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Air France A380 Seat Plan — A380-800

Air France A380 Seat Plan

General Information on Air France A380

In its current iteration, this Air France A380 version embraces the airline’s original design, featuring the Premium Economy class situated on the upper deck, positioned just behind the Business Class. Additionally, multiple rows of Economy Class seating can also be found on this upper deck configuration.

For passengers desiring the elevated experience of the A380 Air France Upper Deck, specifically in seats ABKL (rows 88-94), Air France offers the option to reserve these positions for an extra fee. These seats are arranged in a Duo Seat configuration, providing a row of two seats together. Notably, they grant an additional 2 inches of legroom, enhancing the overall comfort. Occasionally, Flying Blue Platinum, Club 200, and Skipper members might have the privilege of accessing these seats without charge.

While the Upper Deck accommodates smaller overhead storage compartments compared to the Main Deck, supplementary bins positioned along the windows and near the stairwell offer supplementary storage options.

Onboard the Air France A380, each seat is equipped with a personalized entertainment system, which offers a selection of 16 radio programs and an assortment of video and audio choices.

Power outlets are available exclusively within the La Première, Business, and Premium Economy classes.

Dependent on the specifics of your flight, such as departure time, duration, and class of service, Air France ensures that appropriate meals are provided – be it breakfast, a snack, or dinner. This thoughtful meal service is extended to all extended flights, catering to the varied needs of passengers.

Air France A380 800 Seating

Air France A380 Seat Plan
Air France A380 Seat Plan

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
La Première 81/79 35 9
Business 55/78 24 80
Economy 32 17.5 389
Premium Economy 38 19 38

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Seat Plan

La Première

La Première cabin is Air France A380’s premier first-class offering. Each individual suite offers ample space, ensuring your journey is one of relaxation and style.

The dimensions of these sumptuous suites are as follows: the pitch/bed length measures an impressive 81 inches, while the width spans a generous 35 inches. With a total of 9 open suites in this section, the arrangement is configured in a spacious 1-2-1 layout, allowing for both privacy and ease of access.

Air France A380 First Class

For solo adventurers, Suite 1A in the Air France A380 First Class stands out as the perfect choice. This exclusive seat holds the distinction of being the sole occupant in its row, providing you with utmost solitude and tranquillity throughout your flight.

Meanwhile, Suites 2FL come with an added advantage – they’re conveniently located near the galley and lavatories, offering swift access to refreshments and amenities. Additionally, a telephone is thoughtfully positioned right in front of these suites, ensuring you stay well-connected while enjoying your private haven. Both Suites 1A and 2EF have the advantage of being in close proximity to the stairs, allowing for swift movement around the cabin.

If you choose Suite 3L, you’ll have the added convenience of having toilets located just behind your seat. This thoughtful design ensures you can access necessary facilities with minimal effort, enhancing your overall comfort and ease.


Stepping into the Air France A380 Business Class section, passengers are greeted with an environment tailored for optimal comfort and convenience. Configured with a 2-2-2 seating arrangement, the cabin features 80 angle-flat seats.

The seat dimensions showcase a pitch/bed length of 55 inches, delivering ample legroom, while the width spans a practical 24 inches, allowing travellers to settle in with ease.

Air France A380 Business Class

While the majority of Business Class seats provide an excellent standard of comfort, specific exceptions within the cabin provide distinct features to enhance the experience.

Notably, Row 60 boasts personal TVs embedded within the armrests, offering immediate access to in-flight entertainment. However, this feature does come with a trade-off, as the armrest becomes immovable, slightly reducing the Air France A380 Business Class seat width. Moreover, the screen dimensions of these armrest-integrated TVs measure 9 inches, slightly smaller than the standard 15 inches. While seats in Row 60 offer the convenience of being located in proximity to toilets, stairs, and a telephone, it’s important to note that during takeoff and landing, space beneath seats 60ABE is limited for stowing personal belongings.

In another distinct configuration, seats 64AB stand out within the Business Class. These seats are strategically placed in their own row, providing immediate access to lavatories and galleys situated to the right and behind. This setup prioritizes privacy and easy access to essential amenities.

Passengers seated in Row 65 on the Air France Airbus A380 experience an advantageous location near an exit row, with lavatories and galleys positioned nearby. However, it’s worth noting that during takeoff and landing, you can’t put anything on the floor of these seats. Additionally, the presence of a tray table and a video monitor within the armrest – while undoubtedly convenient – results in the armrest being immovable and slightly reducing seat width.


