Heathrow has submitted a rating of the 50 most noisy and quiet airlines

Heathrow updated its ratings, consisting of the noisiest, dirtiest and quietest and cleanest airlines that fly to the well-known places.

The first places in the rating were led by the following airlines: Scandinavian Airlines System and Lot Polish Airlines, Scandinavian and Polish airlines, which according to Heathrow are the cleanest and the quietest in terms of passenger transportation and hold the top place in the ranking of the cleanest and quietest airlines.

The last places in the rating were led by such airlines as Egyptair, which ranked the dirtiest and noisiest airlines ranking after it, the following airlines, such as Kuwait Airways and Turkish Airlines, are on the rating.

According to Heathrow, looking through their rating, Lot Polish Airlines has achieved the greatest possible overall success in history due to the fact that they reduced their noise and emissions to the minimum possible level. However, previously, they just were able to hit the second position in this ranking.

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737 400 Heathrow

Scandinavian Airlines System and Lot Polish Airlines operate on modern Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which, according to Heathrow, contain quiet and efficient engines for high environmental performance.

This latest rating provides data on the performance of the most 50 loaded airlines, analyzed January-March 2018 period according to seven different noise and emissions figures.

Such published ratings, comprised of clean, quiet, and airborne emissions tables, provide a certain rating for air carriers according to their performance and stimulate better performance in those areas that require their performance to be improved. It should be noted that this following table will be updated on a regular basis.

We publish a list of the cleanest and quietest airlines:

  • Scandinavian Airlines System
  • Lot Polish Airlines
  • Aer Lingus
  • Etihad Airways
  • Flybe
  • British Airways – short flights
  • Finnair
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • Iberia

We publish a list of the dirtiest, noisiest and those that emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere of the airlines:

  • Egyptair
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Turkish Airlines – short flights
  • El Al
  • Pakistani International Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines – long-distance flights
  • Korean Air
  • European aviation transport
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Air China

Heathrow’s director of sustainability, Matt Gorman pointed out that Lot Polish Airlines has gained high results, which easily can be achieved just thanks to the productive work of using the quietest technologies with minimal release of harmful elements into the atmosphere, making this airline second place in this rating.

Furthermore, Matt Gorman noted that in order to get high places in the rating of the airline, it is necessary to reduce the noise level as much as possible, while the aircraft engines should emit less polluting substances to improve the environment and minimize the noise effect in order to improve the comfort of passengers in this regard.

In this way, you can create ways to improve the comfort and provide more quality and comfort for the transportation of passengers in the future.