious competitors.

Another important innovation of the company was the using of bitcoins as a currency for calculating the services of the website, which indicates the ability of the service to adapt to changes in the market.

At the moment the company is the world leader in online booking of tickets, housing, and vehicles. The company’s annual revenue in 2014 reached $ 5.7 billion. Expedia provides hotel reservations in 155,000 hotels worldwide.

Expedia website: book flight and hotel in the UK and all over the world

Expedia com is a part of Expedia Inc. which manages over 90 local websites of online agencies around the world (expedia.de, fr, co.uk hotels.com and many others). The company is the largest agency and has a lot of direct contracts with operators in the US, Europe, Asia, Russia and can offer the best prices in its segment of the market.

With the help of Expedia website you can book hotel rooms around the world, buy flight tickets of almost all airlines to any destination, and also rent a car, cruises, excursions and, of course, make complex services.

In addition, to the largest selection of hotels, air tickets and travel to www expedia com for the convenience of users, the website provided many online services such as:

  • Timetable and online flight search.
  • Flight search by arrival and departure time.
  • Comparison of airline offers for a certain route. This service Expedia automatically finds on a certain date the best price offer. By this method, you can save money from flights!
  • Weather forecast for any region of the world on a current date, or for a few days ahead.
  • Exchange rates.
  • Expedia user rating and user reviews. You can see the information about the rating, which is displayed as a star in front of the corresponding hotel.

Expedia customer service

According to the rules of Expedia, in order to use the website for paid bookings, you must be a person who has reached the age of 18. Also, note that the Expedia booking service and other orders can only be used by a person who will directly use the order or a person who legally represents the interests of the person on whose behalf a booking or other service is ordered.

Expedia customer service

Through your account and using your payment card, you can place an order for the name of another person, but in order to make such orders through Expedia, you need to first register in your account by the name of such person.

Expedia hotels reservation

Since Expedia has active partnerships with more than 60,000 hotels all over the world, you can always find the most advantageous offer for you anywhere in the world.

For the convenience of users, special and convenient search filters are developed in Expedia using which, the client can find exactly that hotel that fits all his requirements. For example, Internet access, a swimming pool and much more.

Please note that in order to avoid problems when ordering – the data of your documents and the data on which the reservation is issued must completely coincide. If you notice that the spelling does not match, then contact the support service by the Expedia contact number UK and ask to correct inaccuracies.

Payment for particular hotels in Expedia is made according to the conditions of the particular operator, with which you can get acquainted when ordering. The price of the reservation also usually includes the amount of taxes collected by the hotels that are booked as tax agents.

Also, you need to consider that in the event that you did not arrive in the booked hotel on the first night, the next day the reservation will be canceled. If you still want to reserve the right to this hotel room, then you must, in this case, confirm the reservation before the next day, as well as pay the missed period.

Expedia Special Rate Hotels is a category of hotels with which the Expedia, in a contractual manner, sets special prices exclusively for its customers, which are lower than usual. As a rule, bookings of hotels of this category are especially advantageous and they should be paid special attention.

Expedia flight tickets reservation

Using expedia.com you can book and buy air tickets of all major airlines of the world via the Internet for any flight and destination. Booking tickets through the agency’s website are especially convenient when ordering so-called electronic tickets. To pick up your ticket to the operator you will only have to give your name and such a confirmation code.

It is recommended to confirm flights within the US within 24 hours and international flights up to 72 hours before departure. Also, you can use the express booking service. To do this, you just need to create a record through your account with the data of the person to whom the reservation will be made and just enough to activate the required file when ordering.

Expedia cruises

Expedia.com currently offers a huge selection of cruises but unfortunately in order to book cruises such purchases need to be paid using payment cards issued by US banks and as a result for foreign citizens (including residents of Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.) Such cruise orders are very difficult to do.

Expedia travel tours

As a rule, such travel tours, include air tickets, hotel booking, and other additional services (for example, car rental). The ordering of services in the Expedia travel tours is cheaper than the similar order separately.
In addition, you can once, before leaving, to change the order in the Expedia for free or cancel it altogether, as well as get insurance for medical expenses and loss of luggage.

Also for clients is available exclusive Expedia deals — the insurance air armor. If you have such an inexpensive insurance, you will not be charged for cancellation and change of the order.

Expedia countries: reviews

Expedia is popular online reservation service in the USA, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other countries, you can always find a lot of feedback from customers who ordered the corresponding services there. Also visit the Expedia website where you can leave your feedback, complaints, or read the reviews of others you can on the forum of our website.

Please also note that at the forum you can put any question you are interested in regarding both purchases at expedia.com and other online services and online stores presented on the website and get a quick and competent answer from our support service through our forum.

Expedia coupon & Expedia voucher code

In addition to any discount offers and promotions at www.expedia.com you will be able to use promo coupon codes) and vouchers. Expedia coupon code, voucher codes this is a set of symbols that when entered into the order line or other form intended for this automatically provides a certain discount or another benefit to the buyer.

The peculiarity of coupon codes in Expedia is that they can be both in the form of a set of symbols, and in the form of a sentence that needs to be activated. The latter option occurs in the event that such coupons are provided by the company itself to the accounts of some of its customers.

If the discount coupon code is in your Expedia account, you just have to activate it, then make your order, and the promotional code will already be saved in the settings.

If you have a promotional code in the form of a set of symbols, then you will only need to enter it when paying for the order. Note also that each promo coupon code Expedia has special release conditions and will therefore only work if it is applied to the order to which it can be applied according to the conditions. Carefully study the conditions stipulated for each code to get those discounts that you expect.

Promo coupon codes can be obtained both from special advertising sites that distribute them and from Expedia, which regularly provides them to their users both in accounts and mailing.

Cashback is a special type of discount, in which the purchase is made at a normal price, but after it is paid to the buyer, a portion of the funds returned is returned as a bonus.

Expedia London: head office in the UK

The Expedia London office will help everyone to plan, book, and buy everything necessary for travel. The managers of Expedia head office in the UK are constantly looking for new hotels, air travel, car rental services to make the best deals available to customers.

Expedia Head Office Contact Number
0843 557 4869

Expedia customer service number UK
+44 203 0248211

Expedia flight and hotels reservations number
020 3788 0445

Expedia contact details for complaints
+44 203 684 2910

Expedia City Breaks Helpline
0844 248 1838