Disease at airports

The study held by the University of Nottingham and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare discovered the unbelievably high indicator of germs that contain viruses on the plastic trays at the security department at the airports. That’s why in order to avoid contamination, be aware of these boxes, which you are putting your stuff in before scanning because exactly they are more ‘blossoming’ with germs rather than WC as we used to think.

Pandemic experts have proved this idea: exactly trays contain more viruses than toilets.

Two years before, at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, researchers checked surfaces that are often reached by people. As the result, 10% of the analyzed area contained viruses and predominantly they were found on the plastic trays.

Except in the air, also, bacteria that could provoke illnesses were found on such popular spots as card readers, counters, rails of staircases and in the children’s areas for playing.

Bacteria of flue and rhinovirus were discovered more frequently but not in the area of the airport’s toilets.

Finally, the conductors of the research point out that if you cough into hands and after that clean them − it is the pivotal point of preventing of contagious illnesses spreading.