Pilot lands in 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol

A Storm Callum didn’t prevent an amazing aircraft landing at Bristol Airport in the UK. The wind was blowing directly across the runaways and the plane almost appeared in a trap, but the pilot’s professionalism saved lives. The video of this daring process became viral and was full of drama. Many people watched how powerful 40-knot crosswinds reeled the plane like a toy at Bristol Airport.

Watch that amazing moment below:

Thankfully, the final of the story is positive. All the TUI Boeing 757-200 passengers have got only a slight shock and an incredible gratitude to the pilot. The situation appeared to be on October 12. At that time the city was in the middle of a storm, so airport authorities decided to redirect 9 planes to other destinations. TUI hasn’t commented on the situation the same as they didn’t tell a number of passengers and the hero’s name. Meanwhile, the company credited the pilot’s skills and mentioned the good work of the crew during an emergency. Perhaps, there was an element of luck because during the next days the wind in some towns of the UK has reached nearly 70 miles per hour.

Many social media users were thoroughly fascinated and call such landing as “fascinating” and “perfect”. One YouTube user told that it was very important to aircraft to compensate the wind’s influence; otherwise, the plane would be blown off course. A highly professional pilot pointed aircraft’s nose into the direction the wind was coming from. Some people also mentioned the importance adhering to all the rules after the Fasten Seat Belt sign turning on. In such a situation the basic preparation to the extreme event can safe life and keep emotional calm as far as possible.

By the way, Storm Callum made serious changes to the schedule. Many flights in the UK were cancelled due to strong winds and heavy rain.