British Airways has opened an entirely new, modern, stylish Lounge in Aberdeen

The summer hall was closed for reconstruction in 2017, and the new lounge is an essential part of the airport’s reconstruction process for its modernization and for providing more comfort to the passengers.

The airline is convinced that this new Aberdeen Room is a modern hall that contains the latest, modern design concept that provides the highest possible level of comfort for passengers.

The dimensions after the reconstruction of the new lounge are 380 m2, thanks to the reconstruction of the hall received a variety of recreation areas that provide passengers with access to everything that is needed for a comfortable trip — to food, beverages, toilets. Besides, special zones have been developed, as well as after the reconstruction that provides a comfortable stay for passengers with a longer waiting time for their aircraft. These special zones are designed with comfortable seating and overlooking the runway. It should be noted that British Airways makes 8 flights a day from Aberdeen to Heathrow.

If you take into account the uniqueness of the airline’s room in Rome, there is a similar feature, on the surface of the hall, which is made of granite bar here.

This room contains such interesting compositions that consist of paintings of the airline’s art collection, in particular: «The Long Winding Shores» by Maddie Rose Hills, which is of high value to art lovers. The majority of passengers are also impressed by their scale and interest in the collection. It perfectly complements the already modern and stylish room.

Passengers who have a morning haul that will start with a flight from Aberdeen will be able to enjoy Aberdeen Rowies.

Sarah Claatt-Walsh, director of the British Airways group, said that their goal is to invest in airport halls to ensure comfort for passengers and to fulfill one part of their investment program, which is 4.5 billion pounds sterling, and with a large to be opening the next one in the series in Aberdeen.

Moreover, Sarah Claatt-Walsh added that during the reconstruction, the main concept in creating design was the following idea: the halls should contain even the smallest details for the optimal and the most comfortable use of space in the halls, which would make it stylish, modern and bonus. Also, important steps to reach maximum comfort in passenger halls are providing fast and free Wi-Fi, providing passengers with plenty of access to USB and power sources that guarantees not only comfort but also the ability to work. For example, if you are a freelancer, search for the right information on the Internet, watch movies or listen to music, and charge your devices — smartphones or laptops.

Virtually all reviews from passengers were positive, customers are completely satisfied with the new reconstruction. Chief of the British Airways group assures that the majority of passengers who travel through Aberdeen will be pleased with this reconstruction.

The company plans to carry out the reconstruction of the New York JFK Terminal 7 and to carry out reconstruction in accordance with the new design principle, including providing maximum comfort to the passenger at its registration. The plan is to invest in such places.