Main Deck

Economy Class aboard Air France’s aircraft presents a blend of practicality and comfort, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers. With a seat configuration of 3-3-3 and a total of 389 standard seats, travellers can expect a well-structured layout that accommodates various preferences. The Main Deck houses the majority of the cabin, while a smaller section can be found on the Upper Deck.

For those seeking Preferred Seating options, seats 10BCJK on the Airbus a380-800 Air France seat map fits the bill. Positioned close to lavatories and the galley, these seats provide easy accessibility. However, it’s important to note that during takeoff and landing, there’s no floor storage available for these seats. The armrest-integrated tray table and video monitor enhance convenience but reduce seat width. While seats 10BK lack windows, they still offer a comfortable ride.

Seats 11CJ, 12CJ, 14CJ, and 15DEFG are strategically located around the galley and toilet area, providing proximity to essential amenities. Notably, seat 15G features a bassinet for added convenience.

If you’re considering an optimal choice, seats 11AL are a standout option as they have no seats directly in front, offering an unobstructed experience.

In Row 27 on the Air France A380-800 seat map, passengers can expect toilets and an exit row located behind the seats, providing both convenience and an added sense of space.

In the following section, seats 30ABCJKL are designated as Preferred Seats. Meanwhile, seats 30ABCDEFGJKL offer extra legroom along with access to an exit row and toilets located in front. These seats share the characteristic of having no floor storage during takeoff and landing, along with the convenience of tray tables and video monitors integrated into the armrests. Seat 30G includes a bassinet catering to families. However, it’s worth noting that seats 30AL don’t provide window views.

Among the Preferred seats, seat 34D stands out due to its generous legroom, as there’s no seat positioned in front of it.

As we move towards Rows 42ABCJKL and 41EFGH on the Air France Airbus A380 seat map, passengers will find themselves near galleys and exit rows. This placement ensures a convenient travel experience with easy access to facilities.

Entering the third section, Row 45 marks the first row, but it’s accompanied by galleys and an exit row in front. While these seats have restricted legroom, no floor storage, and armrest-embedded tray tables and video monitors, they offer the advantage of having bassinets in front, catering to passengers with infants.

The final rows, 51 and 52, are positioned conveniently close to toilets, phones, and stairs, offering easy access to essential facilities.

Airbus a380-800 Air France seat map

Upper Deck

Some Economy seating options are also situated in the Upper Deck. This cabin is thoughtfully divided into two distinct sections, each catering to various preferences.

Beginning with the first section on the Air France A380 seat map, seats 88ABKL and 89ABKL take the spotlight as Preferred Seats. However, it’s important to note that 88ABKL seats, despite their preference status, come with restricted legroom due to their proximity to the bulkhead. The tray table and personal TV integrated into the armrest result in an immovable armrest and a reduced seat width. Seats 88DEFG also have limited legroom, while 88EF seats offer the convenience of bassinets, catering to those travelling with infants.

In the same section, seats 89ABKL provide a relatively limited recline due to their positioning near the exit row, prioritizing passenger safety and ease of evacuation.

Transitioning to the second section, a noteworthy aspect emerges – nearly all seats in this area are designated as Preferred Seats. Seats 90DEFG and 91ABKL stand out here, offering passengers increased legroom courtesy of the exit row positioned in front. However, some passengers have noted that these seats are situated in a high-traffic area, which might impact the overall comfort. Similar to other areas, these seats share the characteristic of integrated tray tables and monitors within the armrests, as well as a lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing.

In this section on the Air France Airbus A380 seating plan, seats 91AL miss out on window views, which might be a consideration for those who enjoy looking out during the flight.

The concluding 93-94 rows of the plane are conveniently located near the area housing toilets, lavatories, and stairs. This strategic placement provides easy access to essential facilities, enhancing overall travel convenience.

Premium Economy

The configuration of the seats in Premium Economy on the Air France A380 cabin map, arranged in a 2-3-2 layout, offers a balanced combination of relaxation and practicality. With a pitch of 38 inches and a width of 19 inches, these recliner seats provide ample room for passengers to unwind during their journey.

For those selecting seats 81ABKL, there’s an advantage in terms of additional space. However, it’s important to take note of certain considerations. The presence of the TV and the tray table within the armrests might pose a slight inconvenience for some. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that during takeoff and landing, you won’t be able to access any items stored on the floor.

Air France A380 cabin map

Moving on to seats 80EFG on the Air France A380, it’s worth noting that while these seats offer the convenience of being situated in Premium Economy, they do come with specific characteristics to consider. The legroom in these seats is slightly restricted, and the positioning of the bassinets might potentially cause some disruption during the flight.

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