Bristol Airport

Provided the ambitious plans are approved, there are many exciting changes forthcoming to the Bristol Airport.

A popular transport hub, which is one of the 9 most popular British airports, aims for attracting more travellers and introducing the new destination flights in forthcoming years. At present, the airport-bound flights cover 120 destinations to different parts of the world.

The operator, Bristol Airport Limited (BAl) claims the airport will grow by 20%, and will host yet a few more millions of British and foreign travelers.

The infrastructure will be enhanced with the larger airport building (four stores to add), a new zone for arrival, improvement to the adjoining A38 road. The parking issue will be solved by adding two large parking zones.

In short, there are following developments foreseen:

  • Additional road construction.
  • Modification of the existing A38 route.
  • New round-the-year car park to accommodate 2,700 cars.
  • 14,000 sqm and four stores more – within the development program of the terminal.
  • Multi-storey parking terminal for accommodating 2,150 cars.
  • Another route for taxis.
  • Setting out another arrival hall.

What’s the timing?

The BAL firm strives to have two-tenths of travellers turning around at the Bristol airport by 2045.

Still, the approval from the local authorities suspends the intrigue on the developments’ realization.

The North Somerset authorities informed the official application for the development is expected to be submitted by the beginning of 2019. The initial implementation is scheduled for about the same time.

The official report states that the construction will begin and progress immediately upon receipt of the proper permissions. It will bear the step-by-step character to provide the least possible intervention with the normal airport’s operation.

In 2017, the three months’ public discussion was held by the Bristol Airport regarding its project developments featuring several on-site events that gathered about 2,000 public reactions.

The firm’s management plans are to start another 24,000 flights departing yearly and carrying extra 2,000,000 passengers on board, until the year 2028.

For that, the maximum travelers’ limit must be raised by the local council and make 12,000,000 million instead of the existing level of 10 million. This is expected to be done around 2025.

The official position of the BAL

The firm’s public speaker informed the planning for the new destinations in the project. Still, she mentioned that it was not the time to discuss the details yet.

Currently, the team is concentrated on working out the application, implementing the received comments and getting it ready for submission to the Council.

The company is keen on getting the approval within the next few months in order to start the works and preserve the Bristol Airport’s primary role in the area’s economic and touristic welfare.