Why can the aircraft completely burn out within 90 seconds?

There was a case when the plane almost crashed and burned, because of the explosion of the phone charger that belonged to one of the passengers. In this particular case, the aircraft crew worked harmoniously so fire in the salon was eliminated, and the evacuation of passengers was carried out using air inflatables, and please note that the number of passengers exceeded 100 people!

The airplane can be completely burned out within 90 seconds, because of large fuel stores, a variety of hydraulic fluids that are kept in the high-pressure zone, as well as different oils and various specific liquids that burn quickly. Zone of fire propagation also increases the oxygen cylinders, which not only extend the area of the fire but also accelerate the process of combustion.

Because of these dangerous factors that can occur on the plane, nowadays, extreme attention is paid to the areas of fire fighting systems, as this directly affects the safety of passengers during the flight.

How do fire suppression systems work in the modern aircraft?

  • First of all, all fire zones are divided into specific compartments: cockpit of pilots, engines, luggage compartment, salon and auxiliary power unit.
  • Secondly, all zones are equipped with smoke detectors and its information in light and sound mode comes to the flight crew.
  • The third way, there is an automatic fire extinguishing system in each aircraft. The fire protection in the cockpit and the cabin is provided by the available fire extinguishers. The luggage compartment is provided and protected by automatic fire extinguishing installed in them In modern aeroplanes, such automatic fire extinguishing systems for the engine are not used because the automatic extinguishing of the engine fire is ineffective under severe air currents; however, in older passenger liners it was used quite actively but in modern aircraft, the design of the engine itself does not allow the fire to increase beyond its limits!

It’s worth knowing that modern passenger aircraft are safe, so do not be afraid to travel on an airplane, it is safer than taking a bus!