How do oxygen masks drop down on airplanes and how many of them?

What is an oxygen mask and why do we need it? In the case of lowering the pressure in the cabin of the airplane, from the upper panel drop out oxygen masks and you need to put it on yourself when the oxygen level is very low.

While demonstrating emergency equipment, flight attendants show oxygen masks. And then, people have questions: where are they, and how do they drop down, how many of them?

All oxygen masks for passengers are located in the luggage compartment panel above the seats. Number of masks should be equal to the number of seats + 1 mask. For stewards, over their stations-jumpseat, number of oxygen masks should be equal to the steward’s stations + 1 mask. Also, in the toilet rooms, there are two more masks.

Masks fall automatically when the depressurizing occurs, also, after the actuation of the toggle switch in the cockpit and you can open it manually.

Operating time of masks is no more than 12 minutes!

When you put on an oxygen mask, you activate a complete chemical process that can not be interrupted or stopped until all the substances are burned, and this burning process takes 12-15 minutes, it is the same duration of work of the oxygen mask, as was said above.

If you suddenly feel an unpleasant smell – do not panic, it’s not a fire, but only the consequences of a chemical reaction. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

That’s why you need to know how to use oxygen masks and how they drop down.

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